Here is the scene where the Villains set G-Merl and his friends a trap in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Later we see G-Merl is walking in the forest)

G-Merl: I was wondering? Who should be my Girlfriend? And I can't be worry about that right now, what's important to me is I have to get seven Chaos Emeralds so I can discover my destiny.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Is there something wrong?

G-Merl: It's nothing.

(Then they enter a cave)

G-Merl: Hmm, I wonder where the next Chaos Emerald is.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: I could ask the same thing.

Emerl: The cave is dark.

Yoshi: Hey, look over there. I see light.

G-Merl: Let's go.

(They made to the light to see a huge room with nothing just metal walls and a floor)

G-Merl: Where are we?

Dani Phantom/Fenton: It's so quite.

Black Doom: Hello, there.

G-Merl: Black Doom.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: What do you want?

Demon God Demigra: You don't you have fallen into our trap.

(Rocksteady appears)

Rocksteady: Nyet.

(Then more Villains such as Bebop, Fishface, Rahzar, Tiger Claw, Metal Sonic, Nazo and Queen Vexus appears)

Rahzar: This is gonna be fun.

Tiger Claw: Greetings, little ones.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: That's not good.

Bebop: Oh, yeah! It's on like ping-pong. 

(They fight)

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