Here is the scene the heroes arrive and touring around Nebel Plateau and the heroes heal Amaura as Magearna plays the music box goes in Team Robot In Pokemon Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

(Now we go to the heroes walking in the fog)

Bonnie: What a bad man!

Kimia: Pokémon Hunters only want one thing. To make money stealing Pokémon!

T.K. Takaishi: I really hate Pokémon Hunters!

Mimi Tachikawa: I think those Pokémon Hunters are more trouble than there worth!

Palmon: Yeah.

Ramsey: I hate Pokémon Hunters. Always cause a lot of trouble, picking on Pokémon!

Muscle Man: Why would do we have to escape bros? I could've punched that selfish dude right on the face!

Marcus Damon: Same here, Muscle Man.

Sonic: Let's just forget about him.

Philmac: (Turning rage mode) I could've blasted the guy to oblivion.

Tai Kamiya: Well, I've could've beaten him up.

Ash Ketchum: Bad things like this, do they happen a lot?

Volcanion: Yes. But I can usually drive them off, by creating mist. Long before they get this far.

(The heroes look around to see trees and a lake. Then they they see one of the trees that resembles Volcanion's arms)

Kenta Kitagawa: What is this place?

Volcanion: This is Nebel Plateau. Our home.

(The mist clears reveals Nebel Plateau)

Jeri Katou: It's beautiful.

Suzie Wong: Look over there!

Bonnie: So many Pokémon! And there totally cute!

(The Nebel Plateau Pokémon became frightened of seeing the humans entering their home)

Human Fluttershy: Hey, it's okay.

T.K. Takaishi: Hiya, everyone!

(Skuntank, Chesnaught and a male Hippowdon gets scared and hides)

Emerl: It's okay.

(Minccino and Wormadam hides in the trees, while Magearna tries to convince them)

Kari Kamiya: (Walks to the Pokémon) Come out, we won't hurt you, don't be afraid.

(Pikachu and Dedenne walks to Drilbur and Zigzagoon, but they get scared and hides)

Flurr: Come on, don't be afraid.

Ash Ketchum: Everybody seems pretty afraid of us.

Suicune: You know why? You're humans.

Rika Nonaka: Yes.

Kimia: It doesn't look like they don't trust us at all. I wonder what that is. 

Philmac: I used to not trust Emerl and his friends at all when I first met them, I still have a hard time trusting them to this day.

Benson: Enough with the talk guys. Let's heal, Amaura, go, go, go!

(Volcanion place Amaura on the stump)

Lunk: We need some recovery items.

Flurr: Right away!

Carver Rene Descarters: We need to recover Amaura.

Tino Tonitini: Right behind you, guys.

Serena: Alright I'll treat, Amaura, don't worry.

Volcanion: Treat? Don't just do whatever you want!

Laura: Take it easy, Volcanion.

Serena: Don't be so angry, you've just go to trust us a little bit.

Surgeo: There's no need to be angry.

Skrubz: We won't hurt Amaura, promise.

Tuth: Yes. Please, Volcanion.

(Magearna speaks)

Serena: You help too, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Sure.

Kimia: Let me help too.

Volcanion: I could help too.

Flain: No problem.

Mark EVO: Me too. 

N.A.N.O.: Okay.

Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda: Let us help. Lalamon, bring the first aid-kit.

Lalamon: Right.

Jeri Katou: Don't forget the potion.

(Kimia uses the potion and spray on Amaura's injury leg)

Kimia: Does it sting? It will all be over soon.

Ash Ketchum: You've just got to be strong.

Tai Kamiya: Don't be afraid, Amaura, we're right behind you.

Davis Motomiya: Stay tough.

(Serena puts a bandage on Amaura's leg and then the bandage freezes)

Slumbo: Look, the bandage is freezing!

Sparx: How did this happen?

Clemont: The sort of thing happened to ice type Pokémon. It's prove of the healing. That means the medicine is working.

Kari Kamiya: Now that's great news.

Bonnie: Amaura, that's so great.

Volcanion: Forget all the bad times, you're in a safe place now, you have food here and friends too. Sleep now, Amaura.

(Amaura falls asleep and plays a music box, which calms the heroes and all the Nebel Plateau from the song. Later Serena, Clemont, Bonnie and Kimia gently place the blanket on Amaura)

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