Whisper: (Narrating) All strange and unexplained events in this world are the work of Yokai. And there exists a device called the Yokai Watch that allows you to see these creatures. Is there one with you? One of these being that can have various life-altering effects... Many humans are living under the influence of Yokai without even suspecting a thing... In the first story, our protagonist encounters someone who is his polar opposite. What effect will this careful meeting have on their lives...?

Story Number 1 has Begin

In Sakura Town

Keita: Man, I'm gonna die...

Whisper: Now just what kind of talk is that, Keita-kun? I wouldn't mind it if I were you...

Keita: I just have a bad feeling about today's exam...

Ryder: Not me, Keita. My friends got a great exam for this.

Keita: Yokai sure have it easy! I wish I could just good around all day...

Ryder: Me too.

Whisper: You watch your mouth! Yo-Kai society has its own Yokai-specific Yokai Stresses that can be absolutely ghastly! It seems you simply do not understand one git, boys!

Keita: Well, Yeah, seeing as I'm not a Yokai...

Ryder: Even me.

Then they saw the belt is losing it and the pipe gonna crush the boy

Keita: Look out!

Ryder: Get away out of the way!

They save the boy

Whisper: That was too close for comfort, boys!

Keita: Thank goodness...

Ryder: I thought we were get crush.

Keita: Well, were you around! You'd better be more careful!

Ryder: Make sure you keep an eye on yourself.

They left and the boy is summoning a Yokai

Okure: Okure!

Back to Ryder, Keita and Whisper

Whisper: Look at you, saving a life this early in the morning!

Keita: Gotta keep your eye on the road ahead, I always say!

Ryder: Yup. Just what the Doctor ordered.

Whisper: Of! So he says, but he's actually walking backward!

Then Okure open the Manhole

Okure: Okure, okure... Souls go to the afterlife...

Keita: I can even skip while walking backward! Look!

Ryder: I can do that too!

Whisper: Ooh! Boys, up ahead or rather, behind you...

Then they fell down the Manhole

Whisper: Oh no! Boys! Are you okay?!

Then they appeared as ghosts

Ryder: Whoa! I really need to be careful.

Keita: That was close... I could've died!

Ryder: Me too.

Whisper: Ah!

Keita: Sheeesh, Whisper... Would it have killed you to let us know there was a Manhole in front of us?

Ryder: You need to warn first.

Whisper: Erhm, how should I put this... I believe there's something else I need to to tell you...

Ryder: What is it?

Whisper: Boys! You are dead.

Ryder: What?

Keita: Hm? Hmm?

Whisper: Hmm!

Keita: Ha ha, nah!

Ryder: There's no way, we're dead.

Whisper: "Nah", yourself! Oh, YOU! You are unmistakable deceased, boys!

Ryder: Why's that?

Keita: What are you saying? Come on, let's hear back up.

Ryder: Yeah, the Paw Patrol are waiting for me.

They hover up

Whisper: Erm, you're floating.

They look below at them

Both: Ah...

Keita: Aaaaagh! What the heck is going on!?

Ryder: What happen to us!?

Whisper: I told you, you're dead as a doornail!

Both: Huhhhhh!?

Then they saw a Light

Whisper: This is... The Portal to the next world!

Ryder: What!?

Keita: Hm? Huh? Hey wait!!

Then their Yo-Kai Watch are gone

Both: W-Whisperrrrrrr!

Then they are floating

Ryder: What is that?

Keita: That's...

Then they made it out of the Portal

Keita: Man, that was close! I thought I was a goner that time...

Ryder: And I thought I was gonna meet Zeus.

Announcer: Hello, you, the dead one's! Keep it moving!

Keita: What?

Ryder: Why?

They saw the Department of Yokai Registration

Announcer: This is the Department of Yokai Registration! It's where you'll be turned into a Yokai.

Both: Whaaaa!?

Keita: Us!? A Yokai!?

Announcer: That's right!

They went inside

Keita: So Humans become Yo-Kai when they die...?

Ryder: That's cool. I guess.

Announcer: Please form a single-file line!

Keita: No way!

Ryder: Ok. Let's get this over with.

Minutes Later

They look Exhausted

Announcer: Your Yokai name is "Fuu".

Keita: That Fits...

Fuu: Fuu!

Ryder: What?! That's worse then Hades!

Announcer: Next, Please! Your name is...

Keita: Just pick whatever...

Announcer: Then... You're "Fuu2"! Even you boy, you're "Fuu3"!

Keita: That's just mean!

Ryder: You said it!

Then they got sucked into the Machine and they became a Youkai name Fuu2 and Fuu3

Fuu2: Huh!? What's this!? This is not a good look!!

Fuu3: Whoa. Someone get a number of that truck.

Fuu2: There's gotta be another...

Then they began to dance

Both: Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu~2 Fuu~3

Then they are gonna get pictures

Announcer: Come out, my friend!

Fuu2: Fuu~2!

Fuu3: Fuu~3!

Then they get their own Yo-Kai Medal

Announcer: Here you go! C'mon, move it along! NEXT!

Fuu3: How rude.

Fuu2: How Careless...

Announcer: Your Yokai Registration is officially complete. Fuu2-san and Fuu3-san you will now begin the human communication course, and immediately begin inspiriting humans with your ability.

Fuu2: Oh, hey, speaking of which, what IS my ability?

Fuu3: I'd love to socialize.

Announcer: Well, to sum it up, you make those that you possess completely unremarkable.

Fuu3: Thank you very much. I think.

Fuu2: Oh, I see...

Announcer: Use this if it comes to it.

He gave Fuu2 a Yo-Kai Watch

Both: A Yo-Kai Watch!

Announcer: Well, off you go!

He throw them off the Building and they are Falling

Both: (Scream)

Keita and Ryder Becomes a Yo-Kai

Yuuto: S-seventy-two points..?

Student: Ah...

Student 2: Whaat?

Student: What is it? Katou-kun.

Student 2: What happened!? I can't believe you didn't get a hundred, Yuuto!!

Student 4: Are you feeling okay?

Yuuto: No, nothing like that...

Student: Correct... His health has nothing to do with it...

Fuu3: What have we done to HIMMMMM?!!?!?!?

Fuu2: It's all because of Ussssss!

Minutes later

Yuuto's Mum: Welcome back, Yuuto.

Yuuto: Thanks...

He went to his room, Fuu2 and Fuu3 saw many manga's and Yuuto lay down on his bed

Fuu3: What should we do?

Fuu2: We'd better tell him.

Fuu3: Yeah, it's our fault that we do that to him.

Fuu2: We have to let Yuuto-kun know it's not his fault!

Fuu3: Ok. We'll do it for him.

Yuuto saw a Yo-Kai Watch on his desk

Both: (Voice) Put it on, put it on~

Yuuto: "Put it on"...? Is this...?

Both: (Voice) Put it on, put it on~

Yuuto put it on his Wrist

Both: (Voice) Push the button~ 

He push the button

Both: (Voice) Now shine the light this way!

Then he saw Fuu2 and Fuu3

Yuuto: What..?

Both: Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu~2 Fuu~3!

Yuuto: "Average"...?

Fuu3: I'm not Average.

Fuu2: No, that's, er, well... I'm the Yokai Fuu2!

Fuu3: I'm Fuu3!

Fuu2: We were a human until just a bit ago, see we died and became a Yo-Kai, and now you're inspirited by us, Yuuto-kun! But I'm sure you don't believe us...

Yuuto: I do. There are countless theories about what happens to people after they die... That a person could become a Yo-Kai, I.e. a type of ghost, is not altogether unexpected.

Fuu3: Uhhh. Yeah. I think it did.

Fuu2: Oh, really?

Yuuto: I see... So this test score was because of you two?

Fuu3: Yes.

Fuu2: Our power makes the people we inspirit totally average! Sorry.

Yuuto: It's okay. Don't worry about it. It's not like it matters.

Fuu3: But...

Fuu2: Yuuto-kun....

That night

Yuuto's Mum: Yuuto must be exhausted...

Yuuto's Dad: We'll give it to him once his exams are over.

Fuu2 and Fuu3 look at that bag

Next Day

Whisper: Aah! Keita-Kuuun!! Ryder-Kuuun!! I've been looking all over for you!!

Both: Whisper!?

Whisper: Your Yokai Transformation went smoothly, I see!

Fuu2: I-I-I'm not Keita!

Fuu3: And I'm not Ryder!

Both: Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu~! Fuu2! Fuu3!

Whisper: Wow, you're really into this whole Yokai Thing!

Fuu2: My Body just moved on its own...

Fuu3: It just can't control itself!

Whisper: Plus, Fuu2 and Fuu3 are a wonderful name for a Yo-Kai such as yourself! And what a fancy peephole you have here...

Fuu2: It's not a Peephole!

Fuu3: And don't say that!

Whisper: Hm!? I can see something!

Fuu2: Oh, you~!

Fuu3: You're joking.

Whisper: No, no, I'm not joking!

Yuuto made it here in school, and then Fuu2 and Fuu3 came

Fuu2: Yuuto-kun! It's an emergency!! Look in his hole... Huh? What's wrong?

Fuu3: Are you going to school?

Yuuto: Maybe I'll go hang around town today.

Fuu2: Huh? But what about School!?

Fuu3: You cannot be late for this!

Yuuto: It doesn't matter...

Fuu2: Hey, wait, you can't just do that!

Fuu3: Why won't time ever STOP?!!?!

Then everything has stopped

Announcer: (Voice) Ding, dong, ding, dong!!

Fuu3: What's that?

Fuu2: What?

Announcer: (Voice) This is an Announcement from the department of Yokai Registration!

Both: Huh?

Whisper: Whissu?

Announcer: (Voice) Interference in human affairs other then inspiriting will be met with a sword punishment.

Both: Punishment?

Announcer: (Voice) In your case, we'll turn your body ghostly white! Then we'll make your lips purple, and put black between your eyes!

They know they're gonna be like Whisper

Fuu3: No! Not that!

Fuu2: Agh, anything but that! We're not interfering with anything, I swear!

Fuu3: Me too!

Whisper: Well, that's just rude.

Then everything has been resumed

Whisper: Whissu!! He's leaving!

Both: That's it!

They ran to him

Fuu2: Hold on, Yuuto-kun! We're coming too!

Both: Yeah!

So they went to the fair and they ride the scary tunnel and they are so scared, then Fuu2 and Fuu3 saw a Scary Monster, they scream like little girls, Yuuya laugh at them. Yuuya tried to knock the toy and Fuu2 help him and they got a prize, then they're riding roller coaster, Fuu3 look so sick from the ride

Hours Later

Fuu2: Man, today was a blast!

Fuu3: Yeah, I'll never go to that roller coaster again, it make me lose my lunch.

Yuuto look sad

Fuu2: Yuuto-kun? What's with?

Fuu3: Why you look so Sad?

Yuuto: Nothing. I told you, it doesn't matter... None of this matters...

Fuu2: O-of course it matters! I'm on! Forget about studying... Don't you have any dreams?

Fuu3: Yeah, Yuuto. Do you have one?

Yuuto: There's nothing I want to do... I've given up.

He walk away depressed

Fuu2: Yuuto-kun!

Fuu3: Wait! Come back! Wait for us!

Then Okure has appeared

Okure: Remove yourself from this boy.

Fuu2: W-who are you!?

Okure: I'm the bringer of death. Demon Okure! I'm here to escort Yuuto Arima to the Afterlife!

Fuu3: You mean you gonna kill him!?

Fuu2: W-why!?

Okure: He said it himself, didn't he!? He has no aspirations for this life.

Fuu2: W-w-w-wait!!

Fuu3: You cannot do that!

Okure is following him and he destroyed the belt

Okure: Okure, Okure...

Fuu2: Cut it out!!

Fuu3: Get him!

They are dodging his attack, and then he's angry so he left, they are so relief and they got Freak out, Because Okure is open the Manhole

Okure: Okure, Okure!

They are going to put it back or else Yuuto will die

Fuu3: Hurry!

Fuu2: Here goes...

They are putting it and they got Freak out because Okure open another Manhole

Okure: Okure, Okure!

They put it and they saw him open another one

Okure: Okure, Okure!

They put and he saw him doing another, they put it back and they look Exhausted

Okure: Time to get serious! Okure, Okure!!

He slash to the Sign to Yuuto

Fuu2: Look out!

They save him

Yuuto: Hey, wait...! What gives!?

Fuu2: Who cares!? Run for it! Quick!

Fuu3: He's gonna catch us!

Okure: Okure, Plus! Souls go to the Afterlife!!

They are dodging from the Debris

Fuu2: Over there!!

They use the Elevator and made it to the Top, Yuuto dodge it and he's gonna fall, but then Fuu2 and Fuu3 save him

Okure: Okure, Okure...

Yuuto: Who are you?!

Okure: Souls go to the Afterlife... Human souls with no purpose in life have no place in this realm.

Fuu2: You can!!

Fuu3: You can't take him to the Underworld!

Okure: Then tell me is there anything you want to do?

Yuuto look disappointed

Yuuto: No...

Fuu2: Yuuto-kun... Yuuto-kun! What about becoming a Manga Author!?

Fuu3: You always dream about it!

Fuu2: We saw it in your room. A book on how to draw Manga!

Fuu3: You want to become one, right?

Yuuto: I never going to become a Manga artist... I doesn't matter what i want! Mom and Dad would never approved!! They want me to get into a good school and do something respectable for a living! So there's nothing I want to do!

Fuu3: How could you say that to you're parents!?

Fuu2: That's not true, Yuuto-kun! Everyone just wants you to...

Then their peephole is Glowing

Both: I know!

Fuu2: Yuuto! Look through this hole! If you look through here's it'll show you the daily life of the person you're thinking of! Their normal, everyday life! Look at how your mom and dad normally are!

Fuu3: You have see it!

Yuuto: Why!?

Fuu2: Don't ask why! Just do it, please! Yuuto-kun!

So he has to do it, so he look to the Peephole and see his Parents

Yuuto's Mum: Welcome back, Yuuto.

Yuuto: Thanks.

He went to his room

Yuuto's Mum: That settles it! Im gonna make Yuuto's favorite Croquettes tonight!!

He saw his Mother making Croquettes

Yuuto: Mom.

Then another memory happen

Yuuto's Dad: We'll give it to him once his exams are over.

Yuuto's Mum: Yes.

He look at the Bag and he saw a Manga Kit

Yuuto's Dad: Do you think he'll like the Manga drawing kit?

Yuuto's Mum: I know he will. Although he did say he wanted to play soccer...

Yuuto's Dad: Did he now? He hasn't played it recently, but he still has his ball proudly ln display.

Yuuto's Mum: I see... Then maybe I should ask Yuuto what he wants to do.

Yuuto's Dad: ...But, I think we should give him some space for now.

Yuuto's Mum: Yeah... He's hard at work on his exams, after all.

Yuuto's: Well, either way... Whatever Yuuto wants to do, I'll support him.

Yuuto's Mum: Of course. As long as it makes him happy.

Yuuto's Dad: Yeah.

Yuuto is now crying

Yuuto: Dad... Mom... They were always...

Fuu2: This is what your parents' everyday life is really like! They spent every moment thinking of what's best for you! You have a dreams, don't you?

Fuu3: Do yo want to become a Manga Artist?

Yuuto: Yeah, I do!

Okure left and the boy saw this event

Minutes Later

Yuuto: I'm Back.

