Twilight's Kingdom is a reimagining of the season 4 finale episodes 25 and 26 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Twilight has to stop a power mad Cybertronian tyrant from gaining enough Dark Energon to destroy Equestria and the lands beyond it.


  • Tirek doesn't exist in this reimagining, instead the main antagonist is Thunderwing.
  • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna tell Princess Twilight the history of Thunderwing: he was created by his master, Unicron, to search for Dark Energon, Unicron's lifeblood which has the power to revive the dead and is also known as the Blood of Unicron, and Thunderwing came to Equestria cause it had much Dark Energon but was defeated and imprison in Tartarus by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
  • Instead of stripping Unicorns, Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Alicorns of their magic, Thunderwing inserts Dark Energon into his systems to become stronger and doesn't recruit Discord to join him.
  • Thunderwing doesn't grow big when he inserts chunks of Dark Energon into his systems, he is big the whole time.
  • Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance don't transfer their Alicorn Magic to Princess Twilight, instead they ask her to hide the biggest chunk of Dark Energon from Thunderwing.
  • Instead of trying to strip Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance of their Alicorn Magic, Thunderwing comes to the Canterlot Castle to insert the biggest chunk of Dark Energon into his systems and instead of banishing Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance to Tartarus after finding the biggest chunk of Dark Energon not at the Canterlot Castle, he instead imprisons them in cages made of Dark Energon and also imprisons Princess Twilight's friends, Spike, and Discord in cages made of Dark Energon.
  • All screen shots of Tirek battling Princess Twilight have been replaced with Thunderwing.
  • After finding out that he and Princess Twilight are evenly match, Thunderwing offers Princess Twilight a trade: Her friends, Spike, Discord, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance's releases for the biggest chunk of Dark Energon in Equestria.
  • This reimagining's ending has a simulation to the ending of the Transformers: Prime episode Sick Mind: after Let the Rainbow Remind You ends, Princess Twilight's eyes suddenly glow purple, which no one notices, and has a vision of Unicron and her cutie mark has a Dark Energon shard in it: she had somehow been infected with Dark Energon and Thunderwing is now occupying her mind.


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