This the Transcript of Paw Patrol in Youkai Watch the Movie: It's Secret of Birth, Meow!.

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That Night at Adventures Bay

Ryder is asleep with the Paw Patrol. Outside 7 Mysterious Silhouettes are sneaking into the Lookout and they use the Elevator and put a Letter and Passport to Sakura Town, they all look at Ryder and the Paw Patrol and now they left the Lookout and they all disappeared

At Sakura Town at night

Keita is asleep and the Youkai Watch is Glowing and then he's Youkai Watch has disappeared

Next Day at Adventures Bay

Ryder: Good morning.

And then he saw a Letter and 7 Passports

Ryder: What are those?

He open the Letter and he read it

Ryder: Dear PAW Patrol. We want you and your Team to go to Sakura Town for a Week.

Marshall: What is it, Ryder?

Ryder: Someone gave me this Letter and a Passport. And it said that we have to go to Sakura Town in Japan for 1 Week.

Skye: Have you been there?

Ryder: Well, of course. I been in Sakura Town 3 Years ago.

Chase: Wow! That's a long time.

Ryder: Look like it off to the Airport. Even though you should bring you Flight Pack.

Zuma: Okay, we will. But what about yours?

Ryder: I have to leave it there. We are not using the Air Patroller.

Rocky: Ok, Ryder. Let's go.

They went to the Airport

At Sakura Town

Keita and his Friends are talking at the School

Kanchi: Hey, have you heard? Stuff just getting big all of a sudden!

Fumi: Getting big?

Kuma: Stuff?

Keita: Like what?

Kanchi: Like the Grocery Vegetables, or the florist's flowers. Out of nowhere they turn huge!

Kuma: Weird.

Kanchi: Weird is right. No way, it is maybe the fault of those thing on TV Yesterday? Yo-ka-i.

Keita: What? Yo-Kai?

Kuma: Is there a Yo-kai that make stuff big?

Keita: No way. I mean, Yokai aren't even real.

Kuma: Yeah, you're right.

Keita: So Kanchi, you believe in Yo-kai.

Kanchi: N-not at all!

Keita: Right? I mean, Come on, Yokai.

Kanchi: Y-yeah!

All: (Laugh)

Kuma: See ya!

Kanchi: Yeah!

Fumi: See you tomorrow!

Keita: Bye! Did I... Say something weird just now? I feel something missing. Whatever.

At the Town

Paw Patrol has already arrived in Sakura Town

Skye: Wow. We never been to this town.

Ryder: Boy. It's been 3 Years since I left.

And then Ryder just bump into Keita

Keita: Careful.

Ryder: Sorry.

And then they stop and they look at each other

Ryder: Wait. I know you.

Keita: You're that boy I saw you back at the Playground.

3 Year Ago

Keita is a Little and he walking around the Playground and the bump into Ryder who was 7 year old

Ryder: Careful.

Keita: Sorry.

And then they stop and they look at each other

Both: Who are you?

And then their Parents pick them up they don't know their Names

Back to the Present

Keita: I haven't seen you in 3 Years.

Ryder: I left Sakura Town.

Keita: I see. My name is Keita.

Ryder: I'm Ryder. This Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Skye, Rocky and Rubble.

Keita: Nice to meet you.

Ryder: Can we come to your house.

Keita: Sure.

They all went to Keita home and then they saw the Woman hat got so big

Rocky: What's going on?

Zuma: Everything got so Huge?

Woman: Help me!

Man: Th-thanks!

Old Lady: What a Catch.

Fish Owner: Thanks for your purchase!

Woman: I didn't ask for a big Mog!

Keita: Wh-what!

They saw something up there

Ryder: What is that?!

Keita: What's going on? Is it really a Yokai?

Dekunyan: Ah, you look just like them, fuu~r.

Keita: Us!?

Ryder: What do you mean, we're look like them?

Dakunyan: You must be the Dependable Shonen Beat that I've been looking fuu~r.

Keita: Beat? What!?

They are running from that Giant Cat and he Wreck the town

Dakunyan: Wait up, fuu~r! Beat! Wait up, fuu~!

Keita: I'm not Beat!

Dekunyan: You're the person who become friends with Yo-Kai, fuu~.

Keita: Yo-Kai? What are you talking about?!

Ryder: I have no idea what you just said.

Dekunyan: Have you all fuu~rgotten? If that's the case...

And then he zap at Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol

Dekunyan: I'll help you remember, fuu~. Yokai. Yokai...

All: Y-Y-Yokai. Y-Y-Yo-Kai.

Dekunyan: Yokai. Yo-Kai.

All: Yokai... Yokai?

And then they saw Whisper and Jibanyan

Keita: Whisper. Jibanyan. That's right. The Youkai Watch!

After that Keita got his memories back and the Paw Patrol can see Youkai

Keita: That's right! Why did I suddenly forget!

Fuyunyan: Now your Memory's back, fuu~.

Keita: Whisper. Whisper are you there? Whisper! Of course he's not there when I need him. But I guess it's it's not like he's any help anyway.

Whisper: What was that? I can feel it piercing me.

Keita: Wha! Whisper?

Chase: Is that you?

Whisper: Yes.

Keita: Where were you? Serious stuff is going on? I forgot everything about you!

Whisper: Yes you did. A power I didn't know anything about made you not know anything.

Keita: So you don't understand anything.

Chase: And He's right. And even though we first met a Youkai and you are an Immature Youkai.

Whisper: I am not Immature! And That's not what I mean! That Youkai is... Um... Ah! It's Dekunyan!

Keita: No Duh!

Ryder: We already now that Youkai, Whisper!

Whisper: Well, it's not my fault that you know it's name... Ah! Keita! Keita!

Marshall: Whisper. Why are so... (Scream) Ryder! Keita!

Keita: What?

Ryder: What is it?

Whisper: Um... Your head is huge!

Keita: Excuse me!?

Ryder: Don't make jokes about us!

Whisper: No, I mean your head is literally huge!

They touch their Head and he's right their Head is huge

Keita: It's huge!

Ryder: My Head!

Then Dekunyan just use his Magic and then it make Ryder and Keita head grow bigger

Rocky: Ryder!

Whisper: Keita! We've gotta got this Yokai energy off you and Ryder!

He remove all the Yokai energy on Keita and Ryder head and they are back to normal except all the People

Chase: (laughs) That's funny.

Keita: Why'd you do that! If you're gonna play like that... Wha? Where is it? Where's my Yo-Kai Watch?

Whisper got freaked out

Dekunyan: What? Yo-Kai Watch?

Ryder: What Yokai Watch?

Whisper: The Yokai Watch is a Device, which allows it to see Youkai.

Kaite: Where is it... Where.

Dekunyan: You know about Youkai Watch, fuu~? You can summon Youkai, fuu~?

Keita: Of course!

Dekunyan: Then show me, fuu~? If you show me, I'll do what you want, fuu~.

Then he Sneeze to the Bicycle, the Bucket and the Trash Can

Keita: Aurgh! If I just had my watch I could do that!

Whisper: I've got a plan, guys. According to my dependable Butler knowledge.

He whispered to him and the Paw Patrol

Whisper: Don't worry, this has got to work.

Keita: Guess we'll try. Take a look! I'm gonna summon Jibanyan right now!

Dekanyan: Go on and do it, fuu~!

Keita: Alright! Come on out my friend, Jibanyan! Youkai Medal, set on!

Whisper is Disguise a Jibanyan

Whisper: Jibanyan!!

Jibanyan: You nyeed something?

Keita: Jibanyan?! Why are you here?

Jibanyan: Just happened to come down this way, nyan.

Zuma: Never seen a Youkai Cat before.

Whisper: What do you mean "just happened" Jiba-brat!?

Dekunyan: You just summon Youkai. There's no way your not Shounen Beat, fuu~.

Keita: I said I'm not Beat. My name's Keito Amano.

Ryder: And even though, I'm Ryder. This is Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma and Skye. And we are the Paw Patrol.

Dekunyan: Amano... Paw Patrol.... Oh! That's who you are! You're someone more important then Shounen Beat, fuu~!

Keita: What are you talking about?

Ryder: Yeah. Tell us.

Dekunyan: Right now the world needs to be saved. Specially fu-

And then something is Attacking Dekunyan

Skye: Oh No!

Keita: What!?

Whisper: Wh-Wh-Who is That!?

Jibanyan: What, nyan!

Keita: Who? Where?

Ryder: I can't see anyone here.

Whisper: You can't see it! There's nothing more vicious in this world.

Then they some Youkai

Keita: There's something there but... I can't see it without my watch.

Rubble: He's right. I can't see anything.

Marshall: But just a Little.

Dekunyan: If it stays like this.. The entire world will be stolen by her, Fuu~... You can make the difference. You can save fuu~iend. And then the Yo-Kai Watch will..

And then Someone just blast him away and he disappeared

Jibanyan: He's gone!

Keita: What?

Rocky: What are they?

Whisper: Uh, Um, they're mostly likely definitely really bad things!

Keita: I get that already! Jibanyan, beat them up! You're all I've got, Jibanyan! Please!

Rubble: You gotta do it!

Jibanyan: I guess, I have too, nyan. Here I go, nyan.. A tho...

They blast him

Keita: Jibanyan!

Skye: Are you Alright?!