Yuuto's Mum: Welcome home! You were out late today.

Yuuto: Y-yeah! I spent a lot of time with my friends today! Oh man, I'm starving!

Yuuto's Mum: We're having hamburger steak tonight!

Then Fuu2 and Fuu3 are sparkling

Announcer: (Voice) Yokai Fuu2 and Fuu3! Your interference with human affairs has passed the restricted level. You are not no longer qualified to be a Yokai!

They disappeared

Yuuto: Fuu2? Fuu3?

They are falling

Announcer: (Voice) As punishment, you are hereby ordered to become an average human and live a totally unremarkable life!!

Then they both wake up

Whisper: Boys!! Thank goodness!!

Keita: I'm back to normal!

Ryder: Yeah! I'm a human again!

????: Hey, you. Take this.

He gave Keita a Medal

Keita: What's this?

Ryder: A Yokai Medal? But... Who was he?

End Story 1

Whisper: (Narrating) Do you have one? A true friend with whom you can talk about anything... A friend who you can truly confide in is a rare thing indeed! To the protagonist of this tale, that friend is...! Could it be...? A Yokai...

Story 2 has begin

In the City

Jibanyan and the Paw Patrol wake up

Jibanyan: Huh? Where are we, nyan?

Chase: I don't know.

Jibanyan: Did we get flung away by a car again?

Rocky: No, Jibanyan.

Then Robonyan F-Type has appeared

Robonyan F-Type: No, if only it were that simple.

Marshall: Robo-Dog?

Robonyan F-Type: I'm a cat.

Marshall: Oh, sorry. I though you were him.

Bushinyan: And may I ask just what you are doing here?

Jibanyan: Bushinyan?

Bushinyan: And may I ask just what you are doing here?

Jibanyan: Bushinyan? What's going on?

Robonyan F-Type: I do not know, but something's definitely off...

Rubble: Why's that?

Robonyan F-Type check the year and it was

All: 2023!? Inconceivable!

Jibanyan: We're in the Future, nyan!

The Boy is look at them on top of the building


Everyone is designing some dresses

Woman: Emi! Can you move that over here?

Emi: Right! I've always dreamed of working in the fashion industry. But it's a more difficult job than I could've ever imagined...

Woman: What are you doing!? This is the wrong material! Did you hear what I said?

Emi: But this is what Chiaki-senpai said to...

Woman: Excuse me? Are you saying I made a mistake?

Emi: Not, not at all...

Woman: That will be all!

Woman 2: Emi! Could we get some help over here, too?

Emi: Of course! But I have a dream of making cloths I love and bringing a smile to everyone's faces! I've gotta work my hardest!

That night

Emi: I got yelled at again today...

And then something following her and it was Jibanyan

Jibanyan: What's happening, nyan? Emi-chan seemed kind of sad just Nyaow... 

Zuma: I wonder what happen to her?

Robonyan F-Type: This is unjust workplace bullying. She's given an unreasonable amount of wood and the hardest assignment to boot!

Bushinyan: I concur.

Skye: What should we do now?

Jibanyan: Then it's time to put "Operation Make Emi Happy, Nyan!!" Into Action!!

All: Ranya!

Jibanyan's Splendiferous Plan

Next Day

Woman: Emi, can you come over here?

Emi: What? 30 Boxes!?

Woman: You can carry that much, can't you? You're young, after all...

Emi: G-got it!

Minutes later

Woman 3: Is everything alright? Should I help?

Emi: Nah... I mean, it was me she asked to do it.

Woman 3: But all by yourself?

Emi: I'll figure it out somehow!

She went to the storage

Emi: Um... Let's see...

She saw many boxes

Emi: Is THIS it!? Oh well... Here goes nothing!

She carried many boxes

Emi: 29 to go...

Then she saw a Huge Cart

Emi: Woah, it's huge! I don't remember a cart like this around... But now I might only need one trip! Alright, I'll be borrowing this!

It was Jibanyan, the Paw Patrol, Bushinyan who gave her the huge Cart

Emi carried it and it's getting lighter and it was Robonyan F-TEmi:ype who help her

Emi: Huh? It just got lighter all of a sudden... 

She put all the boxes on the huge Cart

Emi: Hup! I made it! Man... Talk about a job well done!

Robonyan: Let's do it Paw Patrol! Wear this, Jibanyan!

He put it on his head

Emi: Alley-oop...

The Paw Patrol are using their Air Gear and they're gonna help her

Jibanyan: Here I go!

They help her push the Cart, then Jibanyan's head gear is going to fast

Jibanyan: Nya!? Nyanyanya what in the--

Then it's going too fast and they saw a Obstacle

Bushinyan: Obstacle Cleaving Slash!

He slash the Obstacle

Rocky: Another one!

Robonyan F-Type: Missile, fire!

He use a Missile to the Obstacle, Then they dropped all the boxes and look tired

Emi: What just happened...

Robonyan F-Type: Mission Failed.

Chase: That really hurt.

Marshall: Try not to do that Again.

That night

Emi: I really blew it today...

Woman 3: It's unlikely you to make a blunder like that!

Emi: I can't believe myself.

Woman: Don't worry, Emi. The bosses are only hard on you because they know you have talent.

Emi: Oh, you're just saying that!

Woman 3: No, it's true! Emi, you need to be more confident!

Emi: I wonder... Still, lately I've been feeling like i should jus give up on being a designer...


Emi: What an adorable outfit! Akamaru, I want to be a clothing designer one day! Then I can make all kinds of cool clothes! That's my dream!

Akamaru: Nya!

Flashback has ended

Emi: Akamaru... Are you happy up there in Heaven?

Next Day

Woman: Take care..

She hang up the phone

Woman: Unbelievable.. What's the problem, Chief?

Chief: Yamashita-san is out with a cold... And at the worst possible time!

Woman: What!? Then what are we going to do about the spring in-store display?

Chief: We'll just have to find else to fill in...

Woman: Oh, I see... Hey, I know! How about Emi?

Emi: Huh?

Woman: She's been working really hard lately!

Chief: You're right, good thinking. Emi, you're in charge of the outfits for the in-store display.

Emi: Natsumi...

Jibanyan and the others are watching them

Jibanyan: Yes! Our Plan is a success!

Chase: What do you think happen?

Robonyan F-Type: Yesterday we broke a fountain and made that lady catch a cold.

Skye: How did you do that?

Buchinyan: And who was the clever Cat who cut the fountain? Well, I'm the one who suggested it in the first place!

Marshall: Man, you're good.

Jibanyan: You two did an awesome job! Good work, men!

At the Mall

Chief: The client needs the changeover done ASAP. Do you think you can handle it, Emi?

Emi: Yes! Gotta give it my best! I'll put together 12 great outfits for these mannequins.

Natsumi: That's the spirit, Emi!

Emi: Keep a Cool head, Emi. You can do this!

Jibanyan: This is Emi's big moment. Are you guys really!?

Robonyan F-Type: Naturally.

Bushinyan: My technique is without flaw!

Marshall: Okay!

Rocky: Time to do it!

Chase: Right!

Zuma: Sure. Let's do it!

Rubble: Let's help her with all those Mannequins.

Skye: Time to get Fabulous!

Emi: Well, let's get started!

Both: Yes, ma'am!

They picking so Clothes

Emi: First, we'll dress the mannequins with the outfits we've coordinated.

Woman: Roger!

Natsumi: O.K.!

They put some clothes to the Mannequins, the Jibanyan and the Paw Patrol cannot put the Clothes in the Mannequins right and they fell off, Then Emi and the girls saw the mannequins drop

Emi: What?

Buchinyan can't put it right then he slice the Mannequins, Robonyan can't put it right, then he got blind from the clothes and wreck the shop, the Chief saw what happens to the store

Chief: What's happening?

She saw the shop look wreck

Chase: Robonyan, again?

Robonyan F-Type: W-what a gaffe...

Chief: Emi... I expected better from you...

Emi: I'm very sorry.

Hours later

Woman: Emi... I'm sorry I couldn't be any help...

Emi: Don't be. I was the one they entrusted the job to, after all.

She walk off

Emi: I guess I really am just useless... All I do is cause people problems.

Then she saw a Scarf blowing away

Emi: Isn't that one of our scarves?

She went after it and saw an old lady

Emi: Are you okay, miss!?

Old Lady: Water... I need water...

Minutes later

Old Lady: You saved me... 

Emi: Thank goodness. You really have ma a scare, miss! You need to be careful.

Old Lady: You're right. Thank you. I always forget water to take my medicine with...

Emi: It's a good thing you weren't hurt!

Old Lady: Forget about me, you looked like you were in a rush, yes?

Emi: Oh, right!

She show her the Scarf

Old Lady: Wow, a Scarf! 

Emi: Isn't it lovely?

Old Lady: It's a Scarf we made at our company.

Emi: Your Company? I work at a western fashion design development!

Old Lady: Really, is that so! That's sounds like such fun.

Emi: It is fun! It's a lot of fun! I love clothes so much, you see!

Old Lady: But I bet it's a difficult job, too. 

Emi: It's my dream to become a clothing designer and make everybody happy!

Old Lady: What a wonderful dream!

Emi show her design

Emi: My design are still a bit on the rough side, but one day I want to make something like this!

Old Lady: Really! I bet you'll be a designer in no time!

Emi: ...But, it seems like I'm always screwing up... For me, being a designer is still just a fantasy. Oh! I'm sorry.. You probably don't want to listen to this.

Old Lady: If its you, I think everything will turn out wonderfully. Well, I ought to be going. Thanks again!

Emi: No problem.

She left

Emi: What am I doing bragging about myself like that. Not one thing has gone well for me... I should just give up.

Next day

Emi: Morning!

Chief: Emi, the chairman would like to speak with you.

Emi: What?

Natsumi: Did they hear about our screw-up yesterday!?

Chief: Im sorry.. She didn't Tel me anything either.

Natsumi: Emi...

Emi wen to see the Chairman

Emi: Pardon me...

She went to see the Chairman and it was the old lady from yesterday

Emi: Miss!?

Old Lady: You really helped me out yesterday. I owe my life to you!

Emi: I-I wouldn't go that far... I was only...

Old Lady: I called you so I could repay the favor.

Emi: Hm?

Old Lady: Someone as genuine as you is rare these days. I can tell your passion. I'm going to give you an opportunity to be showcased in our next Young Designers' Collection.

Emi: What?

Old Lady: Now you're an honest-to-goodness fashion designer! We'll be counting on you.

Jibanyan: We did it!

Robonyan F-Type: I'm the one who carried the scarf!!

Bushinyan: I'm the one who came uo with the idea!

Chase: Wow!

Marshall: You did it!

Jibanyan: You two are the best, nyan! We should celebrate with a chocobar party!

Chase: Um... Except for us!

Jibanyan: Why?

Marshall: Dogs don't eat Chocolate.

Rocky: They'll get poison from that.

Jibanyan: Okay.

Emi: I'm sorry, but I can't accept it.

They heard what she said

Old Lady: What do you mean?

Jibanyan: W-why, nyan!?

Old Lady: Do you not want to be a designer?

Emi: I do... But me being singled out like this man's someone else is going to be excluded. I don't want that! I'm flattered by the gesture, but I have to refuse your offer. I want to become a designer in my own merits. Because this is something I've been working for for such a long time...

Old Lady: I understand. You should do this on your own terms. Keep up that effort!

Emi: Yes, Ma'am!

Jibanyan: Emi-chan?

Hours later

Emi: I can't believe I was going to quit... I really am...

Jibanyan: Nyaa... Why did you turn it down, nyan!? All that planning for nothing!

Chase: You have cheer up, Jibanyan.

Robonyan F-Type: I simply cannot understand.

Bushinyan: I'm inclined to agree...

Emi: Akamaru? That's you... Isn't it, Akamaru?

Marshall: Wait... Did she saw you?

Jibanyan: Shock! I've been spotted, nyan! But... How can she see me, nyan?

Emi: I can see you an your new friends.

She saw him and his new friends

Emi: Just Barely, the... Akamaru... I thought I'd never see you again...

He look so happy

Jibanyan: Emi-chan!

Emi: All that weird stuff earlier was because of you and yoir friends, wasn't it's Akamaru?

Chase: Huh!

Marshall: What?!

Rubble: Uh-oh!

Skye: Busted.

Rocky: This is not good!

Jibanyan: Shock!!

Emi: What are you doing all these things I never asked you to!?

Jibanyan: I'm Sorry, nyan... All I wanted to do was help Emi-chan z nyan...

Emi: Testing by on other's help doesn't make me happy at all!

Jibanyan: Emi-chan... I understand, nyan.

He look sad

Jibanyan: I won't do them anymore, nyan..

Then she hug him

Emi: Akamaru.. I missed you so much.. Thank you.. for coming to see me..

Jibanyan: Emi-channnn! I missed you tooooo!

They look happy and now they have tear of happiness

Emi: Akamaru... Thank to you, I Realized... I was so focused on my job that... I lost sight of so many things... So many.. precious things...

Jibanyan: Emi-chAan...

Emi: Akamaru! I just have one favor to ask!

Jibanyan: Nya?

They are riding bikes together

Bushinyan: That looks like fun...

Chase: Really? I think you're right about this.

Emi: I just remembered, Akamaru. How I felt back then. I wasn't afraid of anything back then. I felt like all my dreams would come true. How long had I forgotten...? I'm going to try my best, Akamaru.

End 2nd Story

Whisper: Well, then, time for our next tale, nyan! No one has a bigger influence on your life than your mother and father, correct? Whether Human or Yokai, the love between a parent and their child is immense. And this story is about the love of a mother who could also be described as... Immense!

Somewhere in Sakura Town

Komasan: Komajiro, you've got to chew your food when eating, Zura!

Komajiro: Got it, Zura!

Arlene: Garfield, make sure you eat it properly.

Garfield: Well, Arlene. The viewers can see that.

Zoe: Now, boys. You have to finish you're food before going out.

Sunil: She's right.

Vinnie: Does every girls cook for breakfast?

Russell: Might have.

Nermal: Even for cute characters and cats like me and the chap who goes to Sakura Town

Vinnie: You should put that on your book.

Then a Yo-Kai Ninja has throw shruiken at Komasan's House and then it frightens everyone

Garfield: YIKES!

Arlene: Oh my gosh!

Nermal: Ack!

Vinnie: Oh my!

Sunil: What was that?!

Russell: Whoa!

Zoe: I don't know!

Minka: (Scream)

Pepper: Whoa!

Penny: Oh My!

EVE: Oh.



Komasan & Komajiro: Monge!

Komasan Returns Home

Komasan: W-what was that, Zura!?

Zoe: I don't know what it was.

Komajiro: It's a letter from Mom, Zura!!

Komasan: Really!? So the ninja finally brought it over...

Minka: Really, what's it say?

Komajiro: Dear Komasan and Komajiro: How are you? Your mother isn't doing so well, Zura...

They look shock

Komajiro: But don't worry, Zura! No need to come and give her a get-well visit or anything. *Cough, cough, cough* Love, mom.

Komasan: Mom!

Komajiro: I think she really wants us to move back to the country...

Komasan: Everyone! I'm going home, Zura! Back to the Yo-Kai World!

Garfield: Right now? I didn't finish my breakfast.

Komajiro: Brother...

