Here's how turning in for the night goes and where Skyla sees something in, The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[back in the Daylight Special]

Yuna: [brushing her teeth]

Nyx: [stretching her wings]

Zeñorita: [meditating] [silently humming as she does]

Snowdrop: [tries to get the sheets]

Skyla: You want me to help you, Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Sure.

Zeñorita: [continues meditating]

Nyx: What are you doing?

Zeñorita: [stops] I'm meditating. [continues]

Nyx: Meditating?

Zeñorita: Si. Mama always said that a good meditate can help you sleep better.

Nyx: Whoa.

[we hear Yuna spit, as she finishes brushing her teeth]

Yuna: All done.

Skyla: [finishes] How's that?

Snowdrop: I think it's fine.

Nyx: [yawns] Let's get some sleep now.

Zeñorita: Si. Buenas noches, mis amigos. [hops in her bunk]

Yuna: [gets in her bunk] Night.

Nyx: [hops on the hide-a-bed] Good night.

Skyla: [helps Snowdrop in her bunk] Night.

Snowdrop: Good night.

Skyla: [hops in her bed and is about to cover herself when]

[on the Silver Streak, a man dangles down from the side of one of the coaches]

Skyla: [sees the man] (gasp) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Yuna: Huh?!

Snowdrop: WHA?!

Nyx: What the?

Zeñorita: [bonks her head on the bottom of the bunk above her]

Yuna: Are you okay?

Zeñorita: [rubbing her head] Qué? Qué es?! Qué ocurre?

Cadance: [from the other room] Skyla! WHAT IS IT?!

Shining Armor: [from the other room] We're coming, we're coming!

[Cadance and Shining Armor burst in]

Shining Armor: WHAT'S WRONG?!

Skyla: [shivering in fear] Man, hanging from the roof! Shot! Head! Dead!

Yuna: What are you talking about?

Skyla: [speaking very fast] I SAW A DEAD MAN HANGING FROM THE SILVER STREAK!!!

Nyx: What?

Skyla: [speaking very fast] I SAW A DEAD MAN HANGING FROM THE SILVER STREAK!!!

Zeñorita:¿Qué está tratando de decirnos?

Skyla: [speaking very fast] I SAW A DEAD MAN HANGING FROM THE SILVER STREAK!!! [her pupils shrink and breathes deeply]

Shining Armor: [gently lifts his daughter out of the bunk]

Cadance: [wraps her wing around her quivering daughter] Skyla, just take a deep breath. And then calmly tell us what you wanna tell us.

Skyla: [takes breath] [shedding small tears] I saw a dead man hanging from the Silver Streak.

Yuna: Really?

Skyla: [points to the window] Out that window.

Nyx: [looks out it] I don't see any man.

Skyla: No really! There was a man hanging on the Silver Streak! He was shot in the head!

Shining Armor: [looks out] I don't see anything.

Skyla: Really, Daddy! I saw a dead man! Honest!

Cadance: [looks out] There's nothing there, sweetie.

Skyla: No, Mommy! There was a man! I saw him! I've never seen anything so scary in my whole life! [collapses to the floor and starts weeping]

Cadance: [strocks her mane] Shh... Shhh... It's alright, we're here.

Skyla: [still weeping a little] I really saw it. Really.

Cadance: You just had a bad dream.

Skyla: I wasn't dreaming. Really.

Cadance: Let's just get some sleep and we'll look in the morning.

Skyla: Okay, then. [hops in the bunk]

Shining Armor: Night, kido.

Skyla: Night. [falls asleep]

[the 2 elder ponies leave the room]

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