This is how

[Mater and Lightning are watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir]

Ranyx: Hey, guys. What are you watching?

Lightning McQueen: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Ranyx: Cool. I guess Ladybug is fighting Antibug.

Mater: I used to be an Miraculous hero.

Ranyx: What? Pffft. No way.

Mater: Yes way, Ryan. It all started when I was at Flo's minding my own business.

[Cut to the past. Mater is at Flo's when his radio comes on]

Ladyan: Mater! I need your help.

Mater: What's the problem?

Ladyan: One of Marrinette's friends has been akumatized into Timebreaker. And my roommate's brother has been turned into Time-Skater.

Mater: Well. I'll help you. No travel is too far for Tow Mater.

[In Paris, Mater pops up out of the ocean]

Mater: [gasps] Wow. I need to change my slogen.

Flutterwing: Wait. Did you say that from Tokyo?

[Mater gasps]

Mater: Who are y'all?

Flutterwing: I am Flutterwing. The Butterfly Miraculous hero.

Mater: Names Mater. So, Flutterwing. Where did Ladyan say he want me at?

Flutterwing: Swansong said that Ladyan is at... [points to the school] the school.

Mater: Cool. Who is SwanSong?

Flutterwing: Another Miraculous Hero.

[At the school]

Sci-Ryan: Cody! You need to stop! Or I could climb a tree.

Time-Skater: Or what, science-kid?

Mater: Is that Cody?

Time-Skater: I am Time-Skater, the Time-Travel Turner. And I'm going to go back in time and fix my girlfriend's watch. Using all you people and cars to do it.

Sci-Ryan: Go back in time? What happening to Twilight? Why is she fading?

Time-Skater: I needed her energy. She had the right to disappear forever after what she did as Midnight Sparkle at the Friendship Games.

Mater: Friendship Games?

Flutterwing: I'll help you. No preshure or anything.

[Mater drives backwards and Time-Skater chases them. Mater does some tricks in the air]

Tia and Mia: [giggles]

[Mater uses his tow to knock Time-Skater up in the air]

Time-Skater: WHOA!!!

[He lands in a hedge]

Mater: Wow. How do you train me to be like you?



Mater: [narrating] And with Flutterwing's training and fitting me with a