Within the depths of the Digital World, a Chaos Emerald has revealed itself...only to wind up in Bowser's greedy claws. Now Pooh and his friends, along with the assistance of Tai and the Original Digidestined, must get back the Chaos Emerald before the newly returned MetalSeadramon uses it for his own ends.


  • MetalSeadramon is revealed to be the soul of Crom Cruach placed within the chassis of a deceased MegaSeadramon by King Bowser long before the original Digimon partners hatched from their Digi-Eggs, the ability to do so is explained as having been facilitated by Young Xehanort
  • Pooh is able to rescue the parents and reunite them with their children at the same time as his compatriots recover the Chaos Emerald from MetalSeadramon.
  • Sailor Moon, and Digimon Digital Monsters Season 1 are Both Produced by Toei Animation,
  • Both Digimon Season 1 and The Power Rangers Series are Made by Saban Entertainment and Broadcasted by Fox Kids Network