Jibanyan: One meowre time. This fur sure! A thousa-

They blast him

Keita: What are those things!? They attack before he's even finished Shouting his move name!

Whisper: They're breaking the rules of battle!

Jibanyan: They're diffurent then the usual...

Chase: I agree with you, Jibanyan.

Keita: If I just had my Yo-Kai Watch I could summon others...

Then they heard some Laugh

Keita: Who's there!?

They saw three Evil Youkai

?????: We're the ones that stole your Yokai Watch.

?????? 2: If only the matter of time until we steal everything from you humans.

Keita: What!?

Ryder: Who send you here?!

They disappeared

Keita: What's with them?

Ryder: I don't know.

Hours Later

They were on the Train with Keita's Parents

Keita's Mother: It's been so long time since we went to Kemamoto!

Keita's Father: I'm surprise that you want to go to grandma's place, Keita. Even you got a New Friend.

Keita: Just kinda wanted to go. And we just met.

Ryder: I kinda thought about it and go see his Grandmother.

Whisper: So what's the real reason?

Keita: Well, I've heard of a Legend about Kemamoto. Something about a Giant Cat Kidnapped Children.

Whisper: You think that has to do with Dekunyan?

Keita: Yeah. I'm willing to try anything to get my watch back.

Ryder: And I want to know what a Youkai Watch is.

Whisper is eat Keita and Ryder's meal while their not looking

Whisper: There may be more clues there.... Munch... Beside... Munch... Dekunyan.

Jibanyan's tail is banging on the Old Man bald head

Keita: Hey!

Ryder: What are you doing!?

They saw Jibanyan

Keita's Father: What's wrong?

Keita: N-N-Nothing!

Ryder: We just... Saw the Hill.

And then Whisper is eating all of Keita and Ryder's Meal and after that they have arrived

Keita: Come on, Hurry up!

They going to see his Grandmother, but they didn't know that all the People has turned into a Keima

Keita's Grandmother: Keita!

They saw Keita's Grandmother

Keita: Grandma!

Keita's Father: Mom, we're here.

Keita's Mother: Thank you for having us.

Keita's Grandmother: It's always a pleasure to have you.

They follow her to her House and then Jibanyan heard something

Jibanyan: Is there something there, nyan?

Whisper: Maybe, you're imagine it.

They went inside

Keita's Grandmother: Come on in, you're exhausted. I'll make some tea.

After that Keita put his Backpack

Whisper: Is that your grandpa in this picture?

Keita: Yeah, that's grandpa Keizou. He was passed away when I was born. I heard he was a great person though.

Ryder: I remembered my grandfather.

Marshall: Who is that guy with him?

Ryder: I don't know. Maybe he has a friend.

Keita's Grandmother: He was.

Keita: Ah! I was just talking to Ryder and his Puppies.

Ryder: Yeah... We are.

Keita's Grandmother: That's fine.

After that they are eating outside

Keita's Grandmother: He really was a wonderful man...

Keita: Really?

Keita's Grandmother: He was strong and Smart. And he's a bit of a handful too.

Keita: Huh? How?

Ryder: What do you mean?

Keita's Grandmother: Well...

Then something is here and she stop

Keita's Grandmother: Ah! N-Never mind. Never mind!

She Left to wash it

Jibanyan: There's gotta be something there, nyan.

Then it appear again

Jibanyan: There!

Whisper: What?

Jibanyan: There something there! It's got to be that thing, nyan.

Rocky: Are you sure?

Whisper: But I don't sence a Yo-Kai.

Then they heard something over there

Keita: I-I'm gonna take a walk!

Ryder: Me too!

They following it and they went to the Forest

Keita: Where'd it go...

Jibanyan: It just disappear...

Keita: Maybe.

They all look at that warehouse

Keita: It's in here.

Whisper: Hrm, it was just probably the wind.

Keita: Well, let's open it anyway.

A Yokai who looks like Keita and 7 Colourful Yokai who was the Mysterious Silhouettes who was sneaking into the Lookout and they looks like the Paw Patrol. And they disappeared. Ryder and Keita are trying to open the Door

Whisper: I don't think anything's in there.

And then he and Ryder got the Door open and they look so surprised to see Dekunyan

Keita: What's that?

Chase: I don't know.

Skye: Can you poked it?

He is poking and then

Keita: Dekunyan?

Ryder: Is that you?

Whisper: What are you doing here?

Dekunyan: It's a kinda long story. So could you get me out, fuu~rt?

Keita: What? No way!

Ryder: Sorry. We can't get you out this big.

Whisper: No, you must! He won't tell us anything if you don't.

He and Ryder is so Angry at Him so they had no choice

Keita: Fine!

Ryder: Okay!

Whisper: Whoa, obedient!

All: One and...

They are trying to pull him out

Whisper: Just a bit more!

Jibanyan just grab Dekunyan's nose and he Sneeze and he destroyed the warehouse

Keita: You broke it! What are we gonna do!?

Rubble: Yeah! You destroy the Warehouse!

Dekunyan: Uh... I have one other request can you look at my butt, fuu~?

Keita: No way!

Ryder: No!

Chase: Sorry, but no!

Marshall: I'm not doing this for you!

Skye: Eww! That's gross!

Rocky: Not gonna do it!

Rubble: I'm not gonna see your butt!

Zuma: Sorry! Not gonna happen!

Whisper: (Scream) Guys, over here!

They went to check out his butt

Keita: What?

Ryder: Why, Whisper?

They saw a Cork on his Butt

Dekunyan: Can you pull that out, fuu~?

Keita: Wha? Well I guess we have to...

He pick up Jibanyan to do it

Jibanyan: Wha!? Gross, nyan!

He faint

Keita: Then..

He picked Whisper to do it

Whisper: Why should I have to do it!?

Ryder: Can you pups do it?

All: No!

They want Ryder and Keita to do it with an angry look

Keita: Okay, we'll get it.

Ryder: Okay, we'll do it.

He and Ryder are going to pull that Cork out

Keita: This is so weird...

Ryder: I know.

They pull it out and then a pink gas has comes out and it stink

Whisper: The Yo-Kai energy is out!

Ryder, Keita and the Paw Patrol even Jibanyan are covering their Nose

Keita: Aurgh, this is why I didn't wanna do this...

Ryder: Me too.

Then they saw something

Keita: Who?

Fuyunyan: Hold on, I'm all flat!

They saw him look flat

Jibanyan: He's all floppy, nyan!

Marshall: He looks like a Paper!

Whisper: Leave it to me!

He put it on his mouth and pump it up and he's back to Normal

Fuyunyan: Thank you!

Ryder: Who are you?

Keita: He's kinda cool!

Fuyunyan: My name is Fuyunyan.

Jibanyan: What are you doing here?

Fuyuynan: I'll explain my situation. I've been searching for a certain person. The person who will save my friend.

Flashback has started

Fuyunyan: (Narrating) However, I couldn't find this person at all. A week passed, and then a month. A year... Somehow, 60 years passed. And I somehow become Dekunyan!

Keita: How does that even make sense?

Jibanyan: That didn't explain anything, nyan?

Fuyunyan: While I was stuck here. I could create an apparition to leave for me.

Flashback has ended

Ryder: So that why you got stuck.

Fuyunyan: So I've found you!

He is pointing Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol and float backward

Jibanyan: Uh, so where are you going?

Whisper: The 'Fuyu' in his name relates to him being a wandering spirit. Thus he's was always wandering in 24/7.

Fuyunyan has stopped

Fuyunyan: But I can stop.

All: Really?

Fuyunyan: Shounen Beat!

Keita: I said that not my name...

Ryder: He's not Shounen Beat, Fuyunyan.

Fuyunyan: This is your Destiny, to fight the Keima and save my friend and the others!

Keita: "Keima" are those the thing from before? But I don't have a Youkai Watch? I can only see them...

Ryder: Yeah. If only I know what a Youkai Watch looks like?

Fuyunyan: Well, the friend I want to save you... He and his friend working on an amazing device.

Whisper: An Amazing device?

Jibanyan: Who?

Fuyunyan: You wanna know? The friend's name is...

Whisper screams

Fuyunyan: I didn't say anything yet.

Jibanyan: Too early, nyan!

Ryder: He's right.

Keita: Yeah.

Whisper: I'm so sorry.

Keita: So?

Fuyunyan: That friend's name is...

Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol got so Shock for that

All: What'd you say!?

Whisper: Again...?

Jibanyan: Really, nyan....

All: Sorry.

yunyan: Well... that friends are... the father of your father!

Keita: So... my grandpa?

Fuyunyan: Yes. Keizou Amano.

Keita: Whoa, Yeah. That's grandpa!

Fuyunyan: Even though he has 7 Friends, who was with him.

Ryder: Seven?!

Fuyunyan: Yes. It was your Grandfather's. Rory, Marvin, McCain, Zane, Sam, RJ and Runt. Rory is a Best Friend to Keizou. Marvin and his Friends are the Paw Patrols Grandfather's.

Marshall: Wait! We have Grandfather's!? I didn't know that we have one.

Ryder: My grandpa is a Best Friend to Keita's Grandfather? I never knew he was best friend to him. And he passed away before I was born.

Jibanyan: You shouldnyan say that first name.

Keita: But... What do you mean?

Fuyunyan: Look.

He show them the Notebook from Keizou

Fuyunyan: Keizou wrote down his many idea in this Notebook.

Keita: The Youkai Watch!

