The way Training Gator and the Skarloey Engines goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

Before the training, Maru gives Gator and the Skarloey Engines some proton packs.

Skarloey: What are those?

Maru: proton packs, They're for capturing ghosts.

Gator: Amazing!

Peter Sam: Extraordinary!

Maru: Ha!

Rheneas: Are you sure about this, Maru?

Maru: You bet, Rheneas.

Sir Handel: Let's do it.

Dusty Crophopper: Hey, guys!

Thomas: Is everyone ready?

Gator: Ready!

Then, the training begins.

Princess Yuna: (whisper) Look!

Snowdrop: What's going on?

Princess Yuna: Shhhh!! Quiet!

Snowdrop: (whisper) Sorry.

Maginfo: It looks like their training.

Nyx: Will you be QUIET?!

Maginfo: Sorry, Nyx.

Thomas: Alright, Gator and Fire.

Gator: (fires from his proton pack)

Percy: Alright!, Skarloey?

Skarloey: (fires from his proton pack)

Duncan: (fires from his proton pack)

Toby: Excellent!

Duncan: Thank you, Toby.

Rusty: (fires from his proton pack) How am I doing, Lightning?

Lightning McQueen: Pretty good, Rusty.

Finn McMissile: Alright, Rheneas, Focus!

Rheneas: GHOST!! (fires from his proton pack but missed)

Finn McMissile: Missed!

Rheneas: Sorry. (fires from his proton pack)

Finn McMissile: That's better.

Chug: Did you see that, Stephen?

Stephen: I sure did, Chug.

Bill: Look at that, Ben! (fires from his proton pack)

Ben: I see, Bill. (fires from his proton pack) Now, I'm better than you.

Bill: Are not!

Ben: Am too!

Bill: Are not!

Ben: Am too!

Bill: Are not!

Dusty Crophopper: All right! All right! Stop fighting, Bill and Ben!

Ben: Sorry, Dusty.

Finn McMissile: Have you lost your mind?!?

Bill: Sorry, Finn.

Gator: Now what, Thomas?

Thomas: Use the Trap to capture the ghost.

Mater: Trap? Got it!

Gator: (uses the Trap) How did I do, Boco?

BoCo: Very good, Gator.

Gator: How did I do, Percy?

Percy: Well done, Gator!

Gator: Thank you, Percy!

Skarloey: (uses the Trap)

Sir Handel: (uses the Trap)

James: Well done, Skarloey!

Edward: Well done, Sir Handel!

Dusty Crophopper: Job well done.

Mater: We got us some new members of The Ghost Train Busters.

With Yuna and her friends.

Lunk: Did you see that?

Princess Yuna: They did it!

Princess Skyla: They've completed their taining.

Nyx: Alright.

Tigatron: Remember, We must keep our voices down while we still can.

Princess Twila: I know, Tigatron.

Airazor: Come on, Yuna, Let's see what their going to do next.

Princess Yuna: Right, Airazor.

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