Minutes Later

They were at the Station, and they hop aboard the train to the Yo-Kai World

Komasan: I'm so worried, Zura... I'm so worried, Zura.

Zoe: Chil out, will ya?

Komajiro: Calm down, brother!

Komasan: Mom...

They get off the train and climb the Stair to reach their mother's place and they look exhausted for climbing up the stairs

Komajiro: We're finally here, Zura..

Garfield: Even if I get tired from stairs, I don't want to do that again.

They heard a noise

Komasan: That noise, Zura.

Komasan & Komajiro: It's mom, Zura!!

They went inside

Komasan& Komajiro: Mom!!

Koma Mom: Komasan!! Komajiro!

Komasan & Komajiro: Moooom!!

They hugged her

Komajiro: We're back, Zura!!

Garfield: Whoa, she's is a fa-

EVE covered his mouth

Zoe: Say that to her is rude.

Koma Mom: Welcome home, Zura! I'm so glad you came!!

Komasan: You look like you're doing well, mom!

Koma Mom: Yes, I'm doing wonderfully, Zura! I'm so sorry I lied to you, hon. There's actually something I wanted to tell you, Zura!

Sunil: What will that be?

Komasan: What is it, Zura?

Koma Mom: The truth is... Youhaveanewbabybrotherzura!!

Pepper: I don't get it?

Arlene: What do you say?

Komasan: Come again, Zura?

Koma Mom: She, the truth is, you have a new... Babybrotherzura!!

They didn't know what she said

Komasan: I don't understand, Zura!!

Komajiro: Speak more clearly, Zura!

Koma Mom: Well, you see... You two have a new baby brother!

All: What!!

Komasan & Komajiro: Monge~!!

Komasan: A baby brother!? A baby brother!?

Koma Mom: Yup! His name is Komasaburo, Zura!

Komasan: Komasaburo?

They heard a Cry and it turns out that their Baby brother is a human

All: What!!!

Komasan & Komajiro: Monge~!!!

Koma Mom: "Monge" is right! Isn't he the cutest? But, he doesn't drink much milk at all... And his mood's been awfully foul, zura...

Vinnie: But he's a Human.

Komajiro: He's right. This baby is a human, Zura!

Koma Mom: Human? There's no way that's possible, Zura. After all, he's just precious!

Sunil: How come it's here?

Komajiro: Where in the world did he come from, Zura?


Koma Mom saw a Boy put the baby down

Koma Mom: He was a gift from the gods!

Komajiro: But no matter how you look at it, this kid's a human!

Koma Mom: What?

Russell: He mean this isn't a Yokai.

Komasan: His real mother must be worried sick...

Koma Mom know what he mean and she saw Komasaburo gone?

Koma Mom: Komasaburo?

They saw him up there

Koma Mom: Please, get down from there!

Komasan: He's going to fall, Zura!

He, EVE and Sunil are gonna catch him


Sunil: Russell! Be careful!

Komasan: Brother!

Koma Mom: Watch out, Zura!

Garfield: Watch out!

Komasan: Monge~!!

Komasan, EVE, Russell are pulling the board and then Komasaburo fell off

Komasan: Monge!!

Russell: Oh no!

Zoe: I can't watch.

Then Koma Mom save him and then Komasaburo went up higher

Komasan: MONGE!!!

Odie: (Barking)

Komajiro: He's ended up ever higher!

Koma Mom: It's because my skin's been so supple lately!

Komasaburo went up higher and even higher, Komasan, Russell and EVE are gonna save him, but then Komasan and Russell fell off

Komajiro: Brother!

Sunil: Russell!

Koma Mom save them

Russell: Phew, that was close.

Komasan: Thanks, Zura.

Then Komasaburo is on a Coo Coo Bird and it's strike 3:00

Komasan: Monge!! Wait for me, Zura!

Then a Boy just summon a Yokai and then they heard a stomping noise

Komajiro: What was that, Zura?

Minka: Over there!

They saw a Giant Yokai

Komasan: What's that, Zura!?

Komajiro: It's Daidara Bochi, Zura!!

Pepper: Look!

It suck Komasaburo

All: (Scream)

Komasan & Komajiro: MONGE!!

Daidara Bochi: I have... THE HUMAN!!

Then it's destory the clock

Komajiro: This has gone from bad to worse, Zura!

Penny: How are we gonna save him?

Komasan: What should we do, Zura?!

Koma Mom: You have to pull Komasaburo out, Zura!!

Komajiro: Pull him out?

Minka: How can we do that?

WALL-E, Komasan and Sunil saw something shining

Komasan: Something's shining, Zura! He must be there, Zura!

He, WALL-E, Garfield and Sunil are going up there to save him

Russell: Sunil!


Arlene: Garfield!

Komajiro: Brother!

Then it destroy the rest of the tower and then Komasan, Sunil, Garfield and WALL-E fell off

Koma Mom: Leave it to me, Zura!

She help them up

Komasan: Thanks, mom!

They made it up

Komasan: There it is! Hold on, Komasaburo!

Sunil: We're coming!

They are gonna reach and they made it and they're gonna pull it out

Komasan: We're coming to save you, Zura!

They are pull it out

Komasan: Komasaburo! We're get you back, Zura!

They did it and they save Komasaburo, Daidara Bochi is back to normal

Komajiro: They did it! Everything is back to normal, Zura!

Arlene: Good job, Garfield!

Russell: You're the Best, Sunil!

Hours later

Komajiro: Mom...I don't think Komasaburo understand you, Mom... I think you're just too big, Zura...

Komasan: So it's probably better if he...

She look sad

Koma Mom: Then this is goodbye, Zura... Komasaburo... I hope your real mother loves you so much as I do, Zura... Hurry, take him away, Zura!

She look away and then Komasaburo hugged her

Komasaburo: Mom.. Mama...

Koma Mom: Komasaburo!

She feel so happy

Komasan: He understand, Zura!

Komajiro: Thank goodness!

They look happy and they cry, then the boy is look at them

Koma Mom: Komasaburo... You're definitely my child, alright!

They look shock for what she said

Koma Mom: I'm going to raise you up good, Zura!

All: What!!

Komasan & Komajiro: Monge!!

Komasan: Y-you can't do that, Zura!

Komajiro: Mom...

End 3rd Story

Whisper: (Narrating) A present from the heart is truly the best kind. Here, this is a present for you. What's this? You can't see it? That's right! Not all presents are visible in plain sight... Even "that" present.. The most famous present in the world...

In Sakura Town

Inaho: This is like magic! With this, even Space Aristocrat Etranzel coming to visit me wouldn't seem out of the ordinary! And he'd say "I could wish for no greater Christmas present than being with you tonight."

Alex: This is awesome, guys!

Everest: I know.

Timmy: I love this holiday.

Phineas: Today's gonna be the best Christmas ever.

Spongebob: Christmas who?

Danny: It's a holiday, SpongeBob. You know.

Jimmy: Even my life would be happy for Christmas.

USApyon: I have one, Dani. If it's a Christmas present you want, I have one right here, Dani.

All: What'd you just say!?

USApyon: Check it out!

They saw a sack of Presents

Inaho: Whoa! What's this!? Awesome! But why all this!?

USApyon: You see, I'm actually a stand-in for Santa this year, Dani!

Inaho: A Stand-in for Santa!? Are you playing dress up!? Haha!

Carl: That's funny.

Sheen: (Laugh) You look funny!

USApyon: You're wrong, Dani! Santa's very busy delivering presents around the globe! That's why I'm.. helping him deliver presents, Dani!

Timmy: This is my first time to have Yo-Kai Watch from you, USApyon. My friends AJ and Chester didn't believe me.

Flashback has started

Timmy: Guys! I'm telling you! Yo-Kai are real!

AJ: It's a myth, Timmy.

Chester: Besides everyone thinks that Yo-Kai are just fairy tales.

Timmy: They're not Fairy Tales! They are real!

AJ: Whatever. I'm going home. After all, Youkai are not real.

Timmy: If you don't believe me. I'll get one on my own.

Hours later

Timmy: What do you mean you can't bring Yokai to me?

Wanda: Sorry, Timmy. We cannot bring a Yokai to you. Because we didn't saw one before. And the only way for you see a Yo-Kai is to get a Yo-Kai Watch. And we can't find one... Which is bad.

Cosmo: It's not like you just wish for a watch like that.

Timmy: Then I wish I have a Yo-Kai Watch!

Wanda: Sorry, but we don't have it because...

Timmy: I know, Youkai's have one with them... Which is, of course.

Wanda and Cosmo transformed into a Yo-Kai Watch

Wanda: Bad.

Then turn back into a Fairy

Sparky: Is there any rumours or Weird stuff happening?

Timmy: Yes. In Sakura Town. I have a Friend name Inaho and she's so nerdy to me and she told me about weird stuff happening in town.

Wanda: Let's go talk to her.

Timmy: Why?

He Realize what they mean

Timmy: Oh no! No way! There is no way we're going to-

Minutes later

They were on the Airplane to go to Sakura Town

Timmy:... See Inaho.

Flashback has ended

Cosmo: And that's why we came to Sakura Town and Meet Inaho and USApyon. And I like her so much!

Jimmy: (Sigh) Cindy and Libby who laugh at me about Yo-Kai.

Flashback has started

Jimmy: I'm telling you, Youkai were real!

Both: (Laugh)

Cindy: Youkai? You must have unlimited rice pudding in your head, Nutron.

Jimmy: Cindy! I'm telling the truth!

Libby: (Laugh) Please do you think you could find one for us?

Jimmy: I'll prove it to you, girls!

Hours later

Jimmy: Carl, Sheen. I want you to come with me. Because we're heading to Sakura Town!

Carl: I hope there's Llamas in that town.

Sheen: Maybe there's Ultralord here.

Jimmy: Nope, not Ultralord or Llama. I have been researching about Yo-Kai and they were located in Sakura Town many strange stuff that's happening in town, so we have to go there and find one. And I'll prove Cindy and Libby that they are real.

Sheen: If they are... I wonder if Ultralord is a Yo-kai too! I really want to meet him!

Carl: Hmm... Well, okay. Let's go to Sakura Town!

Jimmy: Then let's go there!

???: Wait!

It was Cindy and Libby

Cindy: Where are you Boys going?

Jimmy: To Sakura Town.

Libby: And why don't you invite us?

Jimmy: Because it's for boys not for girls.

Cindy: What!? But we want to Sakura Town!

Jimmy: And why do you want to go to that town for?

Libby: Becuase we want to see some People and Music!

Cindy: Even the city and all the fashion we can have! So we have to go there! Or you feel the wrath of Vortex.

Jimmy: Alright. Alright. You can come.

Flashback has ended

Jimmy: I can't believe I let her come with me.

Spongebob: Same as me. Mr Krab didn't believe me too.

Flashback has started

Spongebob: But Mr Krabs I'm telling you, Yo-Kai are real!

Mr Krab: I don't know anything of this Yo-kai nonsense.

Spongebob: But I'm serious, Mr Krabs. And I know Yokai is exist.

Squidward: If you can't see, hear or feel this "Yo-kai", it doesn't exist.

Spongebob: But-

Mr Karbs: No buts! Now get back to work.

Spongebob: Yes, Mr Krabs.

Hours later

Spongebob: Patrick, Sandy. I can't believe, Mr Krabs didn't believe about Yo-Kai. Even Squidward is.

Patrick: Is the Flying Dutchman a Yo-kai?

Spongebob: No, Flying Dutchman is not a Yo-Kai, he's a Ghost.

Patrick: You think there's Yo-kai here?

Sandy: Those were just kids who dress up for Halloween.

Spongebob: (Sigh) If only I can find one somewhere. But I guess it will never happen.

Sandy: I think I got something. (looks at her notepad) There's some Yo-kai activity at a city called Sakura Town.

Spongebob: Sakura Town? But that place is from the Surface in Japan. And we cannot breath as a Sea creatures and Jimmy can't help us, because I cannot contact him.

Sandy: I think you need some water helmets.

Spongebob: Not enough for us.

Sandy: I got some more from the mail.

Spongebob: Okay. And I'll get Squidward and Mr Krabs. And I'll prove them that they are real!

Flashback has Ended

Timmy: I didn't know you believe in Yo-kai, SpongeBob.

Spongebob: Yes, I am.

Danny: (Sigh) My Parents didn't believe me too.

Flashback has started

Danny: Mom! Dad! You know what I said to you, Youkai are real!

Jack: Yeah. I have no idea.

Danny: Mom?

Maddie: No clue, Danny.

Danny: I give up. I'm going to School.

Hours Later

Danny: And my parents didn't know what a Youkai is.

Sam: Oh my.

Tucker: Is the Ghost Zone from the Yo-kai world?

Danny: Tucker. The Ghost Zone is not from the Youkai World.

Danny: I wish we can find some Youkai's somewhere.

Tucker: I think there are. In a town called Sakura Town.

Danny: Sakura Town? That city is from Japan. And my ghost power cannot take me there with you guys. And I don't have a Passport, too.

Tucker: We could use the transporter.

Danny: Ok. Let's go.

Flashback has ended

Jimmy: Awesome story, Danny.

Phineas: My sister didn't believe me and Ferb.

Flashback has started

Phineas: Candace, Me and Ferb know that Yo-Kai exist.

Candace: Phineas, you and Ferb just made up about Youkai's stuff, and even though it just a fairy tales.

Phineas: Me and Ferb didn't made up, and Yo-Kai are not Fairy Tales. They are real.

Candace: Whatever. Just make some of your invention and I'll bust you.

Phineas: Well, I better go. Hey, where's Perry?

Perry went to his Lair and he look surprise to see, Pinky, Peter and Terry in his Lair then Major Monogram appeared on that screen

Major Monogram: Agent P, I brought Agent T, Agent Peter and Agent Pinky to help you on you're mission. And it's not about Doofenshmirtz. It's about what happen in Sakura Town in Japan.

He gave them a Passport to Sakura Town

Major Monogram: These are Passport to Sakura Town. I want you to give it your Owner's and their Friends to go Sakura Town and find out about what Youkai's are doing.

Carl: Go there and see if there's Yo-kai and not Pixie's and Fairies.

Major Monogram: Carl! You better stop reading those fairy tales. Anyway, good luck agents!

They saluted to him

Back to Phineas and Ferb

Phineas: Ferb, what should we do now? I know we don't see any Yokai here in Danville after Summer is Over. What should we do?

Then Perry came back with a Passport on his mouth

Phineas: Oh, there you are, Perry. What you got there?

He look at it and it was a Passport to Sakura Town

Phineas: Whoa! This is the Passport to Sakura Town! Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! Let's go Sakura Town! Let's get our friends first.

But they are Already here

Isabella: Hey, Phineas. Wha'cha Doin?

Phineas: Going Sakura Town. And we gonna tell you to come with us.

Isabella: Really? That's great. But I already have a Passport too.

Baljeet: Even me.

Baljeet: So am I.

Phineas: Alright, let's go ask our Parents to get to the Airport.

Flashback has ended

Phineas: I can't believe we got here for our vacation.

Alex: It's like I got a Passport back in Adventure Bay.

Flashback has started

A mysterious Silhouetted dog is putting a little package on this Door and knocked it and fly off, and Alex open the door and saw a Package

Alex: What's this?

He open it and he saw 3 Yo-Kai Watch U Prototype and three passport

Alex: I think I should tell the other pups.

