Trent Fernandez-Mercer
is the adopted son of the multi-millionaire paleontologist, scientist and doctor Anton Mercer. His biological parents were archeologists and were killed in a cave-in as they were working on a dig with Anton Mercer several years before Trent moved to Reefside. After that, Anton took him in and gave him a life. He now considers Mercer his father, but kept his original surname, although he sometimes uses the name Trent Mercer. According to Mercer himself, when his parents disappeared, they agreed that he would act as Trent's father.

Trent works at Hayley's Cyberspace Cafe as the busboy/waiter and draws in his spare time, though he keeps this secret because his father "is in no way supportive of his artistic endeavors." as he disapproves of both, trying to encourage Trent to move on to activities more suitable for a Mercer.

White Ranger Power

After uncovering an invisiportal in his father's office, Trent was transported into the lair of the evil Mesogog, where he came in contact with the White Dino Gem, which transformed him into the White Ranger. However, the Gem had a mind of its own, due to Mesogog and Elsa's reconstruction of its powers, transforming Trent deliberately whenever it wants.