This is how touring in Sylveon's house goes in Sleepover with the Eevee Family.

Sylveon: Well, Here we are, Home sweet home!

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Elsa the Snow Queen: This is amazing!

Golden Apple: I wish the Cragsters could see that.

Snowdrop: Where are they now?

Golden Apple: They had other things to do with the other Mixels.

Princess Yuna: Hey, Guys, Look!

Sylveon: Hi, Honey! I'm home!

King Aaron: It's Brian and Vinny!

Dusty Crophopper: And Eevee!

Brian Griffin: Hey, Aaron! Elsa! Yuna! Dusty! Everypony!

Vinny Griffin: Didn't notice you all coming by.

Eevee: (slides towards Snowdrop) Here I Come! (Lands on Snowdrop and laughs) 

Snowdrop: (laughs)

Sylveon: Alright, Eevee, Settle down.

Eevee: Ok, Mama.

Zeñorita Cebra: It is good to see you again, Mi Amigos.

Nyx: This is fun.

Princess Yuna: What's going on, Sylveon?

Sylveon: We would like to invite you on a sleepover in my house tonight.

Brian Griffin: Yeah, Would you all like to join us?

Vinny Griffin: It'll be fun.

Princess Skyla: We'd be glad to.

Polly: Can we, Elsa, Please?

Elsa the Snow Queen: Alright.

King Aaron: Why not?

Princess Yuna: Alright!

Then, Jolteon came.

Jolteon: Roger! (gives Roger a shocking hug) Aren't You a Sight for Sore Eyes!

Yuna and her friends laughed.

Roger: I'll teach you guys a lesson!

Ishani: Roger, Wait!

Princess Yuna: Come on, Guys! Let's get out of here!

Vinny Griffin: There they go now!

Dusty Crophopper: Roger, Stop!

Roger: Come Back Here!

First, Roger chased Jolteon and the others to Glaceon's room.

Princess Yuna: He's gaining on us!

Elsa the Snow Queen: It's Glaceon's room, Isn't it beautiful, Ishani?

Ishani: Yes, Elsa, It is.

Orlean: Glaceon! Help!

Angus: Roger has gone crazy mad!

Glaceon: Hold on! Ice Shard, let go! (used Ice Shard and frozen Roger inside a block of ice)

Eevee: Alright, Way to go, Big Sis!

Fergus: Would ya look at that!

Snowdrop: (heard a cracking) I think I hear a crack.

Roger: (broke free from the ice) Pay back time!

Elsa the Snow Queen: I'm really sorry about this, Glaceon.

Nyx: Run!

Zeñorita Cebra: Wait up!

Then, They ran to Leafeon's room.

Leafeon: (feeling that her room is rocking) What's going on here!?

Nyx: I'm getting dizzy!

Snowdrop: Me too!

Princess Skyla: Roger, Cut it out!

Vinny Griffin: Brian, Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Brian Griffin: I sure have, Doesn't like Leafeon isn't happy about it.

Roger: Come on out and Show yourselves!

Leafeon: That's it! Magical Leaf! (used Magical Leaf to cover Roger with leaves)

Roger: Hey! What gives!?

Eevee: Now's our chance to make a run for it!

Princess Yuna: What up!

Roger: Come back! I'm not done with you yet!

Then, They ran to Umbreon's room.

Umbreon: (stepping forward with his rings glowing)

Nyx: Run!

Roger: There you guys are!

Princess Twila: Turn back and run away!

Snowdrop: Wait for me!

Princess Yuna: This way, Snowdrop!

Eliza: Run for it!

Brian Griffin: Hey, Umbreon, Have you seen Yuna and the others?

Vinny Griffin: Yeah, Where'd they go?

Umbreon: That way.

Elsa the Snow Queen: Thank you.

King Aaron: Let's go.

Dusty Crophopper: We better make sure they don't get hurt.

Ishani: I hope we're not too late.

Finally, They ran to Flareon's room.

Flareon: What's going on?

Princess Twila: Out of the way, Flareon!

Eliza: Roger's on to us!

Flareon: Oh dear, Here comes the flames! (turning on his heat around his room)

Princess Twila: Wow! You're hotter like the Infernites.

Roger: (feel the leaves burning) AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! GET THEM OFF!!!! GET THEM OFF!!!! GET THEM OFF!!!!

Brian Griffin: For Pete's Sake, Flareon! Turn Your Heat Down!

Vinny Griffin: You're Putting Up Too Much Heat!

Flareon: (calms down) Sorry, Brian. Sorry, Vinny.

Yuna and the others fell to the Water Fall.

Princess Yuna: WEEEEEE!!!!!!

Roger: This is Fun!

Snowdrop: Wooohooooo!!!

Brian Griffin: I think I know where it's going, Follow me.

Later, Yuna and the others slides down to a pond where Espeon is looking at her reflection.

Espeon: I look so beautiful.

As Yuna and her friends slide down, Espeon used her psychic power to stop the wave.

Espeon: Done and done.

Yuna and her friends came out of the water.

Prince Edmond: Guys, Look down there!

Brian Griffin: (comes in the water and out comes Vaporeon) How's the water treating you, Vaporeon?

Vaporeon: (comes out of the water) Great!

(Jolreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Sylveon and Eevee live here)

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