Ryder: That's what a Youkai Watch looks like?

Keita: Yeah. But this one is a Type Zero.

Fuyunyan: Yes. Keizou and Rory invented it.

Keita: What?

Ryder: My grandpa build it with him?

Whisper: But I thought Yopple made the Youkai Watch...

Fuyunyan: They build the very first of it... However, Keima have altered the flow in time, and made it so they didn't invent the watch. If we defeat the Keima, the watch will return! So help Keizou for the Watch's sake, Shounen Beat!

Keita: I'm not Beat. I'm Keita. But hold it. My Grandpa's long dead.

Ryder: My Grandpa died too.

Marshall: Even our Grandfather's.

Jibanyan: Nyeah. We can't really save him...

Fuyunyan: No, but there is a way. You can come with me 60 Years in the Past!

Keita: 60 Years in the past!?

Chase: Look like we're going Back to the Future! Or if this is the future. In this case back to the past.

Jibanyan: You can go to the past, Nyan?

Fuyunyan: Yes, if I use this.

He bring out some and it was

Fuyunyan: The Reverstone!

Whisper: What with the Doraemon's act?

Keita: Cause it's time Travel.

Jibanyan: It's fur the mood.

Whisper: Really now...

Ryder: And Chase. What's with the Back to the Future act?

Chase: Cause it's Time Travel.

Marshall: It's for fun.

Ryder: I hope I'll see my grandfather.

After that they are underneath the Bridge and Fuyunyan down the Rug

Fuyunyan: Ride on this...

They sit down the Rug

Keita: L-Like this?

Fuyunyan: Alright, here we go.

Keita: Yeah.

Ryder: We're ready.

Fuyuynan: Reverstone. Make time. Re-Ver-Se.

So he tose it up in the air and then a time vortex opens up and they are traveling to 60 Years in the Past

60 Years in the Past

They have comes out of the Portal and they didn't know that they Landed on Whisper

Keita: This is... Um..

Zuma: Where are we?

Ryder: Or when are we?

Fuyunyan: Yes, Kemamoto 60 years ago.

Jibanyan: Really, Nyan?

Whisper: You're stepping on me...

Keita: But it doesn't make much difference.

Fuyunyan: But it's definitely the Past.

Rocky: Hey, where's Whisper?

Whisper: I said you stepping on me!!

Keita: Oh, I'm sorry! So super sorry! But did we really traveling through time?

Skye: We're so sorry. We don't know we are stepping on you.

Whisper: If we didn't, would you have ended up stepping on my face otherwise!?

Fuyunyan: Keita, Ryder, Paw Patrol. Look over there.

They look at Bridge and they realize the Difference

Keita: You're right! I see! The Bridge and the Riverbed have had maintainance done since now. Whoa, we're really 60 Years in the Past.

Rubble: This is so awesome!

Then they heard they saw a Man who is going to fight another man

Keita: What's that?

Fuyunyan: It's a Person possessed by a Keima

Keita: So, what exactly are these "Keima" like anyway.

Whisper: Ah, well, they, er.. Um... For example.

Jibanyan: Yokai Pad purrobably wouldn't know.

Keita: I'd rather listen to Fuyunyan explain.

Ryder: He's right. And you need some upgrade from your pad.

Fuyunyan: Compared to regular Yo-Kai. Keima are dark, Evil beings.

Whisper: Y-Yes.

Marshall: That Ghost need to be smart for this.

Fuyunyan: When they possessed someone, they cause them to be violent. Because of that, everyting in town is falling apart. If it stays like this, Kemamoto will..

Then something is behind them it was a Man possessed by a Keima

Fuyunyan: Shoot! Keima!

Keita: Darn it! I can't really see them!

They they being to chase them they are Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol, but they tripped and the Keima broke the Bridge and then it after them

Fuyunyan: Gutsu Straight-Forward Pawch!

He use his Punch to the Keima and another Keima is going to get them

Fuyunyan: There's more! Don't let them possess you! Run!

Keita: Use that Whatever-Straight and beat them!

Whisper: I don't taste good. I taste really really bad! Even though I look like Ice Cream!

Keita: You probably shouldn't say that...

Zuma: He's right, Whisper. That Keima though that you are an Ice Cream.

They stopped and then the Keima got Whisper

Fuyunyan: He's been Possessed!

Keita: Whisper!

Ryder: Oh No!

Then Whisper got possessed and then Two Person are using something and they see Yo-Kai

Fuyunyan: If this keep up, he'll be totally possessed.

Marshall: Not good.

Keita: We should quietly get away...

Jibanyan: We're gonnya desert him!?

Skye: Are you insane!?

Keita: Well what else is there to do?

Rocky: Sorry, Whisper.

Chase: We're gonna leave you.

Jibanyan: I guess we have nyo Choice.

Then 2 Boys and 6 Puppies has appeared and they attacked whisper who has been possessed

Fuyunyan: Keizou? Rory? Marvin? McCain? Zane? Sam? RJ? Runt?

Keita: Keizou?

Ryder: Rory?

Marshall: Marvin?

Chase: McCain?

Zuma: Zane?

Skye: Sam?

Rocky: RJ?

Rubble: Runt?

Whisper: Ah! What was I do-

And then they hit him

Keizou: Get outta there, Keima!

Rory: Take that Evil Youkai!

They are fighting him by mistake

Fuyunyan: Boy's! The Keima's already gone.

They stop and then Rory and Keizou are doing the Pose but they are not very good

Both: Alright, Guts!

The Paw Patrol, Ryder and Keita is not Impress

Keita: T-This is my Grandpa.

Ryder: I.... Never knew my Grandpa is very bad doing that Pose.

Keizou: Hey, you

Then he and Rory gave to Keita, Ryder and Paw Patrol

Keita: A Marble?

Ryder: Why you gave us a Marble?

Keizou: Look through it like this.

They are using the Marble and thy saw some Keima's

Ryder: Hey! I can see Youkai now.

Keita: Ah! I can see them! Are those Keima?

Keizou: See ya! Don't let them catch ya!

Keita: Wha? You're running away?!

Jibanyan: Beat them up, Nyan!

??????: I'm surprised they jump through space and time to this Time Period.

?????? 2: Furthermore, they join forces with these Boys. They are just little Mice right now.

??????: However, before they can become a thread.

?????? 2: We should inform Lady Ubeuna for this.

They disappeared


Mario, Kirby and Their Friends are worried about Keizou and his Friends

Mario: Keizou! Where are you?

Luigi: Rory?

Peach: Marvin?

Daisy: McCain?

Rosalina: Sam?

Yoshi: Yoshi?

Tuff: Zane?

Tiff: Runt?

Peach: RJ? Where could they be?

Luigi: Don't worry, they'll be here. Went they arrived they come here with some new friends.

And then Keizou and His Friends appeared even Keita, Ryder and Their Friends

Luigi: Oh, thank Neptune.

All: (Panting)

Keita: Thanks.

Keizou: No need for that. Love!

Rory: Guts!

Marvin and his Friends: Will Power!

Keizou: We will crush all evil in this world! For I am the Invisible King, Kamen Guts!

They are doing the Pose

Whisper: Kamen Guts?

Jibanyan: What's that?

Keita: This is really my Grandpa?

Ryder: Look like is my Grandpa.

Keizou: You've got some Yokai with you.

Keita: Ah, Yeah. I'm Keita. And this is Whisper.

Whisper: I'm a Yokai Butler. Whisper, whis!

Keizou: Yokai Butler?

Keita: And this over is Jibanyan. They're my Yokai Friends.

Jibanyan: Nice to meet nya.

Ryder: My name is Ryder. This is Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble and Rocky. We are the Paw Patrol.

Chase: Nice to meet you. But what is that pose?

Rory: You will find out.

Keizou: Youkai Friends? What the heck? What are you?

Fuyunyan: Keizou, he's your Grandson, Keita.

Keizou: Grandson!?

Keita: Ah, Yeah.

Fuyunyan: Ryder and Paw Patrol are your Grandson.

Rory: They are my what!?

Ryder: Grandson. We are from the future.

Keizou: What are you talking about? Don't tell me you use that stone from the Keima!

Fuyunyan: I did, I bring them here from the Future. I though they might able to save you.

Keizou: We don't need someone to save us.

Rory: He's right. We don't want anyone to help us.

Keita: Did I say something wrong?

Ryder: What's wrong with them?

Fuyunyan: Sorry. They been through some things.

Keita: Things?

Fuyunyan: I'll explain later. Just follow along for now.

Keita: O...Kay...

They follow Keizou and his Friends even Mario, Kirby and Their Friends After that they have arrived in Keizou and his Friends Secret Hideout

Keita: This is... Keizou's Secret Hideout.

Fuyunyan: It was originally just storage for the Lumberjacks.

And then Whisper heard something

Whisper: Huh? Must have been imagining thing...

Ryder: Whisper, come on. There's nothing there.

They went Inside the hideout

Whisper: Whoa, amazing!

Keizou: Why'd you bring them here?

Fuyunyan: They don't have anywhere else to go. If they stay outside, the Keima will possessed them!

Keita: Grandpa, you made all ofthis?

Keizou: Don't call me Grampa. Call me Kaizou.

Keita: Then, Uh... Keizou. You made all these. To fight all Yokai?

Keizou: No. These only work on Keima and those possessed by them. That why me and Rory cover them in chili.

