Here's how the transformation sequence goes in Return of Darth Sidious

[we now see the royals, Mane 6, Blythe, and the godmothers strapped to chairs]

Twilight: What are you gonna do to us?

Darth Sideous: You all are gonna pay for your interference with the Sith. So you're gonna see what it's like to be on the dark side!

Princess Celestia: We'll never join the dark side!

Darth Sidious: I know you won't join by decision, so we will use the force.

[the troopers bring in an odd machine]

["W&G: Curse of the were rabbit Transformation" starts playing]

Cinderella: What is that?

Darth Sidious: Our method of turning you to dark side, this as constructed by the best scientists we had.

[as he speaks cables are connected to the chairs]

King Solar Flare: You won't get away with this, Sidious! The Jedi have grown strong since we've last encountered you!

Darth Sidious: Keep your mouth shut king! Begin!

[the troopers then turn on the machine]

[everyone then cringes and yell out in agony.]

[Then each one starts to change their appearance]

Darth Sidious: [evilly chuckling as the transformation continues then the yelling stops]

[as the dust clears we see them corrupted by the dark side]

{the royals' eyes are green with purple smokey trails, the mane 6 and Shining Armor have darker coats and reddish eyes, Blythe has a dark suit with a cape, and the godmothers with dark hair and dresses]

Darth Sidious: Success! Now, hunt down the others.

[they go do as they're told]

[but up on a hill, we see R2]

R2: [beeping (indicating "I must tell Master Luke!")]

[he then takes to the skies]

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