Tweak Bunny is the engineer for the Octopod. It's her job to make sure that everything is shipshape below deck in the engine room and maintains all of the Octonaut vehicles. She has even invented a number of new machines for the Octonauts, along with a whole new GUP that was revealed in the Christmas Special, the Gup-X .She also invented theGup-S in Over Under Adventure. She also likes fixing and inventing things that sometimes work out in unexpected ways. She is one of the only two females on the Octonauts crew.

Unlike most of the other members of the crew that have rooms up in the pods, Tweak lives where she works the most and that's down in the launch bay.

She's not always down in the launch bay though. Sometimes she can be found up in the garden pod pulling up her favorite food. Fresh carrots.

In both the original UK version and US version of the show, Tweak has a southern accent when she speaks. It appears to be a lot stronger in the US version though (only in season 1).She probably comes from Australia ("No worries, Cap!"-Australian English).


  • Her bandanna is blue in the book.
  • She always calls Captain Barnacles "Cap".
  • In some episodes Tweak twists her ears together when she gets scared.
  • She always seems to have a carrot on her tool belt.

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