(The bus appears)

(Franklin and friends run out of the bus)

Franklin: Wow! This is great!

Bear: I agree, Franklin. I have never been to the circus before.

Snail: Yeah. There's the clowns, acrobats, and animals.

Raccoon: But I don't see the circus tent.

Rabbit: I don't see it.

Fox: Well, they build one.

Franklin: Or they are going to the places where they build the circus. Let's go and friend the train.

(Train whistle)

(The men load the circus things on the train)

((Franklin: There is the cart. Let's get in with the elephants) The elephants get into the cart, but Mrs. Jumbo looks up waiting for the stork to come)

(Matriarch pokes her to enter the cart and the men push and close the door)

Ring Master: All aboard! All aboard! 

Casey Jr.: All aboard! Let's go! 

Casey Jr.: Woo, woo!

♪Casey Junior's coming down the track

Coming down the track

With a smoky stack

Hear him puffing, coming round the hill

Casey's here to thrill

Every Jack and Jill

Every time his funny little whistle sounds

(Toot toot)

Everybody hurries to the circus grounds

Time for lemonade and Cracker Jacks

Casey Junior's back

Casey Junior's back♪♪

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