He went to the Lookout

Alex: Hey, pups! I got something to show ya!

And he finds out nobody here at the Lookout

Alex: Hello? Anyone? Hmmm. They must have gone on a mission.

He Realize

Alex: Oh, I forgot. He and the other pups went on Vacation for 5 Months. Maybe I should give it Robo-Dog and Everest.

Flashback has ended

Alex: That's how I got here.

Tucker: Alright. Let's see which box we should pick.

Spongebob: I like this.

Patrick: I want the big one!

Alex: I want to open it.

Danny: Let's see which present it's mine.

Sam: Hope I know what's in it.

Sandy: Which one is mine?

Everest: I want to open it.

Timmy: I hope is Crash Nebula and Crimson Chin action figures!

Phineas: Ferb. Do you know which present is mine?

Inaho: Well, then don't mind if we just open this big one...

USApyon: Not yet, Dani! Actually... The truth is, I.... I... Hate Santa!

They all ignored him

Inaho: Wow, you don't say?

Sheen: Maybe, because you're on the naughty list like Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hey!

USApyon look so angry

Inaho: Muki!!! YES! Sailor Piers is getting a new anime adaptation!! Muki-!!

USApyon: Listen, Dani!! I was about to reveal my secret about how I came to hate Santa...

Inaho: What luck! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present if I tried!

USApyon look so angry

USApyon: You...!

He use Vader mode

Voice: Vader Mode!

He blast them with his Ray gun

Danny: Yikes!

Jimmy: Leaping leptons!

Timmy: Someone help me!?

SpongeBob: This is worst then Plankton's evil ray!

Alex: Inaho! Stop him! He's gone angry!

Inaho: AAH! We're listening, we're listening!!

Phineas: Please, calm down for a moment!?

USApyon: You see, when I was still among the living... Santa brought a gift food for the other rabbits in the shack that I lived in.

Inaho: Wow, even rabbits get Christmas presents?

Jimmy: I never thought of that.

USApyon: However... I didn't get ANY! That's why I hate Santa Claus!!

Alex: Wow, you sure have alot of temper.

USApyon: Yet... It's my duty to help out, and so I must...

Then he got an idea

USApyon: Oh, that's right, Dani! Guys, you should help deliver presents, too!

All: WHAT?!

USApyon's Merry Christmas

Danny: I can't believe we have to do this.

Timmy: I just wish those Present would be send to all the kids.

Wanda: Sorry, Timmy. It's against the Rules.

Spongebob: I want to see Santa, not being a like Santa. Plus, he is kinda nice. But I don't want to be large like Patrick.

Patrick: Hey!

Spongebob: Sorry.

Jimmy: This is not my first day to do this.

Inaho: I've nearly committed the delivery route to memory already... I'm a terrifying force..


USApyon: Guys, it's time to go!

He's on a Sleigh ride

Phineas: Whoa! Is that a Sleigh ride?

Inaho: What was THAT!? It's floating! Amazing! I can't beleive I'm seeing real flesh-and-blood Christmas reindeers!! This... Is it...? It's an Anti-Gravity flying spacecraft!

USApyon: It's a Sleigh, Dani!

They look excited

Danny: Alright, let's give those Present to them!

Inaho: Okay, I'm pumped up now!

USApyon: Then let's get a move on, Dani!

Inaho: Yeah, Let's!

Spongebob: Let's go!

USApyon: LET'S Go!

All: Onward!!

Inaho: Yaaay!

Minutes later

USApyon is waiting for them

USApyon: For goodness' sakes... What could they possibly need to do at a place like this?

They left the mall

Danny: We're back!

Spongebob: And look at Inaho!

Inaho: Ta-daaaah! Look at my Santa costume!

USApyon: We don't have time for that!

Jimmy: Alright, let's deliver to all the kids.

Inaho: Yeah, yeah. Let's go!

They deliver all the Present to the kids

USApyon: This is our last stop!

They went inside the room and saw a Letter

USApyon: Alley-oop! What is it, Dani?

Jimmy: Look.

USApyon: Dear Santa, I don't need any presents.

Inaho: What's that supposed to mean?

USApyon check his Yo-Kai Pad

USApyon: What? There's not presents on the list... That's strange, Dani...

Inaho: As Members of the InaUsa Detective Agency, it is imperative that we crack this case!

Timmy: Okay! Let's solve this!

USApyon: What? You mean right now, Dani?

Inaho: A picture of his mother right beside his pillow! A map to the hospital! And... A letter addressed to his mother!

Everest: What was that about?

Carl: I don't know.

Inaho: Hmmm...

Sam: Well, we have to do something for that-

Boy: Santa?

They all Realize he has awakened

Sam: Boy.

Inaho: Oh, er, um, you see, this is just..

Boy: Santa! Santa... I already told you, I don't need any presents! I don't want any! I just want my mom to get better! So go home! GO Home!

Danny: Stop it!

Spongebob: What it's you're Problem!

USApyon: We're not going anywhere, Dani!

Phineas: If you want to see you're mother, come with us!

Boy: Huh?

Minutes later

They take him to his mother with their sleigh ride

USApyon: Away we go, Dani!

Phineas: Yahoo!

Inaho: Hey, USApyon, what's the big idea?

USApyon: Even if I can't make his mom better, there's one thing I can do, Dani!

Boy: Wow, it's snowing!

They made it to the Hospital and the boy see his mother

Woman: T-Takayuki!?

Takayuki: Mama...

Woman: What are you doing here!? How did you get here!? Did you come all by yourself?

Takayuki: Santa brought me here.

Woman: Santa? Where are Papa and Grandma? They must be worried sick about you!

Then the boy is Crying

Takayuki: Mama! Mama... Please don't go away! Please don't die!!

Woman: Takayuki... Don't be silly. Didn't I tell you it wws just a little hospital visit? There's nothing to be so worried about.

Then the boy feel better

Woman: You see? So don't you try anymore. Okay?

Takayuki: Uhm... I made a wish to Santa this year! I told him I don't need any presents, so to hurry up and make Mama better! So please, Mama... Please come back home soon! So you, and me, and Papa, and everyone... Can all be together again...

He cried and he's mother hugged him Inaho and her friends is watching them

Inaho: This is the best Christmas present ever...

Sam: So happy for them to see them on Christmas.

USApyon: Our work here is done, Dani...

Jimmy: Yup.

Then something Shaking from their sleigh and it was a Giant Santa Yokai

Santa: I've been watching you.

All: (Scream)

Spongebob: Giant!

Patrick: Whoa, he's big! And you know what, maybe I should stop catching Yokai, instead I'll hunting some jellyfish and snowflakes.

Inaho: It's all over! The dark lord has come to reap the souls of the living!

Alex: Um... Are you talking about Hades from the Underworld?

Inaho: Nope.

USApyon: Wait, are you, Santa?

Santa: USApyon, correct? You broke one of the rules, you know...

USApyon: W-wait, you've got it all wrong. Dani! I didn't give him a present, Dani! I was just playing a trick, Dani!

Santa: Then I guess there's nothing for it. I'll look the other way just this once.

Inaho: Did he just get bigger?

Alex: How should I know?

Phineas: Me and my friends meet him in Danville, but he doesn't look like that.

Spongebob: I met him in Bikini Bottom since Plankton make those Yummy Fruitcakes to everyone in town.

Jimmy: Me, Sheen and Carl met him when we were falling to our Doom.

USApyon: More importantly, why did you give everyone but me presents that one time!? I waited and waited, but I got nothing!

Santa: Well, you just seems so happy already... You seemed so happy that night, I didn't think that you needed one.

Flashback has started

The scientist is chasing the paper for his project, then Santa is use hand to the paper and it landed to the Rabbit Pen

Hyuuri: Wait! Wait!

And he saw USApyon

Hyuuri: Come with me. You've got a bright future ahead.

Flashback has ended

USApyon: T-then the person who let me meet Professor that night was...

Santa: That Santa stand-in said the same thing as you did... "I didn't give him a present, I swear!" If I recall, he's put put in white a bit of weight since then...

USApyon: I knew it, Dani! Thank you, Santa!

Santa: Merry Christmas!

He disappeared and the boy is watching the event and he disappeared too

All: Merry Christmas, USApyon!

USApyon: Merry Christmas, Dani!

Sam: It's time for us to go home.

Inaho: Well, shall we?

USApyon: You know it, Dani!

All: Huh?

Inaho: Hey, now that you mention it, we didn't get any presents!

USApyon: I forgot, Dani!

Timmy: You what!?

Jimmy: Seriously!?

Spongebob: Barnacles!

Danny: Why you forget about us!?

Phineas: How come you forgot about us?!

Inaho: Are you for real!?

USApyon: Fooled you, Dani!

Timmy: You Prank us!?

Jimmy: That's it's not nice to do that!?

Alex: Now you're gonna be on Santa's Naughty list.

Inaho: Oh, I see! Then this must be it!

They removed USApyon's helmet

USApyon: Hey, give me back my helmet!

Inaho: Oh, it's not? Then for it goes.

Everest: Say goodbye to you're Helmet!

Danny: Yeah. See you later.

Jimmy: We could throw this away to somewhere else and no one will know.

Sandy: Perfect. Another helmet for my collection.

Phineas: That's cool.[notices Perry] Oh. There you are, Perry.

Baljeet: That should do it [Noticed Terry the Turtle] Oh, I found you, Terry.

Isabella: This is fun [Noticed Pinky the Chihuahua] Oh, Pinky. I was wondering where you were.

Ferb: [Noticed Peter the Panda] Hey, Peter.

Baljeet: Um, did you named that Panda?

Ferb: What? He has a name. On his Collar.

Sam: What are we going to do with this fancy hat?

Timmy: We should throw it away.

Tucker: Yeah, guys. Let's throw it away.

USApyon: Don't throw it away, Dani!

End 4th Story

Whisper: (Narrating) Every world, not matter where, has a thing called hierarchies. Bosses and subordinates... Masters and pupils.... Kings and retainers... So on and so forth. And you... You'd never think of defying your mother, would you now? (Laugh) Now, the Heroes of this final tale will find themselves flouting these absolute laws! What will be the result...? Why don't you watch and see for yourself...

Story 5 has begin

At the Yo-Kai World

????2: How did it go?

???? 3: N-Nurarihyon-sama!?

????: King Enma has fallen ill.

Bowser: He has... What!?

All: It can't be!

???3: This is not a Trivial matter, nya!?

???: 2: What kind of illness is it?

Dedede: Tell us, mate.

Nurarihyon: The most dreaded malady of the human realm... One that can claim lives if treated lightly... It's name... Influenza type A!

Both: I-it can't be!

Crocker: You seriously?

Nurarihyon: As consequence, I, Nurarihyon, shall rule over the Yokai realm in Emma's place for the time being.

Mozenrath: Why's that?

Both: Any Questions?

Nurarihyon: To ensure that none impede King Enma's recovery, I hereby forbid you all entry into his chamber.

He close the door and walk off

Doofensmirtz: Hope this plan will work.

Bowser: Are you sure, we should win from those Heroes even Mario?

Auto: These heroes must be exterminated! But we do have good form.

Dedede: But how? Me and Bowser has been defeated from the Paw Patrol even Kirby and his friends.

Mirage: Once we finish this plan. We'll never be defeated from the Heroes.

Bowser: You sure? That Crocodile from Neverland is gonna find me here, he went into my Ship and now he's at the Yo-Kai World to eat me for his lunch. And even though (Sigh) I really hate him. Even since he followed me, he is going to find me here in the Yo-Kai World to get me.

Bowser Jr: Dad. It's alright. And he'd have had you by now, dad.. if he hadn't swallowed that alarm clock. But now when he's about, he warns you as he might say with his tick-tock... Tick-tock, Tick-tock.

Then he hears Tick-Tock's ticking

Crocker: Oh no, you don't think.

Dedede: I don't know.

Plankton: Yes. That noise...

Doofensmirtz: Perry the Platypus?

Wario: (shaking) He.... He found us?....

Blowhole: My time is up. Game over man.

Calamitous: Oh dear... But where is he?

Chameleon: Look.

They look at the Window and they saw Tick-Tock the Crocodile

Bowser, Dedede, Blowhole, Mr Crocker, Calamitous, Wario, Plankton, Chameleon: (Scream)

Bowser: Junior! Save me!

Wario: Waluigi, please help me!

Calamitous: Come on, Beautiful! Make him go away!

Plankton: Karen! Please, get rid of him!

Dedede: Escargoon! Make him leave me alone!

Karen: Yes, Plankton.

Waluigi: Don't worry, I'll get rid of him.

Beautiful Gorgeous: (Sigh) Okay, okay. I'll do it.

Bowser Jr: Alright, dad. I'll get rid of him.

Escargoon: Alright, I'll get rid of him.

They are making the Crocodile go away

Bowser Jr: Go! Shoo! You're scaring my dad.

Beautiful Gorgeous: You need to leave now.

Waluigi: Here now. Shame on you for upseting my bro and his friends.

Escargoon: There be no hand-outs today. Go away and be back to Neverland.

Karen: Go on. Go.

Then the Crocodile is leaving

Bowser: Is he gone now?

Bowser Jr: Yeah, he's gone now.

Bowser: Phew! Thank goodness. Luckily that Octopus who was with that Crocodile is not here too. And there's no way I'll listen to that noise again

Then they heard a noise

Bowser: Strange?

Bowser: Guys... Listen.

They saw the Giant Octopus from Neverland

Bowser, Mr Crocker, Dedede, Blowhole, Chameleon, Plankton, Wario and Calamitous: (Scream)

Bowser: Sweet mother of Neptune! Not that again!

Dedede: First that Crocodile and now this!

Escargoon: That's okay, your majesty. He is just a little sea urchin.

Dedede: I swear, Escargoon. This is propelling me to delirium. I detest, Cephalopods.

Then a Tentacles give him a Handkerchief

Dedede: Thank you.

He blow his nose saw the Octopus Tentacles

Bowser, Mr Crocker, Dedede, Blowhole, Chameleon, Plankton, Wario and Calamitous: (Scream)

They ran into their hiding places

Bowser: Guys! Save us!

Bowser Jr: Oh boy, here we go again.

Waluigi: Oh man.

Beautiful Gorgeous: Alright, let's get this over with.

Escargoon: You brute, go on. Shoo, shoo. Leave the king Alone.

Karen: You have to make sure don't have to-

Then the Octopus squirt at them

Escargoon: (Deep Breath) Hmph! At least, that Crocodile have some manners.

The Octopus left with the Crocodile

Wario: Me and Bowser will have to go talk to Nurarihyon.

Bowser: Me and Wario will have to dress up. And this time! Mario, his friends and the Paw Patrol will never win from us.

Let's go to the Yo-Kai World

At Sakura Town

Keita: What!? You're going home!?

Ryder: Even you, Paw Patrol!?

Chase: Bye, Ryder.

Jibanyan: Thanks for everything, nyan...

Keita: Why!? For what Reason!? And where's home for you, anyway!?

Marshall: We won't tell you.

Jibanyan: Don't go looking for us, nyan...

Keita: W-wait, Whisper! Jibanyan's acting weird! Whisper!!

Ryder: What the heck is going on?

Whisper: I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Keita: What!? Not you too! What on earth happening!?

Whisper: Very important Yokai matters to which we must attend! I would never tell, even if I could! Verily!

