Trish De La Rosa.

Trish De La Rosa is a 16-year-old fashionista, who becomes Austin Moon's manager and friend. She has also been Ally's best friend, since kindergarten. She's known to wear a lot of crazy uniforms, because she goes through lots of jobs. She tends to get annoyed with Dez. often; currently they are frenemies. Trish is the type of person who loves having a loud outfit. She can be a bit bossy, but always means well and looks out for those close to her. She's Also a Good Friend of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Olie and The Other Team Members of Sora's Adventures (She's a Member of Sora's Adventures Team). She can be a really selfish person, but other than that, she's a great friend.


  • As Seen on Sora and Alice in Wonderland, She Used to Work with Bill the Lizard as a Chiminey Swepter. Then She Got Fired, Due to Being Allergic to the Smoke and Dust.
  • She Also Known as Patricia Maria De La Rosa.
  • Dez and Her are Frenemies on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, But They're Nice to Each on Sora's Adventures.
  • She Has a Boyfriend Named Trace, But Now Married to Chuck McCoy.