Trouble at the Harbor is the sixth episode of the fifth season in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles


Puffer is told to go to the Harbour to help Dolphy with an emergency. There, the trucks ask him to unload their stone into Reese, a cantankerous old barge who is rude to the frieght cars. Unfortunately, a coupling breaks and some trucks run into Reese. Reese is nearly drowned, but luckily for him the tide is out. The workmen rescue some stone, Puffer and Dolphy take the broken trucks to the Ironworks, and Reese is towed to a beach so children can play in him.


  • This episode is based on the story from The Railway Series book - Toby, Trucks and Trouble: "Bulstrode".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Reese.
  • This is the shortest episode in the Chronicles, to date.


[We see Puffer working at the quarry shunting trucks, and arraging them when Geri arrived]

Geri: Puffer! There you are. Leave these freight cars here, I need you to help Dolphy, there’s an emergency down at the harbor.

Puffer: What? But sir, who will watch the freight cars?

Geri: Never mind that. I’ll let Knockout do your work, now off you go.

Puffer: Yes sir. [blows his whistle and puffs away]

[It fades to Dolphy at the harbor, and Puffer puffs up]

Puffer: Dolphy. [stops] You needed me?

Dolphy: Yes. Reese the barge is acting up again.

Puffer: Reese? Who’s Reese?

Dolphy: Follow me and I’ll show.

[The 2 puff along as Dolphy speaks]

Dolphy: Reese is a disagreeable barge. He never stops complaining.

[Then we see the frieght cars arguing with Reese]

Reese: Come on, come on! Why aren’t you cars where you should be?!

Fright Car 1: There’s no engine. And they can only go where we are put Reese. You're in the wrong place, not us!

Reese: Find yourselves a scrapyard!

[We see Dolphy and Puffer pulling up]

Freight Car 2: Our stone is for Reese. Put us in a siding, and load him up, and be rid of him!

Puffer: I’ll go first.

Dolphy: Do as you please.

[Puffer couples on 3 freight cars and is chuffing on a bridge to the hill, then as Puffer tries to pull, they broke free! They rolled down, Dolphy, Reese, herd a rattle/ As the runaway freight cars buried themselves on Reese!]

Reese: OHF! [then feels water] Save me! I’m drowning!

[But he didn't drown. And the cars laugh]

Freight Car: Serves you right!

[Puffer arrives]

Puffer: Oh, my.

[We see towing cranes picking up the cars]

Puffer: I’m sorry, sir.

Geri: It wasn’t your fault, Puffer. The freight cars just wanna get revenge.

Reese: What are they gonna do with me now, sir?

Geri: They're gonna tow you to the beach, and your gonna stay there! And children can play in you all day. [to the engines] Puffer, Dolphy, please take these freight cars to the Ironworks.

Dolphy: Yes, sir.

Puffer: Right away, sir.

[they puff away]

[It fades to Reese on the beach, as children play in him. As Puffer and Dolphy puff by]

Reese: [groans]

[The episode fades black and the episode ends]