Jibanyan: King Enma caught the flu from the humans, so he's barring all Yo-Kai Human contact, nyan...

Chase: Even for us, he know that we have a Power to become a Youkai.

Whisper: What did I just say!?

Keita: By Enma, do you perchance mean the one cuts your tongue out if you tell a lie?

Ryder: It's that true?

Whisper: Yes, that is the Enma of which I speak.

Jibanyan: He said all Yokai have to go back to the Yo-Kai World, nyan.

Keita: Just 'cause of a little flu?

Ryder: Why so bad about that?

Whisper: Yes! Enma is the King, the Boss, the Alpha and the omega of the Yokai World, so even the most negligible illness is a matter of grave concern!

Keita: But still, seriously, a flu? I guess Enma's a pretty simple guy!

Ryder: Yeah, and Beside. How bad can a flu get Enma ill?

Whisper: Dwaaaaugh!! Don't speak of such things!! If such a comment were to reach King Enma's ears, you'd be sentenced to 200 years inside a toy capsule for your insolence!

Keita: Well, either way, isn't their something we can do about this restriction on Yo-kai seeing humans?

Ryder: And there has to be, or else will never see the Powerline at the Concert.

Jibanyan: Who's he, nyan?

Ryder: The Famous Powerline. The biggest Rockstar on the Planet. I heard he's coming to Sakura Town at Night tomorrow.

Keita: We promise each other we should go there to see him.

Whisper: Well, speaking frankly, seeing as it's the order of someone so important, I highly doubt that there's anything that can be done...

????: You bet there is!

Whisper: Yes, there sure is. Wait. WHAT!?

It was Fuyunyan

Keita & Ryder: Fuyunyan!?

Jibanyan: Wow!

Fuyunyan: We have no choice but to negotiate with Enma's current substitute, Chairman Nurarihyon!

Whisper: Who gave you the right to make such a dashing entry?

Keita: What are you doing here?

Fuyunyan: Long time no see, Keita, Ryder, Paw Patrol, Jibanyan.

Jibanyan: It's been Ages, nyan!

Chase: We really miss you.

Fuyunyan: Due to the many changes in history caused by you and your friends. This and that and such and such happened, and now here I am. Straight to the point as usual... But forget that, there's no time! I'll explain later!

Keita: Huh?

Ryder: Why?

Jibanyan: What do you mean by negotiate?

Rocky: Why's that? 

Fuyunyan: I'm gathering allies who will assist in our efforts. I've already put out "Yokai Newsletter-Noticer"! It say to meet today at noon in front of the Hachiko Statue!

Hidabat: Here!

Whisper: But Chairman Nurarihyon is a being even more feared than King Enma himself! He's the shadow-don, the underboss, the Joker of the Yokai World! I bet everyone will be too petrified with fear to show up.

Keita: Nah, I think that's just you, Whisper!

Ryder: Yeah, you're the one who is scared.

Whisper: W-w-w-who said that I'm scared!? You're the scaredy-cat here, boys!

Then Jibanyan and the Paw Patrol scared him with a Scary Mask, and it make Whisper have a heart attack

Whisper: Zoinks!!

Jibanyan: You really are a scaredy-cat!

Chase: You seen the looks on your face!

Fuyunyan: Even though, I brought someone who was a partner to me a Yo-Kai one.

Chase: Really? Who?

Fuyunyan: Him.

It was Apollo the Super-pup

Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Zuma and Rocky: Apollo the super-pup!?

Fuyunyan: Are you ready, Apollo?

Apollo: Yes, partner. I am happy to do this thing.

Rocky: You and Fuyunyan are Partners!?

Fuyunyan: More like Best Friends.

Rocky: You were!?

Apollo: Yeah. A year ago, I saw you pups watching my Marathon. So I went into Rubble's Dream while you were sleeping.

Rubble: You were in my Dream? How?

Apollo: Baku, of course. I went inside of your dream to prove how strong you are. After that, you and your team have defeated the Spider King to save me and the Bunnies.

Rubble: Well, it's no problem.

Marshall: And you were a Yo-Kai? How did you die?

Apollo: Oh... Um... It's not a good Story about what happen to me.

Marshall: Alright.

Apollo: And this time, we have to meet our Allies at the Hachiko Statue.

Zuma: But where would it be?

Apollo: At Shibuya.

Ryder: Shibuya? I've been there before.... Yesterday.

Keita: You were?

Ryder: I was with a Boy. And he was Stubborn to me. Even though he vanished yesterday. I don't know what happen to him.

Chase: What's his name?

Ryder: His name is Neku Sakuraba.

Keita: Neku.... Sakuraba. Cool name.

Ryder: He's Stubborn, Selfish, Rude, unthoughtful Loner and he said to me " All the world needs me, and I got my value.... So you can keep yours, all right?" And for that, he doesn't get people.

Keita: Geez, what a stubborn boy.

Ryder: Yeah, he was. He wasn't so nice to me, and he didn't get along. And I just wish, he would be so compassionate, selfless and caring person.

Keita: You know where he is, Ryder?

Ryder: I have no idea, where he is. But anyway, we have to go there to meet our Allies.

Keita: Okay, let's go.

Minutes later

They are waiting for their allies at the Hachiko statue

Jibanyan: It's already way past noon, nyan...

Rocky: But where is our allies?

Whisper: Can you say "I told you so"?

Keita: Man, I have no idea Yokai were all such wimps...

Ryder: Me too.

Whisper: There you go painting all Yokai with the same brush! What was it you said? Yo-Kai are all wimps? I think that I, Whisper, am more than enough proof of the contrary! Wouldn't you agree?

Then Komasan, Garfield, Zoe, WALL-E and their Friends are here

Komasan: Sorry we're late, Zura!

Whisper: About time you showed up!

Chase: What took you so long?

Keita: Komasan! You're here!

Ryder: And who are they?

Garfield: Garfield. This is Arlene, Odie and Normal.

Zoe: I'm Zoe, this is Sunil, Russell, Vinnie, Minka, Penny and Pepper.



M-O: M-O.

Ryder: Wow, you have alot of friends, Komasan. Even those Robots.

Marshall: And where were you?

Komasan: There was a broken stoplight on the Yamanote line, so there was a huge delay, Zura! We brought a delay certificate to prove it, Zura!

All: Waugh!

Then USApyon, Everest and Robo-Dog appeared

USApyon: Did we keep you waiting, Dani? We did some run-up work on the Yo-Kai chibichibi Kumitate-ru engine so we could make a smashing entrance, Dani!

Everest: And it's great to see you, Ryder.

Ryder's: It's great to see you, but... Who's that Yo-Kai?

Whisper check his Yo-Kai Pad

Whisper: Uh... Are you, er... U-S-A-PYON?

USApyon: The Name's USApyon!

Whisper: A recent upstart in the Yo-Kai World, it seems.

USApyon look Angry

USApyon: Dani?!

Chase: Yikes, he has alot of temper.

USApyon: (Angry) What did you say?

Chase: Nothing.

Whisper: It says that you've been haunting obnoxious sci-fi otaku and her friends named Inaho Misora, Spongebob, Alex Porter, Danny, Timmy and Jimmy Neutron.

Ryder: Alex Porter is here!? But wait, who's Inaho, Spongebob, Jimmy, Danny and Timmy?

Inaho: Excuse Us?

They all met Inaho and her friends

Whisper: Huh?

Inaho: "Sci-fi Otaku"? I think that's a little off-base!

Ryder: Whisper, who are they?

Whisper: That's them! Inaho Misora-san! Spongebob! Danny! Jimmy and Timmy! Even with their friends.

Alex: It's great to see you, Ryder.

Inaho: Chi-watch! Chi-watch! Chiwa-tch! I don't even know what's happening anymore... I regard myself as an Otaku of all disciplines! I go absolutely mad for anime and idol's, genre be darned!

Whisper: Er...

Inaho: Are you perchance the super famous Yokai Master, Keita Anamo-sama? Even you, Ryder. Are the super famous hero of the Paw Patrol.

Ryder: W-we are?

Keita: W-we're famous?

Inaho: As a person, you are staggeringly acetate, and yet now you have one single defining characteristic that being the ability to befriend Yokai! Apart from that, you are almost unbelievable mediocre every respect! It's so unexpected that it's awesome! Out-of-this-world amazing!

Keita:... You're totally making fun of me and Ryder, aren't you?

Ryder: Because that's not very nice.

Inaho: I wouldn't dream of it!

Both: Hmph!

Apollo: Anyhow. I got some allies for you.

He brought, Kirby, Mario, Fox, Dudley, Kirby, Skipper, Zim and their friends

Ryder: Whoa, there's alot of People that we don't know. Except Mario, Kirby and Their Friends.

Zim: I'm Zim! And this is Gir.

Fox: The Names Fox McCloud. This is Krystal, Peppy, Falco and Slippy.

Dudley: I'm Dudley, this is Kitty, Keswick and the Chief.

Skipper: I'm Skipper, this is Kowalski, Rico and Private.

Ryder: Great to meet you. Man, I rather be with Neku, instead of them.

Apollo: Great to see you, Perry.

Phineas: Huh? How did you know Perry?

Apollo: Oops! I must have revealed their Secret.

Phineas: What Secret?

Apollo: (Sigh) I guess I have no choice.

Phineas: What's going on?

Apollo: You were, you're pets.... They... Are... Secret Agent from the OWCA!

Phineas: What? You mean...

Perry, Pinky, Terry and Peter put on their hats

Phineas: You're a Secret agent?

They nodded

Phineas: You're a secret agent?! And you've been living with us this whole time? Was that Yo-Kai right? Were we just your cover story? Were you ever really our pet or part of our family?(Perry looks down, depressed) Apparently not, cause you didn't trust us enough to tell us. Anyone else here leading a bizarre double life? (Ferb raises his hand) Put your hand down, Ferb. (Ferb lowers it) You're a secret agent. He's a secret agent! So not only have you been leading a double life this whole time, So this is where you disappear to everyday? 

Isabella: And pinky, you're a Secret Agent!? And you didn't tell me? How could you!? 

Baljeet: Terry, I'm your owner! And why couldn't you trust me, my Owner and you're my pet. 

They keep arguing and they are fading 

Jibanyan: Whoa! Keita's Invisible! 

Chase: Even Ryder is! 

Keita: You too, Jibanyan and Chase!? I'm well aware of my lack of presence without you pointing it out, thanks! 

Chase: We're telling the truth! 

Jibanyan: No, We're serious! You're disappearing, really! 

Keita: Huh? 

Ryder: What do you mean? 

They saw their Yo-Kai Friends disappearing 

Keita: Jibanyan! I can see through you!! 

Ryder: Paw Patrol! You're Fading! 

Rubble: Even you, Ryder! 

Phineas: All this time, we're like "He's a platypus, he doesn't do much". Well apparently, you do. You... you, you're fading away!

Alex: Robo-Dog! Everest! You're fading!

Everest: Even, you!

Inaho: Hey, USApyon, too!

USApyon: Inaho too, Dani!

Tiff: Fuyunyan! What's happening?!

Fuyunyan: This is Bad! We're becoming unable to perceive each other! A jamming signal is being transmitted from the Yokai World as mean to sever the bond between humans and Yokai! Chairman Nurarihyon must want to erase all relations between humans and Yokai, permanently!

Komasan: Gosh, everyone's see through, Zura! They're like ghost, Zura!

Then all the Yo-Kai are gone

Jibanyan: Nyanyanyannyan... Keita!

Marshall: Ryder!

They disappeared

Phineas: Perry, is... Gone.

Ryder: Even the Paw Patrol, even Zoe and her friends.

Tuff: But why is Perry, the Paw Patrol, Zoe and Their going to to the Yo-Kai World? They didn't die.

Ryder: Maybe because Chairman Nurarihyon have mistaken the Paw Patrol, Perry, Zoe and their Friends as a Yo-Kai.

Keita: Jibanyan! They're gone.

Phineas: Perry and the others are gone.

Spongebob: Poor them.

Keita: What should we do?

Ryder: I don't know.

Inaho: Hmm... Eureka! I've got it! Communication between both Dimensions is being disrupted, to be precise. That's why we can't see each other. We're in the same place, but we're on another plane. It's a multidimensional array!

Keita: Him, do you mind running that by me and Ryder again?

Ryder: Yeah, I got so confused.

Inaho: Then let me put it this way! A myste-rious alien force is preventing us from seeing them!

Keita: You really ARE making of me and Ryder.

Inaho: I'm not! I'm telling you!

Keita: Me and Ryder get the Message... I really am just a big fat loser...

Ryder: Yeah. I hope The Paw Patrol and the other are okay.

Meanwhile in the Yo-Kai World

Jibanyan: We cannot contact Keita and the Others

Marshall: And why Me, Perry, Zoe and our Friends are in the Yo-Kai World? We didn't die.

Fuyunyan: I guess Chairman Nurarihyon must have mistaken you as Yokai.

Zoe: So this is what a Yo-Kai World looks like.

Jibanyan: What should we do, nyan?

Chase: I don't what we should do.

Apollo: Fuyunyan. What can we do?

Fuyunyan: We've have no choice! This is a mission for just us Yo-Kai!

Komasan: How Excited, Zura!

Sunil: What will it be?

Fuyunyan: First, let's head to the Wahaiian Resort! No doubt that's where Chairman Nurarihyon is!

All: Yeah!

Komasan: Zura!

Hidabat: I've got Plane Ticket!

They look shock

All: Since when!

USApyon: You startled me, Dani!

Komasan: What's a "Plane Ticket"?

They were on the Plane and they left

Announcer: We are now arrived at the Human World Inter-Barrier Airport. The current time is 2:00 AM.

Jibanyan: Here we are at the Yo-Kai World Wahaiian Resort, nyan!

Chase: Cool!

Whisper: Why, that's took no time at all!

Rocky: Thank goodness, I didn't get airsick.

Vinnie: Except for me.H

He throw up in the Paper

Russell: Oh, boy. Are you okay?

Vinnie: Yeah.

Perry: I feel a bit dizzy.

Vinnie: No! No, Doctor! Perry the Platypus!

Perry: Well, I guess I could be better soon.

Zuma: Come on, let's go.

They saw a limo and hidabat just drive away

Whisper: Oop- We don't really need that guy, do we?

They went to the resort

omasan: Monge~!!

Zoe: Whoa!

Minka: This is Paradise!

Jibanyan: It's the Ocean, nyan!

Whisper: Wow, what a gorgeous view!

USApyon: So the Yo-Kai World have ocean, too!

Jibanyan: I'm Totally Stoke, nyan!

Perry: This is the greatest place I know!

Yo-Kai: Aloha-loha-!

They saw the Yokai Hula dancer

Yo-Kai: Aloha-loha-!

They are cheering

Yo-Kai: Aloha- Ahola- Aloha- Aloha

They are having a great time, and Jibanyan saw a star shaped straw reminds him about Keita, and the Paw Patrol saw the Powerline Poster, and they realised

Jibanyan and the Paw Patrol: Oh no!

Chase: We forgot!

Jibanyan: That's right, nyan! Nyaow's not the time for this!

Penny: Why not? I was having fun in the Resort.

Minka: Me too. Can we have more time?

Rubble: No! We have no time to goof off!

Rocky: We have to go!

They ran off

Whisper: U-uuh... Hey, don't forget about me!

They heading to King Enma's Estate

Komasan: Monge-!!

