Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race is an upcoming MLP:FIM/Thomas & Friends crossover to be created by Stuingtion.


Thomas wanted to go to the Great Railway Show, but the big engines only laughed at him. They said he's not strong or big enough to compete from the best around the world, but Thomas was determined to find a way. First, he tried to get himself streamlined, but the Fat Controller decided that it would better be suited for Gordon. Then, he tried to get himself repainted like a brightly coloured engine named Ashima, from India. His plans went horribly wrong. Thomas learned how to be himself when he finally discovered a way to compete. Thomas nearly got to the show when Diesel threatened his chance once again.




  1. Will You Won't You
  2. Dance Like You Know You Can
  3. Streamlining
  4. The Shooting Star Is Coming Through
  5. Ein Crop Duster Can Race
  6. Be Who You Are, And Go Far
  7. Can't Give Up
  8. I'm Full of Surprises
  9. He's Full Of Surprises

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