"Trust in Me (The Python's Song)" is a song in the widely popular Walt Disney film, The Jungle Book, from 1967. The song was sung by Sterling Holloway playing the part of Kaa, the snake.
Trust in Me (English)- Jungle Book02:47

Trust in Me (English)- Jungle Book

The song was written by Disney staff songwriters, Robert and Richard Sherman. In the song, Kaa hypnotizes Mowgli, placing him under a trance. As the song concludes, Kaa readies himself to devour the boy, only to be stopped by Shere Khan the tiger in his search for Mowgli.


regular version

Transcript for scene:

[Kaa picks Mowgli from the ground and raises to the branch he is on] Mowgli: Kaa, it's you! Kaa:Yesss, man-cub, so nice to see you again. sss-sss-sss. Mowgli: Oh, go away. Leave me alone.

Kaa: Let me look at you.
[Mowgli turns away from Kaa's eyes]
You don't want me to look at you? Then you look at me.

Mowgli: No sir. I know what you're trying to do, Kaa-AA! Kaa: You do? Uh, I mean, you don't trust me. Mowgli: No! Kaa: Then there's nothing I can do to help? Mowgli: You want to help me?

'Kaa: Ss-certainly. I can see to it that you never have to leave this
Mowgli: How could you do that?Ka'
a: Hmm? Oh, I have my own ss-subtle little ways. But first, you must
trust me.

Mowgil: I don't trust anyone anymore. Kaa: I don't blame you. I'm not like those so-called fair-weather friends
of yours. You can believe in me.

[Kaa finally gets to see into Mowgli's eyes long enough]

(singing) Trust in me
Just in me
Shut your eyes

and Trust in Me

Hold still, please

You can sleep

Safe and sound
Knowing I
Am around

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses

Will cease to resist

[Mowgli snores while standing on his head on the tip of Kaa's tail]
You're snoring.

Mowgli: Ssssorry.

Kaa: Trust in me
And just in me
Shut your eyes
And trust in me........

(Shere Kahn enters)


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