Whisper: I think they'll worked on anyone.

Chase: So why you use these chili for?

McCain: To defeat the Keima.

Keita: This.... Keizou, Rory. Aren't you and your friend gonna make the Yokai Watch?

Keizou: Why do you know about that?

Keita: Well, I've used the Yokai Watch!

Fuyunyan: Keizou, because you and Rory stopped making it the Youkai Watch disappeared from the Future too.

Keizou: The final form of this one Huh?

Keita: Why you and your best friend stopped making it? It's caused a lot of trouble for me! If we could summon Yokai Friends with the watch, we could be a step closer to beating the Keima! He's right, so why don't yo-

Rory and Keizou slam the Table

Keizou: We don't need something for this. So you can't make friends just like that anyway!

Rory: We stop Inventing these. So enough talk about that.

Keita: Well, then. What about Fuyunyan. Isn't he your friend?

Keizou: No, he's not. You better leave tomorrow.

He, his Best Friend and the Puppies are gonna back home

Yukippe: Keizou!

Karen: Rory!

Keizou: Yukippe?

Rory: Karen?

Yukippe: It's so weird, everyone's acting all scary...

Keizou: I told you, didn't I. You need to be inside when it's gets dark.

Karen: Rory. What's happening to everyone?

Rory: You don't want to know.

Yukippe: what're ya doin alone with your friends out here?

Keizou: It has nothing to do with you and Karen. Come on, let's go. I'll take you home.

Rory: I'll take you home, Karen.

Karen: Okay.

Yukippe: Keizou, you're super nice.

Keizo: Stop joking around and fix your bumpkin accent.

Yukippe: I like it when you talk like a city Kid. That is just how normal people.

Yukippe: Come on, talk like before!

Back to Keita and his Friends

Keita: What's with them!? "He's not my friend" are you kidding me? They're totally different from everything I've ever heard about grandpa.

Whisper: Keita, you're eating too much.

Luigi: He's right. You didn't save some for me.

Jibanyan: There's no chocobo here, nyan.

Fuyunyan: Here, a chocobo.

Jibanyan: Not really.

He is eating chocobo

Jibanyan: And nyow it's gone.

Fuyunyan: Keizou and his Friends doesn't want to make friends. And yet so many Yokai want to be friends with them.

Marshall: There are more Yokai?

Rubble: And where are they?

They saw all the Youkai

Whisper: What are those?

Fuyunyan: The symbols of everything Keizou and his Friends done. They taken down all the Names of Yokai they helped.

Skye: My Grandpa helped all the Youkai?

Keita: Whoa. They helped Yokai?

Fuyunyan: They thinks they won't remember who helped them out. But if they called from them, they'd come running to fight alongside them. And yet...

Keita: What a Stubborn Kids.

Fuyunyan: But there's hope!

Mario: Really?

Chase: There was?

Keita: What?

He's staring at Keita and Ryder

Keita: You're way too close. Seriously what?

Ryder: Yeah, seriously. Why are you staring at us so close?

Fuyunyan: It all rest on you, Shounen Beat.

Jibanyan: Good luck, beat, nyan..

Tuff: You're gonna need it.

Keita: I said I'm not Beat, I'm Keita!!

Ryder: Get it right, Fuyunyan!

Meanwhile at the abandoned Factory

Boswer: Don't worry my Friend. Your time will come soon enough.

Ubuena: What do you two want?

??????: Someone who might make Keizou and his Friends invent the Yokai Watch has appeared.

????? 2: And the PAW Patrol is with them.

Bowser: What!?

Ubuena: What? Me, Bowser and Dedede went through all that trouble to get rid of the Yo-Kai Watch so humans and Yokai couldn't be friends..

Bowser: No way in Hades will we allow this!

?????: You're shout are magnificent Tonight.

Ubuena: You better get rid of that Nuisance right away!!

Next day

Keita, Ryder, The Paw Patrol and Their Friends are sleeping and then they wake up

Zane: Come on, Keizou! Do it for your training!

Keizou: Guts! Guts! Guts! Guts! Guts!!

Rune: Come on, you can do it!

Marvin: And don't hurt your Knees.

Keizou: I'll be fine, Marvin

RJ: Boy, we need to do our training.

Keita: What are they doing?

Fuyunyan: They're training to become Kamen Guts and his Friends.

Whisper: Kamen Guts?

Tiff: Who is Kamen Guts?

Fuyunyan: The Invisible King, Kamen Guts. He's a popular super hero!

Keita: So he's from the 50's...?

Fuyunyan: He crushed all evil in this world with love, Guts, and will-power! The Invisible King, Kamen Guts! He'll protect all his friends in the world! He said something like that before. And then there this!

Keizou: Whoa! You know about Kamen guts?

Keita: N-no, this is the first time I've seen him.

Ryder: He's right. And it was my first time to see a Manga.

Keizou: Geez, you're slow.

Rosalina: I haven't seen one in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Fuyunyan: Keizou, Rory. Keita and Ryder is the Shounen Beat to your Kamen Guts!

Rory: Say what now?

Keizou: No way.

Keita: Anyway, Uh... What's this "Beat" like?

Rubble: Is he look like Apollo the Super-pup?

Rory: No. He isn't.

Fuyunyan: Shounen Beat is the one person who lead Kamen Guts his strength. He's a reliable sidekick! And, this is the important part! He decided to help him after Kamen Guts saved his life!

Keizou: Of course. And your point?

Fuyunyan: Don't you get it? Yesterday, you saved Keita and his Friends!

They got so Shock and they had no choice

Keizou: Alright then! You're my Shounen Beat!

Rory: Even you Ryder! And my Puppies will make their Grandkids to be Their Sidekick.

All: What? Why?!

Whisper: Ah, I see, that's how it's gonna go. Keita, Ryder, Paw Patrol.. Or rather Shounen Beat.

Keita: That's not our Name!

Whisper: This is you chance! You can get to them as Beat and get them to make the watch!

Keita: I guess.

Ryder: Alright. We could do that... I wonder what Youkai Watch I will get?

Keizou: Come on, Shounen Beat! Let's go!

Then Keizou and his Friends are doing the Pose

All: Tele- Tele- te~ Tele-! Guts!

Keita, Ryder and The Paw Patrol: Huh?

All: Don't "Huh" us! Come on!

All: Tele- Tele- te~ Tele-! And here, you shout "Guts"!

Keita: But what is That?

Ryder: Yeah. What with the Pose?

Keizou: How can you not know about this!?

Fuyunyan: It's Kamen Guts' signature Pose. Keizou and his Friends alway practicing it. Here look.

All: No way no way no way! We can't do that!

Chase: Beside. 6 of us doesn't do on Two Leg's!

Whisper: What are you saying, Kids? Kids, do it for the watch.

Fuyunyan: Plus, it's not embarrassing at all. It's cool!

Whisper: Yeah! Keita, Ryder, Puppies you're so Cool!

Keita: R-Really...?

They nod means Yes.

All: Alright!

Fuyunyan: I'm sorry, Kids.

Whisper: Go for it!

All: Tele- Tele- tel~ Tele-! Guts

And then Whisper, Fuyuynan and Their Others are laughing at Keita and his Friends.

All: You're laughing at Us!

Keizou: Alright, time for training.

Keita: Training?

Rocky: Training! Oh for the name of Zeus!

At the Park

All: Beat, do it again. Let's go! Guts... Jump! Alright, Guts!

The Paw Patrol even Keita is tired for training

Keizou: Come on.

Keita: Huh? Oh, Alright, Guts..

Whisper: Keita and his Friends is not very good are they?

Jibanyan: Well it's nyot like they exercise much.

And then something is behind them

Whisper: Was I imagining things..?

Luigi: Me too.

Both: Whatever.

After their Training

All: Break time!

They catch their Breath

Chase: I need a nap.

Marshall: Yeah.... I rather do Morning Yoga from you, Chase.

Keita: We ran so much.. I've never played pretend Hero this hard before.

Ryder:Yeah... I think this is pretend.

Keizou: This isn't Pretend! Me and Rory are gonna become Kamen Guts.

Keita: Uh.. Wha?

Ryder: What are talking about?

Keizou: We don't just want to do it... We're gotta become Kamen Guts.

Fuyunyan: Boys. I have a Suggestion.

Keizou: What?

Fuyunyan: if you Kids fough Keima, honestly, you probably wouldn't win.

Whisper & Jibanyan: Right?

Yoshi: Yoshi.

Kirby: Poyo.

Fuyunyan: So.. You should ask the strongest Yo-kai for help!

Keita: The Strongest Yo-kai?

Ryder: Who?

Fuyunyan: His name is Master Nyada! Master Nyada is a Yo-kai among Yokai and amentor among mentors... It goes without saying he's really strong! So, he's like..

Keita: The Invisible Wise man, Paper, from Kamen GutsGuts. That's a thing?

Ryder: He looks alot like Merlin.

Whisper: I wouldn't be an exaggeration to call him Invisible.

Keita: Whisper, you know about Nyada?

Whisper: Of course I do, this! Master Nyada is the Strongest Being!

Jibanyan: Reading of the pad again, Nyan?

Whisper: Don't look!

Keita: Huh, it doesn't have his picture? It's not that easy to see master Nyade in Person.

Ryder: Some of these day. You'll need to find that Strongest Yo-kai .

