This is how Twilight and Optimus vs. Scrap-Mistress goes in Guys' Night Out.

[We see Optimus and Twilight racing along the freeway. Beside them, in crane mode, is Breakdown's girlfriend, Scrap-Mistress]

Twilight Sparkle: So, Scrap-Mistress. You work alone now? Finally decided to ditch that stupid...

[She's interrupted when Scrap-Mistress' Mini-Con Chain Saw appears]

Twilight Sparkle: Chain Saw?!

Chain Saw: That's right, Princess of Friendship. [grabs Optimus by his rear bumper and Twilight by her wings]

[Scrap-Mistress stops and transforms]

Twilight Sparkle: [glares at her] What do you want, Scrap-Mistress?

Scrap-Mistress: Relax, Princess, I was just blowing off some steam. Me and Breakdown had a spaz. What do you do when you and Prime here get into a lovers quarrel?

Twilight Sparkle: [continues to glare] Look, Scrap-Mistress, either we can send you back to the Nemesis or we can make you go.

Scrap-Mistress: Taking the tough guy act, girl, threatening to send me home. But don't worry. I'm gone.

[She transforms into crane mode and drives off]

Twilight Sparkle: And take your little sidekick with you.

Chain Saw: Beginner's luck if you ask me. But don't worry. We'll meet again.

[He throws Twilight and Optimus to the ground before following Scrap-Mistress. On the Nemesis]

Breakdown: Let me get this straight. Scrap-Mistress and Airachnid took off for Jasper to blow off steam because Show Stopper and me had a fight with them?

Flich: What do you expect? You told Scrap-Mistress her desire to scrap Autobots wasn't as important as you were, [points at Show Stopper] and you told Airachnid she was a lousy hunter.

Show Stopper: She is! She can't even find a TV remote.

Knock Out: [sighs] Why didn't you go with them?

Flich: They didn't invite me. Why else would I tell you where they went?

Breakdown: Oh! This makes me so mad! [winks then Flich disappears]

[Show Stopper and Knock Out stare in awe]

Show Stopper: What was that?

Knock Out: Yeah, Breakdown, what did you do?

Breakdown: What? You think you're the only two who can drive women away?

Show Stopper: Funny. So where'd she go?

Knock Out: Yeah.

Breakdown: I don't exactly know.

Knock Out: And I don't exactly care.

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