Whisper: This must be King Enma's private Estate, whissu-

USApyon: Which means Chairman Nurarihyon must be there too, dani!

Peter: I think so.

USApyon: I'm getting nervous, dani...

Apollo: Can you explain to them, Fuyunyan?

Fuyunyan: Chairman Nurarihyon worked for Enma's predecessor, and is the king's secound-in-command.

Komasan: We'd better hurry, Zura!

Whisper: Whissu-! Let's go!

Marshall: Here we go.

But Apollo and Fuyunyan stop them

Both: Wait!

Fuyunyan: If we enter through the front, we'll just be stopped by the guards!

USApyon: Then what should we do, dani?

Rocky: Isn't there anyway we can do?

Fuyunyan: We'll have to find a way to sneak in!

Whisper: Of course! I was just going to say the same thing!

Jibanyan: Nyeah right.

Chase: Like you, lying.

Whisper: Who asked up, two?!

Jibanyan: Personal Space, nyan!

Chase: Yeah. It's not like a limo is going to just going to show up out of no where.

Then a Limo has appeared

Chase: Dear Neptune!

Whisper: Whissu?

Hidabat: Leave it to me! Hiki!

He went to see the Guard

Fuyunyan: Uh-oh.

Apollo: Is he out of his mind?

Chase: I don't know.

Whisper: They'd better know what they're doing!

They are watching

USApyon: They're look like they're having an important discussion...

Pinky: I think it is...

Komasan: Zura...

Hidabat show the Guard the Gold Bar

Whisper: Are you sure this is something we should be approving of?

Zuma: Yes. I am sure, Whisper.

Minutes later

Hidabat: The Negotiation was a success.

USApyon: For real!?

Fuyunyan: We're in your debt.

Hidabat: Well, I've another engagement to be getting to.

He left with the Limo

Whisper: Just what ARE they?

Skye: Don't know.

They are inside and they find out the gate is locked

Chase: Is locked. Anyone have a Lockpick?

They nodded means no

Pinky: I have a Paper clip.

Whisper: Well, that's seems to come in Handy. If we have two Papers Together!!

He throw it away

Chase: Great. There's no way we can get in without seven keys.

Peter: I think I know where it is.

Jibanyan: How do we get them, nyan?

Peter: From those kids over there.

They saw Koopaling and Bowser Jr sleeping with the Keys on their necks

Fuyunyan: We need to get those keys

Apollo: And these time we have to be sneaky.

They tip toe to get the keys and the noise making the Koopalings yawn, they are tip toe and stop they heard a noise and it's coming from Pinky's Tiny Piano that makes Tip toe noise

Whisper: (In Plankton's Voice) Will you stop playing that tiny piano!? (Whispered) You're gonna get us caught.

Pinky: I'm Sorry.

Whisper: Now just reach over and grab it

Pinky: Easy...

They pull the keys down from the Koopalings and Bowser Jr head

Whisper: Stop! Pull it over their heads!

Perry: Ok.

They pull it over and it choke the Koopalings and Bowser Jr

Whisper: Stop! Stop! Stop!

The Koopalings and Bowser Jr head went it's original shape

Whisper: Let me do it!

He takes the keys off the Koopalings head and then he swing the Keys and it into the water

Apollo: I'll get it!

Apollo is gonna get it and our heroes look nervous for Apollo and he dived into the water and our heroes look shaking and then Apollo rise up from the Water and he got the key

All: Phew!

Then a whirlpool is sucking Apollo up

Apollo: Whoa!

Then Fuyunyan went off to save him, he dived into the Whirlpool and save him, and then the Koopalings and Bowser Jr has wake up from the Noise, and they saw the Heroes, theyre gonna blow the Whistle, but they Paw Patrol stop them

Chase: No!

Marshall: Whisper! Help! You tell a bedtime story and we'll rock-a-bye them!

Whisper: Ok. Once upon a time, there was eight Koopa kids who went to sleep. The end!

Bowser Jr: Nice try! It cannot fool us to go back to-

Then the Koopalings and Bowser Jr went to sleep

They all went inside and they look amazed

Komasan: Monge~!!

Whisper: Monge~! 

Jibanyan: It's kind of annoying when Whisper says it.

Chase: Yeah.

Whisper: What was that!? I'll let you have it. I will!

Terry: Enough! Let's go!

They went to the Door

Jibanyan: It's time, nyan.

Perry: That's right.

Komasan: So Nurarihyon is behind these doors, zura..? Is he scary, zura?

Pinky: I think he is.

USapyon: I think that part is obvious, dani!

Whisper: After all, he basically controls the entire Yokai World.


Nurarihyon: King Emma.

Bowser: We want you to sign up.

Nurarihyon: Sign this form of resignation. I no longer have any intention...Of taking orders from an incompetent.

Back to our heroes

Jibanyan: I hear something going on inside, nyan...

Rocky: Me too.

Then Nurarihyon open the Door and knocked Rocky and Jibanyan out

Zuma: Rocky! You're okay!?

USapyon: Are you alright, dani!?

Jibanyan: Owowowo...

Rocky: That really hurt.

Nurarihyon: What are a bunch of bottom-tier Yokai like you doing here?

Komasan: Are you Nurarihyon-san, zura?

Jibanyan: We need you to take back the order for humans and Yokai not to integrate! We like it there, nyan!

Chase: And we really miss them!

USApyon: So please, dani!

Sunil: We're begging you!

Nurarihyon: I cannot do that.

Komasan: Why, zura?

Nurarihyon: It's law.

Jibanyan: You can't just do whatever you want, nyan!

USApyon: At least tell us why you did it, dani!

Nurarihyon: I have nothing to reveal to the likes of you, even those Half-Yokai animals!

He blast them

USApyon: Dani!

Fuyunyan: Shoot! It seems reason is useless with him!

Apollo: Looks like We're out of options.

Jibanyan: Ugh, why won't he just listen, nyan!? He's just a big bully!

Skye: Well, Negotiate doesn't work, what we should do now?

Nurarihyon: You lack faith in my brilliant plan... Therefore, why should I explain anything to you?

Then he's servant are here

??? 1: Nurarihyon-sama! We...

??? 2: ...Will handle thing from here, nya!

??? 2: Stand down! Dero-n!

??? 1: This is no place for the likes of you! Pero-n!

The two of the Yokai became Nekokiyo Peron and Inumaro Deron, USApyon, Komasan, Zoe Drake and their friends are running away from Nekokiyo Peron, the Paw Patrol, the OWCA Agent, Jibanyan and Whisper is dodging from Inumaro

Whisper: There's no way out, whissu!

Marshall: Now you tell us!

They are dodging from his tongue

Jibanyan: It's his tongue! That's just nyasty! Nyaaaan!

Skye: Yuck!!

Pinky: Watch out for the tongue!

Whisper: Quit Dodging everything, you jerks animals!

Jibanyan: Why are you mad!?

Then Fuyunyan save them

Fuyunyan 'Scuse me!

He punch Inumaro Deron

Fuyunyan: Gutsy Straight Paw Punch!!

Komasan and Sunil got caught from Nekokiyo Peron tongue

USApyon: I'll save you, dani!

He save them

USApyon: I did it, dani!

Sunil: Remind me, not to get caught by a tongue like Odie did.

Komasan: My head's spinning, zura...

Sunil and Komasan saw USApyon and Russell running away from Nekokiyo

USApyon: Eek! Stay away, dani!

Russell: I want to go home!!!

Komasan: I'm faced with no choice, but to use my trump card, zura!

He use a Rocket Launcher

Whisper: Where did you obtain such a dangerous Weapon!?

Perry: Where did he get that?!

Komasan: Komajiro brought it from the Internet, zura!

Both: Say WHAT!?

He fired it, but he fired at Whisper by accident

Whisper: It's Backwards!

Komasan: Uh-oh, zura! What, zura!?

Then he finally blast at Nekokiyo and Inumaro

USApyon: Daniiiii!!

Nurarihyon: Hm.

Fuyunyan: I have no intention of fighting you!

Jibanyan: We just came to talk, nyan!

Nurarihyon: Hmph... Weaklings like you have no right... To meddle in my affairs!!

Flashback has started

King: Nurari. The fooliness of these humans is causing the Yokai realm to deteriorate. Humans are full of hatred and harm themselves and others without a care... That evil is beginning to spill over into the world of Yokai. The chronicle od humans is one of strife and conflict. Their history is naught but tales of savagery and barbarism. Humans die and become Yokai, and Yokai are thus reborn into Humans. That's the law of this world. However, evil souls will often remain as such. 

Nurarihyon: My liege, you don't perhaps mean...!

King: I want to create a better world for both Humans and Yokai. Do you understand, Nurari? I will raise pure souls in the world of the Yokai under my guidance. For that to be possible, humans and Yokai can not exist together! Understood!?

Nurarihyon: Yes, my liege!

Flashback has ended

Nurarihyon: The previous Enma's noble ambitions... ....could never be understood by ones such as you!!

He became an a Octopus Monster

Komasan: He looks different, zura!

Terry: Oh my GLOP!

Whisper: This is bad! It looks like the enemy has disposed of all restraint!

Jibanyan: I didn't think he'd transform this drastically, nyan!!

Chase: Yikes!! He is a demon squid thing!

Nurarihyon: I'll beat you into paste!

He attacked our heroes from his tentacles

Jibanyan: Here he comes, nyan!

Fuyunyan: Darn! We have no choice but to fight!

Jibanyan: Paw of Fury!

USApyon: Take this, dani!

He use his Laser gun

Fuyunyan: Take this! Dorya-!

Whisper: Whisper, whis~!

He throw Rocks at Nurarihyon and he's still okay

Fuyunyan: What?

Apollo: He's still okay!?

Jibanyan: It's not Working, nyan!

USApyon: It's no use, dani!

Then Nurarihyon is wreaking the place

Komasan: Monge~!!

Jibanyan: We don't stand a chance, nyan!

Rocky: I know!

Jibanyan: He has no openings!

Then the place has wrecked

Komasan: Monge~! Look at all this damage, zura!

Rubble: He wreck everything!

Fuyunyan: Here he comes!

They dodging his Tentacles and Komasan is climbing the wall

Komasan: Zura...! Zurazurazurazura.... Monge~!!!

Whisper is hiding

Whisper: I'll be safe as long as I hide here, whissu!

Everest: You CHICKEN! 

????: Whisper! Jibanyan!

They saw Keith, Ryder and the other heroes riding a magic carpets

Ryder: Paw Patrol!

Inaho: USApyon!

Phineas: Perry!

Jibanyan: Keith!

USApyon: You came, Inaho!

Chase: Ryder!

Perry: Phineas!

Whisper: Keita-Kun! You came to help us, whissu!

Nurarihyon: Impossible! A Human? Here?

Keita: ...So... THAT'S Chairman Nurarihyon? 

Ryder: I.... Guess.

Keita: He looks CRAZY. W-well, see us! Good luck, you guys! I think it's about time we head home!

Ryder: Keita! What's up with you!? Are you a CHICKEN or something!?

Inaho: He's right! And What are you talking about!? The Tentacles alien Nuruube from Sailor Pier's is WAY stronger than this guy!

Nurarihyon: Living Human must not release in the Realm of Yokai! Leave this place, now!

Fuyunyan attacked his Tentacles

Keita: Fuyunyan!

Ryder: Apollo!

Fuyunyan: Keita! Ryder! Why are you wearing different clothes!?

He,Ryder, Inaho and the others now that their clothes has changed

Inaho: Hey, he's right.

Ryder: My clothes got changed.

Keita: Why is that!?

Fuyunyan: Because the Weather's warm! But how did I you get here!?

Keita: Well... I don't really understand myself, but...

Ryder: It all started one hour ago.

One Hour ago

In the Human World

Our Heroes saw a Magic Carpet

Keita: Whoa, what the heck is that?

Ryder: A Carpet?

Spongebob: What's it doing here?

Rocko: Maybe, it want to hop on?

Inaho: Hi? It's telling us to come... It wants us to ride it!

Keita: No way!

Danny: Seriously?

Inaho: Let's go!

Keita: What?

They ride the Magic Carpet and they went to the Yokai World

Back to the present

Keita: So we rode it, and it brought us all the way here! And now here we are!

Inaho: Yep, we're here!

Fuyunyan: I know this is sudden, but summon Bakurobaa, quick! I want to know what's in his heart!

Apollo: All you need to do is Summon her!

Ryder: Okay!

Keita: Alright, got it!

They're summoning Bakurobaa

Both: Come on out my friend! Bakurobaa! Yokai Medal, do you're thing!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. Mysterious Tribe.

Singer: Mysterious. Mysterious. Mysterious Tribe.

Bakurobaa: Bakurobaa.

She posses Nurarihyon

Bakurobaa: Baa!! Baa, baa!!

Fuyunyan: He's done it!

Apollo: It's work!

Nurarihyon: There's no one else... But me.

Whisper: We got I'm!

Komasan: Zura?

USApyon: Dani?

Nurarihyon: No one else is let can carry out the previous Enma's will... There's only me... Just me... No one else..

Flashback has started

Nurarihyon: King Enma! We are you allowing humans and Yokai to integrate!? Your predecessor ruled it forbidden! I cannot allow this! Humans are evil creatures! If you allow this, Yokai too will be corrupted by their influence!

Enma: You think so? But you know.. I kind of like them... Human beings, that is.

Flashback has ended

Nurarihyon look angry and he remove Bakurobaa

Nurarihyon: How dare you!!

Komasan: Nurarihyon-san! Are you and King Enma fighting, zura!?

Nurarihyon: We are doing no such thing!

Komasan: Monge!!

Nurarihyon: We simply don't meet eye to eye!

Keita: Let us talk to King Enma! I'm sure that King Enma will understand everything about Humans and Yokai!

Nurarihyon: That man understand nothing! Now.. Those who try to get in my way will soon be erased!

He attacked Keita, Ryder, Inaho and their friends but the Magic Carpet saved them

Keita: Ow. 

Ryder: That really hurt.

Jibanyan: What do you mean, erased!?

Fuyunyan: Now I get it! All that about Enma being sick was a lie, wasn't it!?

Rocky: How could you? How could you lie to all Yokai! That Humans causing Enma to be lie!?

Nurarihyon: The Previous King Enma told me too. He said that the Humans are evil to all Yokai. So I lied to all the other Yokai's that the New King Enma got a flu from the Humans. It means, I have to create a better for Youkai that they won't be friends to the Humans, except for the half youkai like you.

Chase: So... You lie to every Yokai because, you were order from the Previous Enma? But wait... If you doing all of this. Don't you feel bad for letting all Humans and Yokai for not seeing each other again?

Nurarihyon: Actually... I'm not.

Zuma: That's insane...

Jibanyan: You just don't want anyone to speak with him!

Nurarihyon: Silence!

He attack them

Nurarihyon: My way is the true way of the Yokai World! If humans and Yokai mix, it'll end in disaster!

Keita: Sure, when Humans and Yokai meet, they can get into a lot of trouble... ...but lots of good things happen, too! Humans and Yokai can become good friends!

All: It's true!

Komasan: Humans are all such nice people, zura! If I couldn't see them anymore, I'd be sad, zura...

USApyon: Yeah, Dani! You're the one who doesn't understand anything, dani!

Nurarihyon: Humans and Yokai can't not be allowed to exist together!

