This is how Twilight, Starlight, and Rarity give a lecture about Starswirl the Bearded and Rarity buys a car in My Little Pony Transformers.

[We then see the Lecture Hall part of the Unicorn School in Canterlot]

[We see unicorn students filing into the hall with Twilight, Starlight, and Rarity waiting for them]

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, everyone, take your seats please. The lecture will soon begin.

[The unicorns take their seats, and the lecture begins]

Starlight Glimmer: [hands Rarity the bag of artifacts]

Rarity: [empties it]

[Everyone is waiting]

Twilight Sparkle: Today, we will be lecturing you on Star Swirl the Bearded.

[Everypony seems intrigued]

Twilight Sparkle: We will begin with how Starswirl became a legend.

[Twilight picks up one scroll]

[Twilight begins reading from it]

Twilight Sparkle: Starswirl was originally just like any other unicorn. He eventually started studying magic. And this led him, to retrieving the seeds of the Tree of Harmony in the Artic North.

[We see a flashback]

[We see Starswirl's crew working hard on trying to break the ice that had trapped his ice]

Pony: Hurry up!

Pony #2: The ice is freezing faster than it melts!

Pony #3: Chop faster! What heve! What heve!

Starswirl the Bearded: No sacrifice! No victory! We'll get to the artic circle lads!

[Flashback ends]

[We then see the lecture has ended]

[Rarity, Twilight, and Starlight walk outside]

[Twilight teleports home while Starlight hops into the driver's seat of the car]

[Starlight drives off]

[They then arrive at a car shop]

[We then see the shop owner, Gleaming Shield come out of her office]

Gleaming Shield: [to Sokka] Sokka!

Sokka: What?

Gleaming Shield: Take that clown suit off. Before you scare somepony.

Sokka: Sorry boss.

[Gleaming then sees Starlight and Rarity looking for a car]

Rarity: No, no, no, no. Oh heavens no.

[Gleaming comes over to them]

Gleaming Shield: Welcome to Gleaming Shield's Car Shop. How may I help you?

Starlight Glimmer: Well, Rarity here, we're buying her first car.

Gleaming Shield: If you came to see me, you came to the right place.

[She leads them over to the used cars just as Bumblebee arrives]

Gleaming Shield: Over there is where your first car is.

[They walk past an animal zoo with only an ostrich in it]

Gleaming Shield: And let me tell you something, Rarity. The driver doesn't pick the car. The car picks the driver. Unlike my father. [points at an old pony] That's my father. [calls out to him] Hey, daddy!

[The old pony gets up and runs back into his house]

Gleaming Shield: Oh, come on! Don't do that. He thinks you're here to arrest him or something like that, when he hasn't done anything wrong. [chuckles]

[She then leads them to the used cars]

[She begins talking about the Camaro, unaware it wasn't even there before]