Trixie and the Ghost of Old Dean Morris is the Seventeen episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


While doing some show magic, James was grumbling shunting trucks in the yard. However the trucks teased too many times and made James loose his temple that he bumped them to hard and crash into some buffers and derailed. One of them even broke half of Trixie's cart. Trixie was angry at James for this cause her cart was very important to her and it was her home. But soon she calmed down and she knew it wasn;t really James' fault but her cart will have to be taken to the works to see if tthey can make as good as good.

Once there the workman looked at it and said it will take a couple of days to restore it and tell Trixie that she will have to sleep some placce else. However Trixie refused to leave her cart cause it was like a home to her. So the workmen made the abit safer so it dosen't fall to pieces.

That night, Trixie can't sleep. She knew it was late, but decided to look out at her window. But then she notice a workman wondering around towards some empty trucks. Trixie thought that all the workmen have gone home but somehow this one dosen't. He just walked round the trucks and onto the other side. All of a sudden, Trixie thought she can hear the trucks' brakes been released. As the trucks were moving the down the track, they revealed the space where the man should have been standing. Trixie was shocked. She then then watched as the trucks race down the line and came off the track point. Trixie search all over the works, but the man was nowhere to be found. She stay up all night finding out who could this man be.

Next morning, the workman were very surprised to find the trucks have been derailed. Then one of them noitce Trixie looking very tired. Trixie told him what had happen and even told him about the man she saw last night. The Workmen told Trixe that the man she saw was Old Dean Morries who wonderd around the works causing trouble every night. Trixie saggest that they should tell the Fat Controller to give him the sack for derailing the trucks, but the workman only reply saying they can't sack him while he was dead a long time ago which shocked Trixie very badly. He then told Trixie that Old Dean Morries was one of the workman to helped build this works. But he made some enemies during contruction and one day he was killed by another workman. He tried to hide Dean's body but was caught in the act and was sentance to death. Now Old Dean Morrie's Ghost now haunt the works looking for his murder. But can not find him. So instead he courses trouble all round the works like hiding tools, lights go out but can do no harm.

Trixie remaind quiet for the rest of the day. While he cart is almost mended, Ben puff in for his new paint worked tomorrow. Trixie told Ben all about Old Dean Morries' ghost, Ben only just laugh calling her a scardy pony, But the manager told Trixie that her cart will be good as new by morning. Much to Trixie's delight.

Later that night Trixie kept a look out for the ghost, but it was nowhere to be found and she was getting very tried and sleepy. But as Trixie went to sleep, foot steps can be heard coming into the workshops and the cold air throw all around it. Ben woke up with a chill and felt that someone was climing into his cab and slowie turned on his regulator. Ben still had some steam left in his boiler and all of a sudden Ben started to move. He tried to whistle, but he coulden't and crash right throw the works door which woke up Trixie. She saw that Ben was in trouble and hurried into his cab and turned off his regulator. As Trixie climb from his cab, she notice the figure standing right behind her. Old Dean Morries stared at her coldly but Trixie took up courage telling him that he is not wanted here anymore and his murder was sentance to death long time ago. Trixie then use her magic to make the ghost go away in which Old Dean Morries did now that his work here is done and was gone for good this time.

The Next morning, the workmen were surprise to find Ben outside the works. Ben and Trixie told them about Old Dean Morrie's doing and how Trixie manage to get rid of him. However Trixie's cart is now fixed and she was ready to go. Ben wants her to stay abit more until his paint work is done which she agree. Once Ben's paint was done, he and Trixie can finally leave the works. But for sometime afterward Trixie was much more extra carful where ever she does her magic show. She didn't to spend the night at the works again just to be on the safe side incase Old Dean Morrie's ghost still lurking about.


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