The slimy victorious saint of the mosterous toad army

A former toad scientist, his accident burned what's left of his toad appearance. But once fused with mutagen, he bame&nbsp

a green muscular beast with his skull-like head incased in a clear egg-shaped dome that resembles a turtle-like mutant. Toxoid's other abilities included teleportation, shooting goo out of his fingers, producing electricity (that was released from his hands), as well as breathe fire and release vine-like appendages from his mouth. He has also had the most opportunities to battle the T.U.F.F.C.A.T.S. personally, but either lost or retreated. His personality is dirty, treacherous, envious, cowardly, and accommodated. He frequently criticizes the other armies and often takes credit for the good work accomplished by his fellow mutants. In one episode, he learned of a rare plant which would enhance those who consumed it with great power. He put this newfound strength to use against the T.U.F.F.C.A.T.S., but did not know the effect was only temporary. He was presumably destroyed after this fight. In this battle, Toxoid revealed the ability to blast lasers from his eyes as well as breathe fire.

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