Here's is when Twilight speaks with Tino in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[Twilight and the other get really for the invasion]

Brian: What's up with Tino?

Stewie: Beats me.

Twilight: Me, Thomas, and Sunset Shimmer will have a talk with him.

Thomas: Right.

[Thomas, Twilight, and Sunset Shimmer goes to where Tino is]

Thomas: What's wrong Tino?

Tino: It's just that...... I don't know.... I can't face that many robots.

Twilight: We did it once, and we should do it together.

Thomas: Twilight is right. You should be proud, Tino. You are the bravest boy I know. You can handle that many robots, I'm sure of it.

Sunset Shimmer: He's right don't give up on yourself.

Tino: But that might be different. What if I die?

Thomas: Don't worry, Tino. We'll always be there for you.

Tino: I know.... But my destiny I need to know what is is.

[Tino Tonitini]
It isn't that I'm ungrateful
For all the things that I've earned,
For all the journeys I have taken,
All the lessons that I have learned
But I wonder where I'm going now,
What my role is meant to be
I don't know how to travel
To a future that I can't see
I have my wings, I posess the power
I'm a hero, this is true
But it's still unclear to me
Just what I am meant to do
I wanna have a purpose
Wanna do all that I can
I wanna make a contribution
I want to be a part of the plan
[Twilight Sparkle]
Your destiny's uncertain
And that's sometimes hard to take
But it will become much clearer
With every new choice you make
Patience is never easy
I understand wanting more
I know how hard it is to wait
To spread out your wings and soar
[Sunset Shimmer]
But you stand here for a reason
You're gifted and you are strong
That power is upon yourself because
You belong
[Thomas, Twilight, Sunset Shimmer]
Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a hero; you'll play your part
We understand you wanting more
A chance to shine, a chance to soar
[Sunset Shimmer]
Soon will come the day it turns around
[Thomas, Twilight, Sunset Shimmer]
Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a hero; you'll play your part
[Twilight Sparkle]
You are a hero; you'll play your part

Tino: I understand

Brian: Good. Now Tino, let's say we teach the NS-5 to mess with us, shall we?

Tino: Yeah.

???: Hey everyone.

[The stranger revealed to be Ash.]

Everyone: ASH!!!

May: [hugs him] You're okay.

Littlefoot: It's good to see you, Ash.

Petrie: Me great to see you too.

Ash: I'm okay.

Serena: Ash...? [gasps] ASH!!! [runs up to him and hugs him, crying]

Ash: I'm okay, Serena. I bet you were worried about me.

Serena: Yes, I was! [tears rolled down her cheek] I so glad that you're okay.

Zecora: I'm glad you're back.

Sharky: Me too.

Tino: How are you resurrected, Ash?

Ash: With the help of Anthea and Concordia.

Tino: You two again?!

Ash: Tino!! Stop, they're my friends.

Tino: Friends?

Ash: Yeah they resurrected me.

Sunset Shimmer: But how?

Ash: I was at where I died, until Anthea and Corcordia take me to the forest so they can heal me. And I won't be able to live without their help.

Anthea: And we are greatful to help.

Peter: I see.

Human Rarity: That's a wonderful thing to do.

Cilan: Thank you for healing Ash.

Anthea: No problem.

Tino: Sorry I'd doubted you gals.

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