​Twilan ​is an upcoming spoof of Disney's Mulan created by Princess Twilight Sparkle.


  • Twilight Sparkle (EG) as Mulan
  • Flash Sentry, with Rainbow Dash (EG), as Li Shang
  • Discord as Mushu
  • Skunk as Cri-Kee
  • Spike (EG) as Little Brother
  • Marty the Zebra as Khan
  • Tirek as Shan Yu
  • Bela as Hayabusa
  • Raimundo Pedrosa as Yao
  • Wander as Ling
  • Clay Bailey as Chien Po
  • ??? as Fa Zhou
  • ??? as Fa Li
  • Granny Smith (EG) as Grandmother Fa
  • ??? as Chi-Fu
  • ??? as General Li
  • Principal Cinch as The Matchmaker
  • ??? as The First Ancestor
  • ??? as The Emperor
  • Master Chief as The Great Wall Guard
  • Chase Young as Shan Yu's Archer
  • Lord Hater as Shan Yu's Scout
  • Vilgax as Shan Yu's Huntsman
  • Drago Bludvist and Kai as Shan Yu's Bodyguards
  • ??? as Imperial Scouts

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