These are the Transcripts for The Cutie Mark Crusaders Adventures of 3-2-1, Penguins!


The CMC's Adventures of 3-2-1, Penguins! Trouble on Planet: "Wait-Your-Turn"

[after the intro, we see a car driving along a country road, then we view the backseat where 2 kids are]

Michelle: [humming] [accidentally hits Jason with her doll's shoe] Whoops!

Jason: [picks up the shoe] Mom, she did it again! [fixes his glasses]

Mrs. Conrad: Michelle, now come on we're almost there. Apologize to your brother.

Michelle: Sorry, Jason.

[Jason gives Michelle the shoe back]

Mrs. Conrad: I hope you 2 don't act this way while you're at Grandmum's.

Michelle: Yah! Grandmum's cottage! [humming]

Jason: [sarcastically] Yah. Grandmum's cottage. You know, Trevor's at Space Camp right now.

Mrs. Conrad: Jason, you'll get to go to Space Camp after Grandmum's cottage. You're just gonna need to be patient.

Michelle: [looks outs the window] I just love Grandmum's cottage. Are we almost there?

Mr. Conrad: You should know where we are, cupcake. Unless you aren't wearing your glasses again.

[the car then pulls up to a cottage]

Mr. Conrad: Hey, hey, hey! We're here!

[the back window rolls down]

Grandmum: [races out] Hello, sweeties! How is my 2 favorite twin pumpkins?

Jason and Michelle: Hi, Grandma.

Grandmum: Oh, that's "Grandmum," to you. You little bugs! [as she speaks, she pinches Jason's cheeks]

Mr. Conrad: Oh, you kids are gonna love it here! Your grandfather finished this place when I was about your age.


[Michelle hugs Grandmum]


Michelle: We're not identical twins, Grandmum.

Jason: Thank goodness.

Michelle: Just remember, I'm the cute one.

Jason: And I'm the one who's suppose to be at Space Camp [hops out of the car]

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