Jibanyan: Can too! They can too!

Ryder: And you stop it! You treat every Humans and Yokai for Seeing each other! Fall apart, heartbroken and Losing their Connections, but they're not! Humans and Yokai are great to each other and how they can work together as a friend. They are... nice Yokai's to all Humans. And that's, what they do for their hearts!

Jibanyan: He's right! I refuse to submit to your stupid plan! We won't give up until the Very end, nyan!

Fuyunyan: It's time for me to power up, too! HENSHIN!

He became Darknyan

Darknyan: Darknyan!

He grab Jibanyan

Darknyan: Go, Jibanyan!

He throw to Whisper and he became Bushinyan

Apollo: Paw Patrol, Fetch!

He throw 8 Medals to them and they they became a Super Hero Yokai

Marshall: Super Marshall!

Chase: Super Chase!

Rubble: Super Rubble!

Rocky: Super Rocky!

Zuma: Super Zuma!

Everest: Queen Everest!

Robo-Dog: Robo-Dog D-Type!

Apollo: Agents! Zoe and friends, here!

He throw those Medals to them, the OWCA Agents became a Animalborg

Perry: Perry the Platyborg!

Pinky: Pinky the Chihuhuaborg!

Terry: Terry the Turtleborg!

Peter: Peter the Pandaborg!

Zoe and her friends has became like Tron 

Russell: Super Intelligence!

Momma: Super Long Arms and Legs!

Vinnie: And Super Slitheriness!

Pepper: Super Barrieable Stinklar!

Sunil: Super Quietness! 

Penny: Super Niceness!

Zoe: Super Fabulousness!

Komasan: Okay! Now it's my turn, zura! HENSHIN! Zurazurazura!

He just released some gas

Komasan: That feel much better, zura!

Keita: Isn't there any weapon here!? I need a Weapon!

Ryder: Me too!

Then Darknyan give them their Grandfather's Weapons

Darknyan: Use these.

Ryder: Was that...

Keita: This is Grandfather's...

Darknyan: It suits you.

Inaho: What about me?

Alex: And me.

Komasan give Inaho a Rocket Launcher and he give Alex a Laser Gun

Komasan: You can borrow these zura!

Inaho: The Sailor Piers Cosmolauncher makes one heck of an impact! Now this is a weapon can get behind!

Alex: This is awesome! Thanks!

Ryder: Why don't I have what they have.

Keita: What's wrong with this picture?

Bushinyan: If you knock us down, we'll come right back up! Time for a full-time counterattack, nyan-whissu!

Chase: And beside, there's only one of you!

Then many Villains appeared

Chase: Maybe not.

Tiff & Tuff: King Dedede! Escargoon!

Dudley & Kitty Katswell: Snaptrap! Chameleon!

Danny: Vlad!

Fox: Wolf!

Spongebob: Plankton!

Skipper: Blowhole!

Doofensmirtz: Perry the Platypus!

Jimmy: Calamitous!

Mario: Bowser! Wario! Waluigi! ...wait, Bowser, Wario what are you wearing those?

Bowser: I think it's our outfits.

Wario: And we kinds like it.

Marshall: I see. And who are those guys?

Hades: I'm Hades. Lord of the Dead.

Mozenrath: I'm Mozenrath.

Mirage: And I'm Mirage.

Phineas: Perry. So this is where you disappear to everyday? You come here and fight this guy? In the Yokai World?

Doofenshmirtz: No no, he fights me, he doesn't really know this guy.

Phineas: You fight a pharmacist? Why would you even do that?!

Doofenshmirtz: Actually, I'm an evil scientist, but a lot of people are confused by the lab coat.

Phineas: You're Evil!? He's Evil!? 

Nurarihyon: I have no clue why he got here. Anyway, get them!

All: Yeah!

They are fighting the Villains and Apollo is dodging Wario attack and he give the Laser Gun to Waluigi

Apollo: Try your luck, Waluigi?

Wario: Let him have it!

He fly around

Wario: Come on, bro! Blast him!

Apollo: Right here, Waluigi!

He standing behind Wario

Wario: Oh no! Hold on, Waluigi. No! No!

He fire it and Wario lost his Balance

Waluigi: Wario?

He realised what he done to Brother and he thought he killed him

Ryder: Man, I feel kinda bad for Wario.

Apollo: What a pity, Waluigi. I'm afraid that we lost our dear friend, Wario.

Wario is still alive and he's gonna kill Apollo in the Back

Waluigi: Wario!

He shake because he's cover's blown

Apollo: In the Back, Wario?

They began to fight

Wario: Give him to it, Wario! Give him a what for!

Apollo is taunting Wario and he dodge he's attack and he pull his Mustache, then they began to clash each other

Wario: I got you this time, Apollo!

Apollo show him down and he realised that he's gonna fall

Wario: (Scream)

He grab the Ledge

Apollo: Well, well, well... A Fat Codfish on a Ledge.

Wario: I'll get you for this, Apollo even you Mario! If it's the last thing I do!

Apollo heard something

Apollo: I say, Wario. Did you hear something.

Wario: No... No!

He saw Tick Tock Crocodile and he's gonna eat him

Wario: No!

He is eating his Clothes

Apollo: Hey, Mr Crocodile. Do you like Codfish? You do?

He's gonna stomp on Wario's Hand

Ryder: Apollo, don't do that!

Skye: That's not very nice.

Wario got caught by the Crocodile and he fell into the Water

Wario: Waluigi!

Waluigi: Don't worry, Wario! I save you!

He's gonna get eating from the Crocodile

Wario: Waluigi!

Waluigi: I'm coming! I'm coming!

The Crocodile bit his foot

Wario: Ouch!

Waluigi: I'm gonna save you!

Then Crocodile slap his hand with his tail

Wario: Ow!

He grab the Crocodile jaw

Waluigi: Wario! Wario!

Wario: Waluigi! WALUIGI!!

He's going back to him, but the Crocodile blocked his way and he got Wario eating

Waluigi: Give my brother back!

He's gonna be put him, but he hit Wario and then Wario finally made it out of the Crocodile

Wario: Get us back to the Mushroom Kingdom! Get us back to the-

He got hit from a Rock and he is chasing from the Crocodile

Wario: Waluigi!

He went back

Apollo: That's the end of him.

Dedede: That's it, Kirby. It's time for me to finish you.

Then Meta-Knight with Sword and Blade stop him

Meta-Knight: Maybe, you should take my place for Kirby.

Dedede: Okay. And show you this Star Warrior will give a piece of my mind. I'll smash you with my hammer.

Sword: Nope.

He stab in the Leg

Dedede: Ow!

They are fighting and Dedede is using a Sneak attack on Meta-Knight, but he dodge and got his Hammer stuck.

Dedede: Darn that, hammer!

Then Meta-Knight and the other is stopping the Villains who was gonna hurt the Heroes and they save them, Dedede finally got his Hammer out and then he's gonna fell into the Water, but luckily he didn't get eaten from the Crocodile

Dedede: That's right! Run, run! You scared Star Warrior!

Meta-Knight: Me, Scared?

Dedede: Ah ha! You wouldn't dare to fight King Dedede man-to-man! You're just a Scared Star Warrior!

Meta-Knight: I don't like that word you said. I’ll fight you man-to man with one hand behind my back!

He is fighting Dedede  

Tiff: Meta-Knight! Is a Trick, don't believe him!

Meta-Knight: I give my word to you.

They began to fight and then Dedede have him defeated

Dedede: Looks like I won, Meta-Knight.

Blade: Meta-Knight! Get out of there!

Sword: You have to run!

Tiff: Please!

Meta-Knight: No! I give my word.

He grab the Banner and tied up Dedede

Meta-Knight: Looks like I won.

Fololo & Falala: Yay!

Tuff: You rock, Meta-Knight!

Dedede: You wouldn't do that to the King of Cappy Town in now, would you? I'll leave Kirby alone, I'm begging you! Please!

Meta-Knight: Well. Ok. If you... Say you're a Codfish.

Dedede: I'm a Codfish.

Meta-Knight: Louder!

Dedede: I'M A CODFISH!

Heroes: Yay! Dedede is a Codfish, a Codfish, a Codfish. Dedede is a Codfish, a Codfish, a Codfish.

Meta-Knight: Well, Dedede... I'll spare you, and you won't ever hurt Kirby again.

He's gonna walk away and then Dedede is gonna do a Sneak Attack

Tiff: Meta-Knight!

He dodge and King Dedede fell into the Water

Dedede: Escargoon! Escar...!

Then he went inside of the Crocodile will he's not looking, then he's out of the Crocodile with an Alarm Clock, he throw it to the Crocodile and run away from the Crocodile

Dedede: Escargoon!

Then Dedede is swimming for his dear life from the Crocodile

Escargoon: Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

He left with the Crocodile and Escargoon

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda! I wish the Giant Octopus would eat Plankton, Crocker, Doofenshmirtz, Chameleon, Snaptrap, Blowhoke and Calamitous.

They use their wand and then a Giant Octopus is floating up from the Magic

Timmy: Bombs away!

Octopus is goning down

Octopus: (Gulp) (Scream)

Snaptrap, Blowhole, Crocker, Chameleon, Plankton, Doofenshmirtz and Calamitous are inside the Octopus mouth and they scream and they got out, then the Octopus want to know what it taste like and it imagine them as a Codfish

Blowhole: Leave me alone.

Calamitous: No, no, Stay away.

Snaptrap: Don't come any closer!

Then it grab them

Calamitous: Beautiful Gorgeous! Save me!

Then a Letter has flew to his head and he read it

Calamitous: On Vacation. Uh Oh.

Plankton: Karen!

Then another letter appeared

Plankton: On Vacation, too! Oh boy!

They gonna get eaten from the Octopus and then the flew up into the Sky thanks to the Octopus Tentacles

Timmy: Looks like they're gone.

Hades: Really? You should worried about her.

Hades is holding Skye

Ryder: Skye!

Pinky: Let her go!

Hades: Sorry! But she's going to have a swim underwater. What do you gonna do?

He drop her and she fell to the Water and then Pinky is gonna save her

Pinky: Don't worry, I'll save you!

He dive down to save her

Hades: Looks like that Cyborg Chihuahua is off to save his girlfriend.

Luigi: I don't think so, they didn't fall in love to each other.

Peach: He's right.

Daisy: I hope they're alright.

Rosalina: They will.

Fox: Anyway, let's get this over with!

Hades: Alright. Let's see about that.

They are fighting Star Wolf and Hades and they defeated the Star Wolf except Hades

Hades: (Laugh)

Fox: It's no use!

Slippy: Why didn't we fight him?

Falco: Because he's the lord of the Underworld.

Peppy: Then how can we fight him?

Then Someone who has appeared behind Hades

????: Hades! I think you should know that me and her are okay.

It was Pinky and Skye

Hades: That's Impossible!

Pinky: I am immortal. Like you, Zeus and the Other Gods.

Hades: Wait! You can't do this to me, you can't-

Pinky: Shut up!

He punch him in the Face

Hades: Okay. Fine. Listen. Okay, well, I deserve that. Look, Look, Pinky, you're Friends. They are nice guys, huh? So maybe you could put in a word with them. And they kind of blow this whole thing off, right? Skye, Skye, talk with him. You know, a little schmooze.

Hades touch Skye

Pinky: Don't you dare, touch her!

He punch him the air and Hades has surrounded by the Souls

Hades: Get away from me, don't touch me. Get you're slimy souls off me!

Rocko: You know, he's not gonna be happy when he gets out of there.

Zim: You mean, if he gets out of there.

Gir: He's right. And this is good.

Hades: I don't feel so good. I think I feel a little flush!

Skye: Thank you for saving me.

Pinky: And I owe Hades for this. I cannot risk my life losing you or my friends, when you have to be brave and have Courage. And this time, a True Heroes always have a strength of heart. And even though, Everyone get crazy when they all in love.

Perry: No more crazy stunt's.

Pinky: Yeah, I won't.

Then Bowser captured Isabella, Baljeet, Phineas and Ferb

Bowser: Looks like I won!

Perry: Game's Over, Bowser! We win!

They aim their laser gun at Bowser's Koopa Car and they save Phineas, Ferb and Their friends

Phineas: So, I guess you and your friends trust us after all.

Bowser is falling to the oceans

Mario: Hey, Bowser! You forgot you're anchor!

He give him an Anchor and he fell into the Ocean then the Giant Octopus saw him and he's going to eat him, he Scream and swim back up into his ship

Bowser Jr: Abandoned Ship!!

They all left the Ship and Bowser is chasing from the Octopus

Bowser: Help me, Please! Help!

Mario: You know the rules, Bowser. A Good Captain always go down with the ship.

Bowser: I don't wanna be a Good Captain!

Then the Octopus got him and then Ship has been sinked down and Bowser Jr and the Koopaling saw the Bubbles

Bowser Jr: Look!

And then Bowser has rise up into the Surface

Bowser: Junior!!!

Then he landed to his Kids and then the Octopus saw them as a Codfish and it's gonna eat them, they Scram and they left the Yo-Kai World and the Octopus is following them

Heffet: Wow, I hope that Octopus will get him.

Filbert: Oh, he will.

Mozenrath: You have defeated all the Villains. But my magical captives must obey a few ground rules. I don't put up with Obstinate servant's!

Buchinyan: We are Yo-Kai! The only thing were a slave to is... Fashion! These things go great with a tasteful strings of pearl, nya-whissu!

Mozenrath: Hmm ... how does one trap a free Yokai? What is this? (He reaches inside his cape and pulls out a crystal.) This might do the trick!

All the Yokai Heroes got Freak out

Ryder: Why you freak out about that?

Chase: That one is the Crystal of Ix! Whoever said the Word will invited us for our very Doom!

Mozenrath: Ixtala!

Rubble: Ah! That's the word he said!

Then the Crystal got Xerxes and the eel got trapped

Mirage: Let me do it. Ixtabor!

It release the Xerxes

USApyon: Well, it only snagged the wonder-slug! I thinks the crystal's power has been a little bit overrated, dani. Let's see you catch a Yo-Kai with that little Knick knack, Dani!

Mozenrath: Point well taken. If only me, Mirage and AUTO have... A monumental Crystal!

He created a Giant Crystal of Ix and our Heroes look away from it

USApyon: (Scared) Okay... That might do, Dani.

Inaho: Ok. I think this crystal is from Sailor Pier who have trapped all the evil ones inside it!

Mozenrath: Ixtala!

A large beam comes from the huge crystal, and it got Zoe and her friends

Garfield: Zoe!

Nermal: Sunil!

Arlene: Russell!

They grab them but the Beam is pulling them

Chase: Mozenrath's is just full of magical power... Right?

Marshall: Yeah.

Chase: Come on, Paw Patrols!

They are still pulling Zoe and her friends from the Crystal

Mozenrath: I love it!

Mirage: Me too!

They are losing from Zoe and her friends hand

Ryder: Hang on!

But they can't and they lost their grip and now Zoe and her friends are pulling from the Crystal, but luckily a Grappling hook and a hand

Pepper: Huh?

It was coming from Robo-dog D-Type and Patrick who was in an Elastic Waistband Outfit

Spongebob: It's a Good thing we have those IJLSA Outfit with us!

Squidward: There's no time for that, Spongebob! Help us!

Jimmy: We can't pull them much longer!

Timmy: And hurry!

Spongebob: Oh, right!