Fuyunyan: However, I heard a Rumour. It about a place he's been appearing lately.

Keita: A place?

Skye: Where to?

Fuyunyan: Sakura Town. I don't know if we'll find him, but..

Keita: Let's go! Maybe we'll actually get to meet him.

Keizou: Well I guess I can bring you and your Friends with me, Beat.

At the Train they have arrived in Sakura Town

Keita: Whoa, Sakura New Town used to look like this?

Ryder: Boy. This town look so great like in Adventure Bay.

Jibanyan: It feel really retro, nyan.

Fuyunyan: It sure does!

Keizou: It really feel like a city, unlike Kemamoto. Alright, let's go Shounen Beat!

And then Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol got so Shock

Whisper: What is it?

They saw a Boy and a Man who looks like Kanchi and Cap'n Turbot

Keita: Is that... Kanchi!?

Ryder: And that man who Iooks alot like Cap'n Turbot!?

Whisper: Kanchi and Cap'n Turbot's grandpa most likely. What?

They saw Boy and a little boy who looks like Kuma and Alex Porter

Keita: Is that... Kuma!?

Ryder: And Alex Porter!?

Whisper: Kuma and Alex Porter's grandpa most likely! What is it now!?

They saw a Girl and another girl who looks like Fumi and Katie

Keita: Is that Fumi-chan!?

Ryder: And Katie?!

Whisper: Fumi-chan's and Katie's grandma!

Keita: They all just look like them...

Ryder: They look young in this time period.

Kuma: Wait up!

Keizou: Alright. Let's go look for Master Nyada.


Keita: Hey, where did and your Friends get these marbles anyway?

Keizou: We found them about a year ago in the river.

Flashback has started

They picked up 8 of them

Keizou: When we picked up one of them, we heard a voice.

Fuyunyan: Take a peek, take a peek~! take a peek, take a peek~!

So they have no choice but to take a peek and they saw Fuyunyan

Keizou: Then we met Fuyunyan.

Keita: That story sounds real familiar.

Flashback had ended

Keizou: It's gonna be fate that we can see Yokai and Keima. So that's why we fighting the Keima.

TV: Invisible King, Kamen Guts!

Keita: Wait up, Keizou!

Ryder: Rory, Wait!

Jibanyan: What is it, nyan!?

Rory: Oh my gosh! Kamen Guts!

Keita: Who's that old guy?

Keizou: He's no old man!

Old Man: Transform!

He became Kamen Gut

Thug: Y-You're...

Kamen Guts: Love, Gutsz and Will-power! I'll crush all the Evil in this world! Invisible King, Kamen Guts! I'll protect all my friends in this world!

Keita: Kamen Guts...

Rubble: He looks like Apollo the Super-pup.

Keizou: It's really moving...

Keita: They hasn't seen the show...

Ryder: That makes my eyes tired.

Keizou: Ah, there! Shounen Beat!

Shounen Beat: Wait up, Kamen Guts!

Keita: Beat's like that...?

Marshall: Hum Drum?

Kamen Guts: Let's go! Tele- Tele- Tel~ Tele-! Guts!

Keizou: So cool! It's the real deal! So Cool! Kamen Guts is so cool!

Marvin: He's awesome!

McCain: He is the Best!

After that they were at the Playground

Keizou: Whoa, that was the best! It was the best right? Kamen Guts is the coolest ever, right? Guts! Guts! Guts!

Keita: Hey, Keizou. Why do you and your Friends like Kamen Guts so much?

Tiff: Yeah. Why that hero?

Keizou: Well. We decided to become Kamen Guts. We... Had a really good friend once.

Rory: Use to, Keizou.

Flashback has started

Keizou, Ryder, The Puppies are their Friends are playing Catch

Keizou: (Narrating) We always played together.

Rory: Throw me the Ball!

Keizou: We'll be friends forever, right?

Friend: Yeah!

Keizou: But, one day.

Then the thug just stole it from him

Friend: Give it back!

Keizou: He ended up being bullied by some thugs... We wanted to help him.. But.. But we are scared. We couldn't move an inch. Then..

Friend: What kinda Friends are you? I don't want to be friend with a coward like you and your friends.

Keizou: He said we couldn't be friends ever again.. That's when we encountered Kamen Guts. Surpassing Evil with Guts! Protecting everyone important with Guts! I'll protect all my friends in this world.. We wanted to become someone strong. No, we decided to become Kamen Guts. But since then we haven't made a single friend except Rory and his Puppies... Even though we want to protect all my friends..

Keita: Oh..

Rocky: Bit bad. So sad.

Keizou: That's just how it is.

Keita: I'm sure you can make some.

Ryder: Cartmen Guts!

Both: Kamen Gritty!

Keizou: Keita! You and Ryder said that in Purpose.

Jibanyan: So that's what happened, nyan..

Whisper: That's all well and good everyone.. But we can't find Master Nyada sitting around her talking. Keita, Ryder, Paw Patrol, are you prepared to pull an all-nighter looking for him?

Keita: What kind of Yokai is Master Nyada anyway..

Peach: Is he look like Toadsworth?

Whisper: Uh, he's a cat with a mustache...

Master Nyada: Yes, Yes.

Whisper: And apparently he wears a green Hooden robe.

Master Nyada: See, see.

Keita: It's not gonna be easy to find him.

Daisy: It will take a whole day to find him.

Keizou: We're never gonna find him..

Whisper: Well, he is the strongest Yo-kai! There's no way I'd miss him around here!

And then he bump into Master Nyada

Whisper: Ah, sorry. Ah, geez, where could he ever be?

And then they got so Shock to see him in front of them

Whisper: Could it be.. You're master Nyada!?

Fuyunyan: Please tell us how we can defeat the Keima!

Master Nyada: First, amazing Kamen Guts was today, yes?

Keizou You like Keman Guts!?

Master Nyada: Saw it on the TV before, I did.

Keizou: Really?!

And then Master Nyada, Rory, Keizou and the Puppies are doing the Pose

All: Tele Tele- te~ Tele-! Guts!

Fuyunyan: Fast Friends.. Uh.. about the Keima.. What should we do get rid of them?

And then Master Nyada is Sleepin, and then they fall down that he didn't talk to them

Fuyunyan: Of course..

Jibanyan: Oh Come on, nyan! Is this old fart really Okay, nyan?

Whisper: But he's the strongest Youkai! He must have something amazing to tell us!

And then Keita and Ryder is gonna hit him for their Anger

Master Nyada: Firstly...

And then sleep again and now Keita and Ryder is gonna hit him

Master Nyada: When in danger, use this you must.

He gave it to Keita

Keita: What those...

Master Nyada: Open this now, you must not.

Keita: What's inside?.

Master Nyada: Who knows. When facing the enemy, understand you will.

He left and then he is fighting the Keima

Keita: Whoa!

Master Nyada: Alright, Guts!

Fuyunyan: That's master Nyada for you!

Then they saw him collapse

Master Nyada: Invisible King... Kamen... Guts.. Save all my friends in the world.. I shall.

Jibanyan: Whoa, he's outta breath, Nyan!

Chase: But he Fight about 10 seconds!

Zuma: And he's out of Breath? Why!?

Whisper: What's this! He's the strongest Youkai, but he has a limit! He can only use his power in 10 seconds.

Keita: What!? 10 Second!

Keizou: So short!

?????: There you are.

And then 3 Youkai has appeared

Keita: You are...!?

????? 2: This is the Kids that has come from the Future, Lady Ubuena.

And then Ubuena, Bowser and King Dededehas appeared

Ubuana: So it's your Brats that are getting in my way!

Keita: What? Who're you?

Ubeuna: My name is Ubuena. I'm the the big bossboss, no.. The head honcho, president, no.. I'm the last boss of all Keima!

And then she Captured Jibanyan and Yoshi

Keita: Jibanyan!

Mario: Yoshi!

Ubuena: If you want them back,come to the Yuuhigaoka factory in the third district of town.

Fuyunyan is gonna fight them but then that Evil Youkai blast him

Keita: Jibanyan!

Mario: Yoshi!!

Jibanyan: Keita!

Yoshi: Yoshi!

And then ithey sucked into the Portal and heading to the Factory

Keita: Jibanyan!

Mario: Yoshi!

Keita: Jibanyan...

Mario: Yoshi...

Then Keizou and his Friends are going to the Factory

Keita: Keizou, come on, make the Youkai Watch!

Ryder: Rory. Please make the Watch!

Keita: I could just summon Jibanyan and save him!

Ryder: He's right and it the only way to save him!

Keita: Are you even Listening!?

Rory: We are. But not gonna make one.

Keizou: If they are your friends.... Save them with you own Strength!

Ryder: But... Me and Paw Patrol doesn't know how to fight.

Keita: I...

Keizou: I said we are gonna defeat the Keima. With or without you and your Friends.

Rory: Ryder. If your my Grandson. You to fight them with your own strength. If some bad is gonna happen.. You and your puppies will have to fight. So are you are quiter or not.

They left to factory

Fuyunyan: Boys!

They know that they don't have a Watch to summon Jibanyan so they made their choice.

Keita: OK, I'll go. I'll save Jibanyan without the Watch.

Ryder: I'm no quitter. Me and Paw Patrol will save Yoshi and Jibanyan from the Keima.

They nod at each other and they heard something

Whisper: Is that!?

