Trunks (DBXV)
is the eldest son of Bulma and Vegeta, Goten's childhood friend, and a hero of Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.


  • Future Trunks is an important character in the story of Xenoverse, he is contacted by the Supreme Kai of Time and works for her as the head of the Time Patrol, he and the Time Patrol are based in Toki Toki City (in Age 850) which houses the Time Storage Vault. Due to Future Trunks and the Time Patrol being unable to defeat the Time Breakers, Future Trunks uses Shenron to wish for the Future Warrior to appear and aid them in stopping the Time Breakers. Future Trunks, the Future Warrior, and the rest of the Time Patrol then travel through time to stop the Time Breakers.