They are pulling them

Mozenrath: Look how the heroes loves their Youkai Friends. They'd do anything for them. Can we really take their Youkai Friends away? 

Auto: Affirmative.

Mirage: Of course

Mozenrath: In a Gomorrah minute.

Our heroes are still pulling Zoe and her friends and then Mozenrath, Mirage and Auto is gonna blast them, and then someone stop them it was the Super Power Pups

Mozenrath: You!

Mirage: Let us go!

Rocky: Nope, you're gonna have fun in the Crystal!

They drop them to the Beam

Mozenrath, Mirage and Auto: No!

The Beam got them and now they are trapped in the Crystal

Skye: Next time know who you're up against!

Zuma: Phew. Glad they are beaten.

Minka: Phew! Thank you!

Rubble: You're welcome!

Darknyan: We only have one left... It's Nurarihyon!

Libby: Let's get him!

Heroes: Yeah!

Buchinyan is gonna fight Nurarihyon 

Buchinyan: Take this! Paws of payback!

Chase: Taser Beam!

Marshall: Staff of Flame!

Rocky: Saber Raid!

Rubble: Meteor Punch!

Skye: Hurricane Wand!

Darknyan: Dark Nyaight Claw!

Zuma: Sword of Water!

Komasan: Monge~! Monge~!! Monge~!!!

Keith and Ryder is gonna him, but their weapons got destroyed and Inaho and Alex is aim their weapons to Nurarihyon, 

Inaho: Woah!!

But it doesn't work and Nurarihyon extended more Tentacles

Keith: Just when we thought we had Him, he powered up even more!!

Ryder: What can we do now!?

Inaho: Leave it to me and Alex!

Keith: Huh?

Inaho: Come out of hiding you!

USApyon: Oh, little old me?

Inaho: You can go home now!

Alex: Yeah, you have to leave!

USApyon: What do you mean, dani!?

Inaho: Youre 100,000 years too early to fight a guy like this!

Alex: Maybe you should have a retirement and rest easy!

USApyon: I'm trying my hardest here, dani!

Inaho: A boss battle is empty just too much for you to handle, little Namekichi! You'll just be more dead weight!

Alex: And you should go have an Exercise or something!

USApyon: Oh, YEAH...!?

He press the button

Voice: Vader Mode!

USApyon: Take this, dani!!

Inaho: Wow, I guess we underestimated you, Namekichi!

Alex: You cannot win this fight!

Keith: Just Stop while you're ahead...

Ryder: Yeah, you should stop it.

Alex: Not now, Ryder!

Inaho: But now that we REALLY think about it, you were pretty useless during that failed experiment, probably due you're just a little tiny animal!!!

Alex: Yeah, you're more like Donald Duck!

Ryder: Why, Alex? Why he looks like Donald Duck?

Alex: Because, he has a lot of temper, just like Donald! And you want to know why... Because you just look like him!

USApyon: [very angry] I'm not like him!

Alex: Really? You certainly are!

Inaho: And you give Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a bad name!

USApyon: Dani!!!

He press the button

Voice: Emperor Mode.

USApyon unleashed his Emperor Mode

Keith: Whoa, he look strong!

Ryder: Well done!

Inaho: Success! It's just as I predicted! He had a 2nd-stage evolution all along!

Then he's going after them

Alex: Not us, USApyon!

Inaho: He's right! And also, everything me and Alex said, he said it!

He is aiming to him

Keita: That's kinds mean...

Ryder: Yeah, it is.

Keita: But now's our chance! Buchinyan! Darknyan! Paw Patrol! Agents! Zoe and friends!

Buchinyan: Flying Paws of fury!

Darknyan: Dark Nyaight Claw!!

Rocky: Saber Raid!!

Chase: Taser Beam!

Rubble: Flying Meteor!

Zuma: Sword of Splash!

Marshall: Throw of Flame!

Skye: Hurricane Wand!

They aim to Nurarihyon

Komasan: We did it, zura!

Darknyan: Did we win?

Perry: I don't know?

Buchinyan: We did it, nya-whissu! Nya?

Then they saw Nurarihyon still okay

Nurarihyon: What an annoying bunch... I'll erase you all!

He turn the sky into darkness and he became Dai-Yoma Nura-Neira

Komasan: He changed again, zura!

Darknyan: Well!

Heroes: Go!

Buchinyan: Nya-whissu!

But he is too powerful and he made the Yokai Heroes defeated

Keita: He's too strong! Just what is that thing!?

Ryder: I don't know!

Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.

Kowalski: It's just that he's far too powerful for us.

Inaho: This is bad! We're running out of viable Soldiers!

Private: Any ideas?

Keita: I know that... But what can we do...?

Keita Realized Something

Keita: Then, now that you mention it...

Inaho: Now that I mention!?

Keita look at the Medal and he saw the symbol

Keita: Where have I seen the symbol on this Medal before...?

He remembers the Magic Carpet has a symbol

Keita: That's right! This is... This is....!? This mysterious medal... If I use this, we might be able to turn this fight around!

Ryder: Are you sure, keita?

Inaho: You really think so!?

Keita: If my thinking is correct! This Medal is..!

Inaho: Awesome! What kind of average, conventional thing are you thinking, I wonder? I'm to excited...

Ryder: Okay, I think you need to Chil out.

Keita: I-inaho-san. Oh, whatever!

He's use the Mysterious Medal

Keita: Come out, King Enma! Youkai Medal, do your thing!

Inaho: King Enma?

Whisper: What do you mean, Keita-kun!? Wait, don't tell me you have Enma's Medal!?!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...

But it's not working

Keita: Uh-oh! This isn't good! The Yokai Watch is...

Then all the Shine went to Ryder, Inaho and the Other Heroes watches

Ryder: Whoa!

Inaho: What?

Skipper: What's going on?

Inaho: Wait! Maybe...

They line up the Yokai Watch together and it became a new Yokai Watch, then a Multiple Medals appeared

Whisper: What? Yo-Kai Medal became multiple!

Jibanyan: What?

Komasan: Monge!!

USApyon: Oh my goodness, Dani!

Keita: I just know that Enma what's humans and Yokai to understand each other!

Ryder: You're right. Yo-Kai and Humans will always join together as friends.

Inaho: Please, Enma-sama! I know we haven't met before, but please come out!

Heroes: Yokai Medal, do your thing!

Inaho: So, how was that?

Ryder: A little.

They all join together

Heroes: So that Yo-Kai and Humans can be friends once again... Come out, my friend! King Enma!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen... King Enma!!

Singer: Enma... Enma... Enma... Wow, it really is him! Enma! Enma- Enma- Enma- King Enma! King Enma!

He has finally summon

Enma: Phew... I was getting pretty sick of waiting! Call me faster next time!

Ryder: Wow. It's him.

Inaho: So cool! And just look at his costume! 

Jibanyan: ...His Costume?  

Keita: You're Enma?

Enma: Yup. Well, Nurari... Time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.

Enma block his attack and he blast at him

Enma: It's Useless.

He blast at him

Jibanyan: Amazing, nyan!

Whisper: King Enma is crazy powerful!

Rocky: I haven't seen that coming.

Nurarihyon: Why...? Why do you take the side of the humans!? I thought I told you so many times of the vileness that humans perpetrate in the world outside!

Enma: Yeah, you told me plenty.

Nurarihyon: What do you mean?!

Enma: Did you really think YOU could keep me trapped within that barrier? Breaking a low level barrier like that would be child's play. In fact, I'd even saying was harder just pretending being trapped!

Nurarihyon: This isn't a game!

Enma: Listen, Nurari! "Letting humans and Yoakis mix is a mistake?" The first time you told me that. I though it really might be true. So I began to observe them, the humans.

Nurarihyon: You did!?

Enma: I wanted to see for myself whether it was true. It also gave me a chance to test my power of time Manipulation... With these people here as subject

Keita: What?

Jibanyan: Then... That was because of you?

Ryder: That day that me and Keita became a Yokai. Is because of you?

Chase: The day that went in time to see Jibanyan's owner. Is because of you too?

Enma: From what I saw, I got the impression that humans aren't all bad.

Nurarihyon: That's not true! Humans and Yoakis can never intermingle for the good of the Yokai realm!

Enma: Human die, and become Yokai. Yokai are reborn, and thus become humans. That means that humans and Yokai are all cut from the same cloth. All that's different is their form. If they communicate and become friends... Humans and Yokai can learn to cooperate. That's what I learned from them!

Nurarihyon: I... ..made a promise to my king!

He blast at him, but no effect

Enma: I see... So you were carrying out my old man's commands alone. Everything he said was rooted in one single principle. That it was wrong for us to intermingle.

Nurarihyon: Enough!

He blast at him and Nurarihyon looks tired

Enma: But just look! Look at our world!

Nurarihyon: Silence... SILENCE!!

Enma: Even you have to have noticed it! That humans and Yokai are finding ways to cooperate! That little by little... The world is becoming a better place!!

Nurarihyon: I... I...I!

Then he has been defeated 

Enma: Time has changed. In both the Human World... and the world of Yokai.

Enma turn him back to normal and the sky has turn back to normal

Enma: Nurari. Will you advance into the next era with me? We'll make an entirely new Yokai World together! A wonderful world where humans Yokai alike can get along with each other! Well?

He imagine his previous king

Nurarihyon: Yes.. my liege.

Everything is back to normal

Enma: Hear hear, citizens of the Yokai World! With the power invested in me as king, I hereby proclaim... ...that from here on, Yokai and Humans will communicate, support, and cultivate friendships with each other!

Our heroes is so happy that Humans and Yokai can connection to each other

Hours later

They are hanging out at the Resort

Yokai Aloha- Aloha- Aloha- Aloha-

Enma: Are you enjoying your time at the Wahaiian Resort?

Inaho: Yeah!

Keita: A bit.

Ryder: Of course.

Spongebob: I love this beach!

Danny: It's great to be in the Yokai World.

Jimmy: It's wonderful.

Zim: I find more Happier.

Alex: This is the best vacation ever!

Tiff: I'm happy for a luau.

Peach: It's like I'm in Island Defino.

Krystal: Just what the Doctor ordered.

Timmy: Man, I like this Resort!

WALL-E: Ahh.

Fox: I kinda like it here.

Dudley: Yeah. If Ryder don't see Snaptrap or Chameleon, we'll be fine.

Skipper: This is my type of my vacation.

Garfield: [sighs] This is the life.

Phineas: This is best summer resort ever.

Ryder: So what about the villains, will they come back to the Yokai world?

Enma: Nope, I banned them, so they won't come back to the Yokai World.

Ryder: Okay, what about the Crystal of Ix, that Mozenrath made?

Enma: Don't worry, I have that thing destroyed.

Ryder: Phew! No way, we're gonna get trapped in there.

Chase: Yeah. It's too small and kinda smells like Mustard.

Enma: I'm glad. I really caused you a lot of trouble this time.

Keita: No, not at all.

Ryder: Yeah, we're good. Anyway we have to leave.

Enma: Going back home?

Ryder: Yeah, I have to go get the Tickets to the Powerline concert.

Enma: Who?

Ryder: You know, the famous Powerline the biggest Rockstar on the planet.

Enma: Oh, there is a problem.

Ryder: What do you mean?

Enma: You see, all the tickets... Were sold out.

Ryder: What!? The tickets are sold out!? When!?

Enma: Yesterday.

Ryder: Aw... (Sigh) I guess, we cannot go the Powerline.

Keita: Maybe, but maybe we will.

Ryder: Huh?

Keita: I have plan for Tomorrow at night. Meet me at the Concert.

Ryder: Okay, but why?

Keita: You'll find out.

Ryder: Alright.

Keita: Now I can enjoy my time with Jibanyan and the bunch again! Ready to go back, Jibanyan?

Jibanyan: What do you mean, mean? I don't wanna go back to the human world, nyan!

Marshall: Yeah, even us. We have to stay here.

Perry: I think me and the agents will have to stay here.

Zoe: You know, I like this world me and my friends will stay here.

Keita: What!?


Jibanyan: Keita, Ryder, be careful on your way home, nyan!

Whisper: Parting is such sweet sorrow, whissu!

Komasan: Bye, Zura!

USApyon: Now get a move on, Dani!

Fuyunyan: Please Understand!

Keita: I can't believe this.

Ryder: Me too.

Inaho: Oh, geez...

Keita: Then let's go, everyone.

Alex: What? Right now?

Inaho: You can say that again!

Alex: A lot!

They laugh and they left the Yokai World

Keita: Bye, Jibanyan.

Ryder: See ya, Paw Patrol.

Phineas: Bye, Perry. I hope you can come back.

Jibanyan: Slurp, Slurp, Slurp... Funya, funya, dance- Keita, bye bye nyan-! Nya-haha, nya-haha!

Next day

Keita: Come on, my friend! Jibanyan!

Jibanyan: An... Whaaaat!?

He summon him because that Yo-Kai is making Keita pick his nose

Keita: Honahojin! I won't let you get away with this any longer!

Then Jibanyan attack Keita

At Night 

At Concert

Everyone is going to the Correct and people all the Crates in the storage, then Keita, Ryder and their Friends came out

Ryder: Keita? Inaho? Alex? Guys?

Inaho: Oh my goodness! We're in the Concert!

Keita: Yeah, we are! Come on, you guys let's go on Stage.

Ryder: I don't know, you guys. I don't think it's a good idea.

Eye to eye has played

Ryder, Jibanyan, Spongebob, Timmy, Danny, Jimmy, Gir, Skipper, Dudley, USApyon, Fuyunyan, Mario, Fox, Kirby saw NyaKB

All: Wow!

Jibanyan: NyaKB!

Ryder: Well, then again.

They all notice their friends are gone

Ryder: Guys? Keita?

At the stage

Powerline: (Singing)

NyaKB and the Sailor Piers has appeared

Powerline (Singing)

Back to Ryder

Ryder: Guys?

Then they saw the Powerline and then a Bodyguard saw them

Bodyguard: What are you doing here?!

All: Run!!

They are running from the Bodyguard

Bodyguard: Hey!


Keita and his friends are for Ryder and the other

Keita: Ryder? Ryder?

He open the Door and saw a Woman who get Dress and she screamed at them at Punch them to the Machine

At Stage

Powerline: (Singing)


Keita's Friends are watching TV from the Powerline and they worried about Keita who didn't show up

Kuma: Keita and his friends are not there?

Fumi: I wonder where they are?

Kanchi: Don't worry, they'll be there.

Back to Ryder and the others

They are still chasing from the Bodyguard and they jump to the Spotlight


Keita: Excuse us.

Inaho: Where are we going?

Then they're on stage

Keita: Ryder?

They got electrocuted and they were right next to the Powerline, Ryder and his friends saw them do nothing and Ryder got an idea

Ryder: Hey! Guys! Dance like NyaKB!

Keita and his friends are dancing with the Powerline

Powerline: (Singing)

Then a bodyguard appeared and he's gonna get Ryder and his friends and then he got blinded by the spotlight. Ryder and his friends grab the rope and they were on stage and they have with the powerline


Keita's friend saw them on TV

Kuma: Yeah! Kieta is on TV with his friends! I knew it.

Fumi look happy


Ryder's friends saw them on TV

Katie: They made it!

Turbot spit out the soda because he saw Ryder on TV dancing with the Powerline

Powerline: (Singing)

The crowds gone wild

The End

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