The Keima's are here and then Fuyunyan and Meta-Knight is fighting them

Tiff: Meta-Knight. You're here?

Meta-Knight: Tiff. You and the other will go to factory and save your friends. Me and Fuyunyan will hold them off.

Fuyunyan: Go, everyone!

Ryder & Keita: Okay!

They are going to Factory and the Whisper and Luigi heard something so they turn back, turn around and again, again. And they finally found it, it was the bear

Luigi: Aha!

Whisper: So it was you that followed is all the way here!

And then the Bear is giving them a Tomato

Whisper: Oh, is that for us?

And then Bear ate much to their Disappointed

Luigi: I though you gonna share.

Whisper: Oh Come on.

Meanwhile at the Factory

Ubuena: I have had it up to here with all of you! Why are you all possessing babies or just a single person!? Or possessing freaking cows and horses!

Dedede: Thanks to you lot, my "Take from People's And Make Them Fall Into Choas" plan won't have a chance for this!

Ubuena: He's right! You fail my Plan!

And then all the Keima has dissappeared

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Jibanyan: She made them Disappear, nyan!

Ubuena: Haa... I got myself worked up there. Any, do you get what I said? Do you understand!?

And then 2Youkai has appeared

Both: Lady Ubuena!

Ubuena: What is it, Kin, Gin?

Kin: Those children are coming this way.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Jibanyan: Nyo way, Keita! Please save Meow! I wanna eat chocbo again! We don't wanna be surrounded by old farts! We're still young! I wanna see NyaKB again! "In Hades" "In Hades" why don't you shut up instead, nyan!?

Ubuena: You Harball! I'll make you disappear!

Gin: Lady Ubuena. They've dug their grave,

Kin: So now they have to lie in it.

Ubuena: Anyone that stands in our way will surely be crushed!

Gin: As you wish.

Flashback has started

Keizou's Friends has been beaten down

Kin: We'll make certain that annoying Yo-Kai Watch never gets made.

Bowser: And then Human, Animals and Yo-Kai will never be able to be friends?

Kin: Yes! Bowser.

Escargoon: Okay then you two, begin preparations at once!

And then the sky has turned into darkness. Keizou and his Friends has made it to the Factory with Keita and his Friends. And the PAW Patrol is wearing their Air Gear from "Air Pups"

Keizou: Let's go!

And then Keima has appeared to attack them and then Keizou, Rory and the Puppies are ready to fight

All: Love, Guts and Will-power! Using those, We'll crush all the Evil in this world!

Keizou and Rory: Invisible King, Kamen Guts!

So they are fighting them except Keita, The Paw Patrol and Their Friends are Running away from them

Tuff: Don't let them Possess you!

Tiff: Kirby! Stay away from them!

Kirby: Poyo!

Rosalina: I never Fight them like this!

Daisy: Not like in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Peach: I don't want to be possessed!

Chase: I never Fight before!

Marshall: I want to go home!

Rubble: I really don't like this!

Rocky: Grandpa! Help us!

Skye: I don't like these Keima!

Ryder: Whisper! Do something!

Keita: Whisper, We need a weapon! Please, tell us you have one!

Whisper: For situations like this, I've got.. These!

Keita: What.. This?

Their Grandfather's are fighting the Youkai

All: Alright, Guts!

And then another Keima is going to Possessed Keizo and His Friends

Keita: Watch out! Take this!

They are using a squeaking Hammer and whisper finish it off

Ryder: Great job, Whisper.

Keita: Thanks Whisper!

Whisper: No Problem!

Keizou: Let's go!

Keita: You're not gonna say thanks?

Keizou: Shounen Beat is my Reliable Sidekick. He has to save me.

Zane: We have no time for that! Let's go!

They went inside the Factory and they saw a Map to lead to Jibanyan and Yoshi

Keizou: This..

Keita: This has gotta be a trap.

Tuff: Some map they draw.

Keizou: But there's no other way.

All: Wha?

Keizou: Guts!

Keita: Are you kidding!?

Ryder: Are you serious!?

They are going to save Jibanyan and Yoshi and then they saw Keima

Keita: Of course!

Marshall: Not what I called adventure!

They are Fighting all the zkeima and then they got Surrounded

Keita: They're coming to get us!

Rocky: Oh No!

Rory: We gonna do it, Keizou!

Keizou: They're going for a pincer attack! This way!

He and his Friends jump

All: Guts Jump!

Keita: K-Keizou!

Ryder: Rory!

Whisper: Come on, Everyone, Hurry it up!

Keita: W-W-W-Wait a Minute!

They fall off and they hurt their Legs and Their Bottom

Keizou: Come on!

They are following him


Yoshi: Yoshi!!!

Jibanyan: Please don't do this, nyan! What's you goonya do if we die!? We'll crush you, nyan! Ah, paw-lease Nyo! We're sorry we call you olds farts, so paw-lease stop!

Dedede: No way, Pussy cat.

Back to Keita and his Friends

They are fighting the Keima

Keizou: We're almost there!

McCain: Your Friends is waiting for us!

They going find Jibanyan and Yoshi and they found them

Keita: Jibanyan!

Mario: Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi!!

Jibanyan: Keita!!

Keita: We're gonna save you!

Rocky: Just hold on!

Jibanyan: Everynyan!

Then the Lave has shooted out and Jibanyan and Yoshi avoid it

Jibanyan: I'm so glad you're here meow.

They are climbing up the Stair

Keita: Jibanyan!

Mario: Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi!!

Jibanyan: Keita!

Ubuena: So you really came to save them? I would have never expected that!

All: Ubuena!

Mario: Bowser!

Tiff: Dedede!

Dedede: So you really want that Hipponyan back I see.

Jibanyan: It's Jibanyan!

Bowser: Whatever. Too bad there's no way you can defeat us!

Keizou: We'll see about that!

Then she saw Keita, Whisper and the Paw Patrol are trying to free Jibanyan and Yoshi

Ubuena: You! What do you think you're doing?

They do in reverse and they hid from her

Ubuena: That's against the Rules, you can't do that. I was still talking..

Then Keizou and his Friends are fighting the Keima

Ubuena: Are you kidding me!?

Keita: Keizou!

Ryder: Rory!

Marshall: Marvin!

Chase: McCain!

Skye: Sam!

Zuma: Zane!

Rocky: RJ!

Rubble: Runt!

Whisper: While they Attacking Ubuena, Dedede and Bowser, let's save Jibanyan and Yoshi!

And then they spotted by the Keima and they are running away from it. Keizou and and his Friends are Fight Ubuena and they are right back where they started

Keizou: Wha..?

Rory: What happen?

McCain: We're right back where we started.

Ubuena: Is something the matter?

Keizou: What's happening?

Zane: I don't know. But we have to defeat them!

They are gonna fight Ubuena, Bowser and Dedede and they are back to where they started

Keizou: Seriously what the heck?

RJ: Why are we back again?

Runt: Did some happened?

Kin: Every time will end the same.

They look up there and they saw them with a Clock

Gin: No matter how many time you do it.

Kin: We can just turn back time on you and your Friends.

All: What!?

Flashback has started

Keizou and his Friends are fighting the Keima but then three Youkai are building a Time machine

Both: Kin Gin Gira Gira~

And then everything got reverse

Keizou: Wha..?

Rory: What happen?

Flashback has ended

Kin: You're still gonna keep trying.

Whisper: That's cheating!

Luigi: He's right! Cheater doesn't do it!

Keita: Well, you use the Yo-kai Pad...

Jibanyan: Everyone's forgotten meow...

Ubuena: It's time to crush them!

They Fighting all the Keima and then reverse back in time

Keizou: Darn!

Rory: Again! Seriously?!

And they got knocked out from the Keima

Keita: Keizou!

Ryder: Rory!

Chase: McCain!

Marshall: Marvin!

Zuma: Zane!

Rocky: RJ!

Rubble: Runt!

Skye: Sam!

And then the Keima is knocked out Keita and the Paw Patrol even Mario, Kirby and Their friends

Whisper: Ah, me too~

Keizou: If this keeps up...

Keita: What can we do?

Tuff: Looks like we're goners.

Master Nyada: Use the Hose...

All: Master Nyada!

Master Nyada: Time, it is. Use the Ho-


Then he gone

Whisper: Ah, it cut out.

Then they saw a bear playing with it

Master Nyada: The Hose, you must- Hose, you-

Peach: Can you please stop it.

Keita: hose?

Whisper: Haha, he's not talking about a hose. He's talking about The Force!

Keizou: Force?

Keita: What's that?

Whisper: That must be it! The Force is a super energy used in fighting! It's an amazing power well know in the Galaxy far, far away.

They open it and it was a Hose

Keita: Wha.. It is a hose!

Ryder: Whisper. You need to stop watching those movies.

Jibanyan: Geez...

Keizou: So.. How do we use it?

Ryder: Maybe... We should put in the faucet over there.

Keita put the hose on the Faucet and then he spray at Gin and the Time Machine and then it got destroyed

Whisper: Amazing, Keita! How did you come up with that?

Keita: All thanks to Ryder.

Then something just blast them it was Kin and Gin

Kin: Why would you spray water at our time machine!

Gin: Why do you think you're doing?!

Then they Dodge it from them and Keizou and his Friends has knocked out and then Fuyunyan and Meta-Knight has saved them

Keizou: Fuyunyan! Meta-Knight!

