Here is how training, Bee and Sideswipe talk, Nighlock's true potential, and Sunset's epiphany goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we then see Mirage the Illusionist sharpening his knives while sitting on a bench)

Nighlock(over ear piece): We're ready when you are James.

Mirage the Illusionist: Alright, beginning the jump now.

(he then runs to an edge and jumps)

(we then see the team preparing to fire a harpoon with a line attached to it)

Nighlock: On my mark. Steady, steady.

(seeing now was a good time, he gave the order)

Mirage the Illusionist:(attaches his knives to the wire and zip lines down)

(at the last moment, James jumped onto the roof)

Nighlock: Good work my friend.(pats him on the back) Let's go inside, it's getting late and it's almost time for curfew.

Red Smoke: Good idea.

(the next day, we see Red Smoke crossing ribers of hot coal, trying to learn where to step when it comes to these situations)

(We then see Taser finger standing on a building pole in the middle of a lightning storm)

(we then see Light Ultron working on a machine and completing it in seconds)

(we then see Nighlock meditating underwater without adapting)

Sideswipe: Hey Bee, could I talk to you real quick.

Bumblebee: Sure.

(we then see them in a private area)

Sideswipe: How are they going to stop the Hellfire Club and help Sunset?

Bumblebee: I don't know. I just don't know.

(a few days later, members of the Cartel arrived for revenge and the fight leads Nighlock to unlock a new power)

(Sunset eventually realizes that not everyone is important which leads her to meet the Punisher)

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