Here's how Twilight returns back to a unicorn and the ending goes in Wrath of the Country.

Little Bear: Twilight, look!

["Entei's last stand" begins playing]

[A Glow around Twilight is circled around and vanishes and her wings are gone!]

Hen: Your wings! They're gone!

Twilight: I know. Because I now realize that I can use them whenever I feel like it.

Brian: Twilight, I'm sorry I kissed you, and shared some romantic feelings about you.

Thomas: You what?

Sylveon: It's a long story.

Twilight: And I'm sorry too, Brian. Truth is I had some romantic feelings about you too. I thought you were handsome and cool just like Thomas. But I feel like that staying as best friends would be a whole lot better.

Brian: Yeah, friends are nice.

[They soon smile at each other and hugged]

Thomas: So, you guys think you might stay a little longer.

Trax: I don't think so, OpThomas. Since our planet has finally returned after the war. We shall rebuild it, and your's. But to be honest, I think it's time for us to go home.

[Soon, the Insect Boys transform back into their bug modes, and the Trainbots use Lockdown's ship. And they fly up to Cybertrain, as it begins to move out of Earth]

Edd: Hey, Cera. I was wondering. What did you do to Triek's body and horns?

Cera: Oh. [holds out a big jar full of ashes] See for yourself.

Eddy: Uh, Cera. That's a jar of ashes.

Cera: Not just any ashes. These are Tirek's ashes.

Edd: You creamted him?!

Cera: Yeah, that way, there is nothing left of his DNA for possible resurrection. And I will dump them to the sea, and will send a letter to his family. I'm just glad I won't have to deal with this pyschopath anymore.

Eddy: Same here, Cera. Same here.

Skeeter Valentine: So, now what do we do?

[It goes back to the Wubb Girlz premiere night with fans, and our heroes there and they start to sing]

Sing a song, sing, sing Sing along, sing, sing Ooh ooh sing, sing, sing, sing a song

Sing for yourself Sing for everyone

'cause it's fun singing the song and singing's fun

Sing it out loud or soft as a brother

Let's sing a song And bring us all together

Sing a song, sing, sing Sing along, sing, sing Ooh ooh sing, sing, sing, sing a song

A song of you can be a work of art A song of love can mend a broken heart

That little song that you like to sing That makes us smile and takes away the sin

Sing around a camp fire or sing in the shower Sing to a horse or sing to a flower

Howl at the moon or sing like a bird Sing songs of joy, sing songs of love

Sing a song, sing, sing Sing along, sing, sing Ooh ooh sing, sing, sing, sing a song Sing, sing, sing, sing a song sing, sing, sing, sing, sing a song

[The crowd cheers as fireworks light up the sky. And then the film goes to black. And the film ends with "Rainbow" by Sia]

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