Fuyunyan: Sorry, we're late.

Gin: You brats..

Bowser: Kin, Gin. The Poison is ready!

Keita: Whisper, you take care of it!

Whisper: No, Keita you-

They saw her doing something on her butt and it make into a Giant Youkai

Jibanyan: What!?

Bowser: Crush them!

They are dodgeing from his Attack and then Fuyunyan is gonna give him a punch

Fuyunyan: Gutsu Straight-Forward Pawch!

And then it fell down and Keita, Ryder and Their Friends are Running away from it and then Fuyunyan got hit

Keizou: Fuyunyan!

He is dodging from the Keima

Keizou: Fuyunyan!

He and his Friends is gonna save him but they cannot move

Keizou: I can't move..

Rory: Not again. Not again.

They have a Memories about their Friends so they stand up to save fuyunyan

Keizou: Come on, Move! Move already!

Then Fuyunyan got hurt

All: Fuyunyan!

Then the Keima is gonna finish him off and then Keizou and his friends got the Memories about his friend

Keizou's Friend: I don't want to be friends with a coward like you and you Friends. I don't want to be friends... I don't want to be friends... With a coward like you and your Friends.

Then they don't want him to be ended up like their friends

All: Darn it!!!

And then they finally moved

All: Guts!!!

And then that Evil Youkai hit them but then Keizou and His Friends weapon just hit him and then he's finally defeated

Keita: Fuyunyan!

Ryder: Are you Okay!

Keizou: Fuyunyan, hang in there.

Fuyunyan: Don't worry... They're just scratches.

Keizou: We're sorry, Fuyuynan. If we could just have.. Just acted sooner.. It's probably ridiculous for a coward like us to want to be Kamen Guts.

Fuyunyan: Boys.

Keizou: In the end. We were just playing pretend..

Rory: We're such a fool!

Fuyunyan: You can become.. Kamen Guts. After all you save me, right? Doesn't that make you a hero?

Keizou: Fuyunyan..

Fuyunyan: Heroes have thing they just have to do.. Right?

Keizou: We'll protect all our friends in the world..

Fuyunyan: That's it! No matter what, You'll protect them! You can protect everyone!

All: Yeah!

Fuyunyan: Take these.

Keizou: These?

Fuyunyan: The names of all Youkai' you've saved. It's up to you and your Friends now.

Keizou: Up.. To us.

Keita: Come on, Let's call everyone.

Keizou: Call? How?

Keita: Fuyunyan, Whisper, Kirby, Mario, Everyone. Can you keep the Enemies away? Guys, Come on!

He, Keizou, Rory, Ryder and Paw Patrol are going to summon everyone

Bowser: You went to all this trouble, and now you're running away!?

Dedede: Keima! Get them!

Whisper: W-Wait a Minute Keita!

Fuyunyan: You shall not pass! Let's go!

Whisper: No please, no please...

Ubuena: If this is how you're gonna play..

Then the cages that Jibanyan and Yoshi were on is Lowering down. Keita and his Friends are going on top of the Factory

Keizou: What're we gonna do here?

Keita: Watch.

Ryder: And pay attention.

And then Keita, Ryder and the Paw Patrol are gonna shout

All: Everyone!! Listen to us!!!

Keizou: You...

Keita: Keizou!

Ryder: Rory!

Chase: McCain!

Marshall: Marvin!

Rocky: RJ!

Rubble: Runt!

Skye: Sam!

Zuma: Zane!

Keizou: We'll protect all our friends in this world...

So Keizou, Rory and the Puppies are gonna shout

All: Everyone!! Listen to us!!

Keizou: We're definitely gonna defeat the Keima!

Rory: We'll protect you all!

Marvin: We'll protect this town and everyone in it, so please help!

McCain: Please lend us you power!!

RJ: Please become our Friends!

Ryder: They didn't hear us.

Keita: One more time!

And then all the Youkai in Sakura Town is going to help them

Rory: They hear us!

Keizou: You guys!

Keita: Keizou!

And then Keizou and his Friends Watch has turned into a Youkai Watch Zero Type

Keizou: This is...

Keita: Youkai Watch Zero Type!

And then Keita Watch has return

Keita: My Youkai Watch! Horray, it's back! Now we can summon everyone!

Ryder: Wow! Too bad we didn't have a Youkai like you guys.

And then Ryder and the Paw Patrol wrist is Glowing and then they got a Youkai Watch Prototype U

Ryder: Whoa! We did got our own Youkai Watch!

Marshall: And it has our own Colours!

Chase: Look like we got a New Youkai Watch.

Jibanyan: Nya! Hot!!

Keita: Aurgh! We forgot about Jibanyan and Yoshi!

They went down to save them. Jibanyan an Yoshi are getting closer to the Lava

Jibanyan: There's Nyo way, We're gonna get outta this!

And then His Canteen fell to the Lava

Jibanyan: I woulda liked to have drunk that, nyan... Save me! Please save Meow!

Keita, Keizou and Their Friends has made it down and they saw Yoshi and Jibanyan lowering down to the Lava

Keita: Jibanyan! Jibanyan!! Alright... Come on out... My friend Jibanyan... Youkai Medal, set on!

Watch: Summoning a Pretty!

Singer: Pretty! We are friends! Luck is on our side!

Jibanyan: Jibanyan!

And then Mario saves Yoshi

Mario: Got ya!

Keita: Jibanyan!

Jibanyan: Keita! Thank you so meowch!

Keita: Sorry I forgot about you.

Jibanyan: You should be, you're awful nyan!

Whisper: Keizou! You and your Friends finnaly decided to make the Yokai Watch? The Three Watches have come back now that the flow in time is back to normal!

And then the Bag full of Youkai medal is glowing and now I became a Youkai Medal Z

Keita: Those are Youkai Medal! With these, you can summon Youkai Friends!

Whisper: That's another power of the Youkai Watch!

Fuyunyan: Boys!

Keizou: Summon... Everyone... Come on out my friend... Genmashogun! Youkai Medal, Set on!

He turn the Dial

Watch: Summoning Pose! Summoning an Isamashi!

Genmashogun: Genmashogun! Keizou and friends, thank you from before. You really saved me when I almost drowned.

Keizou: No prob.

Rakutendou: Rakutendou! Thanks for saving me when I fell in that well!

Youkai: Keizou and Friends!

Keizou: you guys..

Rory: Thank you.

Keita: Alright! Our turn!

Ryder: Let's do it!

He and his Friends are summoning all the Youkai

All: Youkai Medal, set on!

Then all the Youkai has appeared

Keita: Everyone let's gather our powers and kick Ubuena's Butt! Charge!

Ryder: Get them!

Ubuena: You brats... Kin, Gin!

Both: Revive the Keima!

Then all the Keima has appeared but all the Youkai is fighting them

?????: Would you like a Sherbet?

They Fighting all the Youkai

Walkappa: He's summoning me so I've gotta..

Gerurin: You wanna go!?

Robonyan: Rocket Punch! Rocket Punch!

Rakutendou: Over here~! No, over here~! Over here~! Now I'm here~!

Genmashogun: Fooled you!

Manjimutt: It would have been better if he didn't summon me.. Aurgh! I'm just a Dog! Ah dog! Help me!

Kyubi: I'm up!

Manjimutt: Hot hot hot hot!!

Komasan: Amaze!

Keizou: Whoa, Yokai Friends are amazing..

Rory: I guess we should build those Youkai Watch.

Ubuena: Over there! There's one over there!

Both: We've got you!!

Gin: We won't let you get anywhere near Lady Ubuena, Bowser and King Dedede.

Keita: Shoot, we've gotta do something about them.

Tiff: So how can we stop them?

Robonyan: Leave it to me! Mission, start! Charge attack!

Kin: You bucket of bolts!

?????: Hey, ladies.

Gin: W-who?

?????: You two are truly woofderful.

Bushnyan: Slice that pounding heart in two!

Keita: Awesome!

Keizou: We're winning!

Luigi: Yahoo!

Ubuena: Kin, Gin, Dou!

Keita: Dou?

Daisy: Who's dou?

Keita: That's the old guy's name?

Ubuena: We won't let you brats get away with this.

Jibanyan: Again!?

Bowser: There's no way in Hades, we'd lose to you!

Keita: But why...

Skye: Why are you so mean?

Rosalina: We need her to tell us.

Keita: Bakurobaa, possess Ubuena!

Ubuena: I.. When I was a human, my life was stolen from me.. I was falsely accused of a crime.. And I rotted away in jail for the rest of my life.. My entire life was stolen from me. So I'm going to steal time for all humans!

Then she is going to use her power

Keita: This is bad!

Tuff: No kidding!

Keizou: Run!

They are escaping the Factory, And Ubuena is changing from her power, and then the Factory got collapse luckily Ryder, Keita, and Their Friends have survived and they save her become a Giant Keima

Keita: She's huge!

Ryder: This is not good!

Whisper: This Yo-Kai effect makes people say... "This is the last stage of the final boss, the Giant form! They're super strong now!!" Do you get that, you two?!

Keita: Aurgh, this is ridiculous.

Keizou: If we don't do anything... Everyone!

They saw all the Youkai fighting Her

??????: Goodbye Gold Star!

??????: Snowlady's Sherbet!

?????: Soulfire Dance!

?????: B-B-Beam!

Keizou: No one's attacks are working...

