Troy Bubble Pipe Posing background

Troy Troodon, sitting in a meadow, blowing bubbles via bubble pipe.

Troy Troodon is an abnormally intelligent Troodon and chief medical officer of the Trimaxian Adventure Crew in the Logan's Adventures series.


Troy was once a simple minded Troodon living in the Great Valley. Scurrying his jungle world always hunting for food wherever, whenever, and surviving however he could. Then one day, a group of very strange scientists stumbled across his homeland. At first he did not know what to think of them.

His first intention was a new food source, But then they began to learn from each other. They took him in as a pet. Then they did some strange thing to him. Somehow he began to gain more intellect and knowledge. He even began to use words like they did.

But eventually, he got used to his new skills and later used his new brains to help out those living in the Great Valley.


Troy Summer Color


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