Here is how the gang is sent to the future in The Great Overwatch Adventure.

(Danny and the foals are playing Invisible Tag)

Danny Phantom: (whispering) They'll never find me.

(we see the foals looking for him)

Princess Yuna: Come on, you guys. I think I heard him this way.

(suddenly, Danny's phone rings)

Danny Phantom:(answers it) Hello?

(The screen splits and on the other side is Nighlock)

Nighlock: Is this the world's most famous ghost hero?

Danny Phantom: Yeah, you got the right guy.

Nighlock: We have a problem.

Danny Phantom: What is it?

Nighlock: Ember McLain has stolen a piece of Hellfire Club tech. Used in the War of Washington County.

Danny Phantom: Who knows what she'll do with it. I'll be there as soon as I can. But first, I have to tell the foals.

(he becomes visible and makes the timeout symbol with his hands)

Miralight: Aww, but the fun was just getting started.

Danny Phantom: I know, Miralight. But it's important.

Thomlight Sparkle: It's okay, Phantom. We'll think of something else to play.

Danny Phantom: Good.

(He flies off)

(meanwhile, Ember comes out of the GMR vault and runs)

Thomas: We can't let Ember get away.

(Code Red surrounds her)

Nighlock: Ember McLain, drop the device, and come with us quietly, and no harm will come to you.

Ember McLain: You mean surrender?

(Nighlock nods)

Ember McLain: How about...

Firestar:(whispering in Indominus' ear) 10 bucks says she doesn't.

Indominus Rex: Is it even a bet if we agree on that?

Ember McLain: No.(runs off)

Nighlock: After her.

(they chase after her)

(Danny appears in front of her)

Danny Phantom:(in Stretch's voice) Where do you think you're going?

(Tamatoa also appears, his claws ready to grab Ember)

Ember McLain: Long time, no see, dipstick.

Tamatoa: You talkin' to me or him? Cause if you're talkin' to me, then I will throw in a Sarlac Pit.

Ember McLain: When I say dipstick, I mean the both of you.

Tamatoa: I'm more of a clam cake.

(Ember activates the device in annoyance)

Nighlock: Don't let it complete activation!

(They tussle over the device)

(meanwhile, the foals are still looking for something to do)

Princess Yuna: I hope Danny's okay.

Snowdrop:(spots something) Hey, what's that?

(they see an energy source pulsing)

Miralight: What is that?

(they see it is pulsing more an more until it starts surging)

Percy Pie:(smiles)(to Yuna) Should we run?

Princess Yuna:(smiles back) Yes.

(they scream and run as it gets bigger)

(back at the fight)

Nighlock:(fires his laser eyes)

(Ember easily moves out of the way)

Tamatoa:(tries to catch her in his claws)

(Danny reaches for the device)

(but the energy source begins consuming everything in its path)

(the device completes activation)

Nighlock: Hold on!

Danny Phantom: (realizes what's going to happen) Uh-oh. (to the others) RUN!

(the device consumes everything the energy source did)

(everything goes black)

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