Keita: No way...

Ryder: Why isn't it working?

Whisper: Whoa, this form's actually a million Ubuena Together! You can't defeat just one of them!

Keizou: Shoot, they're going to the Town! We've gotta stop them!

Keita: But how do we beat a million Ubuena?!

Jibanyan: I can beat up at least a hudrend of em', Nyan!

Whisper: Is that really gonna get a hundred of them?

Chase: You need to Realize that.

Fuyunyan: There is a way!

They saw Fuyunyan even the Puppies who they survived

Keizou: Fuyunyan! You're okay!

Fuyunyan: Keizou, Keita, Rory, Ryder. Gather your friend's poser in the watches.

Keizou: The Watches?

Fuyunyan: Yes, if you do that, you can Jibanyan, The Paw Patrol and I power up!

Marshall: What?! Us?

Jibanyan: Really!?

Fuyunyan: Hurry!

Keizou: Alright, got it.

Keita: Everyone!

Ryder: Listen to us!

Keizou: Everyone! Lend us your power!!

So all the Youkai are using their Power and then it make the Youkai Watch Shine

Keizou: Whoa...

Fuyunyan: Keizou! Send that Power to me!

Keizou: Okay, come on!

Keita: Yeah!

Rory: Ready?

Ryder: Yeah!

Chase: Wait! Do we have to do it?

Fuyunyan: You have the Power to be a Youkai.

Marshall: To become a Youkai?

Fuyunyan: Yes. After you became a Youkai, it has a Limited Time so you have to use it wisely.

Rocky: Okay, we wil use it wisely so we can defeat that Evil Keima.

They use the Power on Fuyunyan and he Became Darknyan

Darknyan: I am.. Darknyan.

Jibanyan: Whoa, nyamazing!

Marshall: It's our turn to Power Up!

Ryder: Okay, Here you go!

They are using all the Youkai Magic to The Paw Patrols and then they Became a Super Power Pup and they are doing the Kamen Guts Pose

Super Power Pup: Guts!

Keizo: Well done!

Ryder: That's great for them. Now they can walk on Two Leg's now.

Jibanyan: Wow! They became a Superhero! Keita, Ryder, Rory Keizou! Me next! Come on!

Rory: Okay!

Keizou: Yeah!

Keita: Let's do this!

Jibanyan: I'm gonnya power up too!

All: Go!!

They are using the Youkai Power to Jibanyan

Whisper: Me too!

Then they have became Buchinyan

Buchinyan: Buchinyan!

Keizou: They combined..

Rory: Why?

Buchinyan: I'm Buchinyan, nyawhis!

Chase: I don't why that he do that for.

Marshall: The rest of us doesn't know why that he do that for.

Keita: It doesn't look a thing like Whisper..

Ryder: Yeah. Me too.

Keizou: Well, whatever! Just beat them up!

Rory: Hurry! Before they reach the Town!

Darknyan: Leave it to us! Let's go, Everyone!

They are to fight Ubuena and they have to be careful from their Attack

Keizou: Whoa..

Darknyan: It's up to you now!

All: Got it!

Darknyan: Go! Punch that thing outta there!

He tose them to Ubuena and they ready to do it

All: Eat This!

Marshall: Staff of Flame!

Chase: Taser Beam!

Rubble: Meteor Punch!

Zuma: Sword of Water!

Skye: Hurricane Wand!

Rocky: Saber Raid!

Buchinyan: A Million Paws of Fury!! Ten Thousand.. Twenty thousand.. Thirty Thousand.. Fourth Thousand... Fifty Thousand.. Get outta here... This is the Millionth Punch!

Super Power Pup: And our Final Attack!

They defeat her and sky is back to normal

Keita: It's... Over?

Keizou: Looks like it.

Keita: Alright, we beat Ubuena!

Tiff: Wait. Where Bowser, King Dedede and Escargoon?

Rosalina: I'm afraid they left... And they won't come back this time.

And they saw the Paw Patrol and Buchinyan come down and they back to normal

Keita: Jibanyan, you're amazing! What was that move, it was so cool!

Whisper: Keita, I was part of that too!

Keita: Oh, you were.

Ryder: Paw Patrol. You did it! You Defeated her from your moves.

Marshall: Thanks Ryder. All become of our Youkai Form.

Chase: I wonder what Tribe's that we gonna be with?

Rocky: I don't know, Someday.

Darknyan: We did it Keizou.

Darknyan has turned back into Fuyunyan

Keizou: Fuyunyan! Fuyunyan!

Rory: You're Okay!

Marvin: I though we're gonna lose you!

McCain: Thank goodness, you're alright!

RJ: I'm so happy your okay!

Sam: That was too close for you Fuyuynan!

Runt: I'm so happy your Okay!

Fuyunyan: Boys!

Keizou: We're so Glad you're safe...

Then all of their Youkai Friends are here

Keizou: Everyone.. Thanks!

Next day

Keizou: Keita. Thanks to you and your Friends. Me and Rory took that first step. Thanks. Friends really are something great Huh? But how lame is it that I had learn that from my grandson.

Keita: No you're really cool Grandpa. You care for your friends way more than I though.

Rory: Ryder. Thanks to you. You help defeat Keima with your friends. Thank you.

Ryder: You're welcome.

McCain: Chase. You are very great for your friend.

Chase: No Problem, Grandpa.

Sam: Skye. I'm so happy you help you friends.

Skye: Yeah. Grandpa.

RJ: Boy, Rocky. You are very good in your fighting skill in so happy for you.

Runt: Rubble. You save the world from the Keima. And you make me happy.

Rubble: No Problem.

Zane: Zuma. You are a good puppy you save the world from evil.

Zuma: Thanks Zane.

Jibanyan: what a nyice thing to say.

Whisper: Yes, I'm proud to be Keita's friend.

Keita: Huh? But Whisper, you're not my friend. You're my Butler.

Keizou: I'm gonna make more and more Friends from now on.

Keita: Thanks, for making the Youkai Watch. Everyday's really fun with it!

Keizou: Oh, here. Take this with you.

He and his Friends gave their Grandkids the Youkai Watch Type Zero

Keizou: It's yours. We're gonna make friends on our own. We'll make our own Watch and Medals.

Then a Youkai Mirror has appeared

Fuyunyan: Use your ability, Ungaisanmenkyou.

Keizou: See ya, Keita.

Keita: See ya, Grandpa.

Rory: I'm gonna miss you Ryder.

Ryder: You will, Rory.

Chase: Goodbye, McCain.

McCain: Don't say goodbye. You should say Sayonara.

Marshall: Sayonara, Marvin.

Marvin: Look like you can speak Japanese a Little. Bye.

Rocky: I'll take care of Myself, Grandpa.

RJ: I know you will.

Runt: Hope you can make some Youkai Friends, Rubble.

Rubble: I will, Grandpa.

Zane: Goodbye, Zuma.

Zuma: Bye, Zane.

Skye: Goodbye, Grandpa.

Sam: I'll miss you, Skye.

Keizou: Let's go!

All: Tele Tele Tel~ Tele! Guts!

Mario: Time for us to go back home.

Ryder: Aren't you gonna use that Youkai?

Tiff: No. We should back to our own Homes.

Ryder: Okay, bye.

Tuff: We're gonna see you someday!

They went back home and Keita and his Friends are gonna to their own Timeline

Keita: Bye!

Ryder: I'm gonna miss you!

Zuma: Bye!

Chase: Good luck, Grandpa!

Rocky: Take care of yourself!

Marshall: Bye, Grandpa!

Rubble: I'll miss you!

Chase: We all will.

Skye: Bye, Sam!

Keizou: They are really something special, aren't they?

Back at the Present

Keita's Father: We're off to the next spot we wanted to visit.

Keita's Grandmother: Have fun!

Keita's Mother: See you soon.

Keita: See ya Grandma.

Keita's Grandmother: Keita, Ryder!

Keita: Hm? What?

Ryder: What is it?

She look at their Youkai Watch

Keita: Grandma?

Keita's Grandmother: Your Grandpa said he and Rory are gonna work so hard to make something... He and his Friends always talking about it. "We're definitely gonna do it!" He'd say he made a promise with his Grandson and his friends. Your grandpa was smart, strong, and cool, wasn't he even his Friends are... But... They are pretty stubborn too.

He and his Friends Luagh and then He's Grandmother gave a medal to him

Keita's Grandmother: Here, take this.

Ryder: That symbol is from the Isamashi Tribe.

Keita: This is..

Keita's Grandmother: This is your grandpa's most important medal.

Keita: Whoa, Fuyunyan! They were best friends, right?

Keita's Grandmother: Right, you two?

It was Whisper and Jibanyan and Keita and his Friends saw the same Marvel on his Grandmother's Glasses

Keita: G-Grandma..!

Keita's Grandmother: I'm glad you and Keita Became Friends.

Whisper: Of course...

Keita: If me and my friends Grandpa became a Yo-kai, they'd stay around here, wouldn't he?

Whisper: It's not that simple to become a Youkai.

Jibanyan: Nyeah!

Keita: See you!

Up on the Tree 8 Youkai are watching them that black one is Keizou, The White one is Rory, that Blue One is McCain, That Red One is Marvin, That green one is RJ, That Yellow One is Rubble, That Orange one is Zane and finally the Pink one is Sam and they are doing the Kamen Guts Pose

The End

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