Trufflesis is Mung Daal's bossy and mean spirited wife. She works as the cashier of the catering company.


Truffles, in some episodes, shows to be mean and frightening. This is proven by the fact that all who work in the company and many big and intimidating characters sort of fear her. When she plays Majhong, she becomes "Majhongasaur", a sort of Mah-Jong crazed mega-monster as stated by Mung. She refuses to see her own faults and blames everyone else for whatever faults she has. In a lighter side, she is very insecure about her weight (The Flibber-Flabber Diet). Because of this fault she usually does whatever someone tells her to do when they compliment her as seen when Reuben does it in Rat Sandwich. In "The Elemelons", Chowder even thought that she was extremely scary. Truffles is very competitive and more of a man than her husband. It's been proven in "Grubble Gum" that if someone brings gum in the building and not share it with her, that person would get killed (evidenced by screaming and ripping a book). Though she is stern, her love for Mung and pride in his cooking always shines through as in "The Big Hat Biddies" where she defends Mung and his cooking. Truffles is shown to think that Mung's cooking is terrible.


Truffles is a short, pudgy mushroom pixie sprite with small wings, purple hair, green dress, huge glasses, emerald green eyes and a mushroom hat. In "Mung on the Rocks", it was revealed she was much more gorgeous in her early adult years. Truffles also appeared to have a tail in episode "The Chain Recipe", although she has never appeared with a tail other than in this episode. In Chowder's Babysitter, Chowder and Mung first described her as a freak because she looked like one. Truffles is considered ugly because in "The Garage Sale" Mung thought Chowder turned into a 'Hideous Sea Creature' but it was Truffles.

Proposal Reason

In the episode "The Dice Cycle", when Truffles saw Young Mung Riding on his Dicycle, she said to her friend that she was "going to marry that guy". Her friend asks her why.