(Phineas, Ferb and Their Friends are exploring around the 22nd Century and they going to Matsushiba Robot Factory)

Security Robot: This area is off limit.

Phineas: But we just want to have a tour in the Factory.

Security Robot: You kids wanna have a tour in the Matsushiba Robot Factory?

Ferb: Yes.

Security Robot: Well, follow me.

(They follow the Security Robot around the Factory)

Security Robot: This is where we create all those Gadgets.

Phineas: Cool! And why are those Gadget are putting inside the Pocket?

Security Robot: Those are 4-Dimensional Pocket, we put those Gadgets inside the Pocket to stored them.

Ferb: Fascinating. They put all those Gadgets inside the Fourth Dimension Pocket's.

Security Robot: Follow me.

(They are follow the Security Robot again)

Security Robot: This is where we created all those Robots.

Isabella: That's very nice. And what about those Robot Cat's.

Security Robot: We created those for Kids.

Baljeet: Wow. If they do this for Kids. Couldn't they do that in School?

Security Robot: Of Course. All the Robot's are doing in school at the Robot Academy.

Buford: That sounds... Nice

Security Robot: Yes. Well that's all the Tour that you have. Time for you to go home Kids.

Phineas: Okay, Let's go you guys.

(After that they are standing right next to the Matsushiba Robot Factory)

Phineas: Wow, I cannot believe that Factory would be so Cool!

Baljeet: I know but one more thing... How can we get back Home?

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