This is how Twilight turns herself in to Tempest Shadow goes in My Little Pony: Transformers Prime: The Movie.

[Tempest Shadow paces in front of her throne]

Tempest Shadow: Where is she?

[Twilight appears]

Tempest Shadow: Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: You've got what you wanted, Tempest.

Tempest Shadow: Indeed I have.

[She goes over to Twilight]

Tempest Shadow: One legend down. [looks at her device, there's a tick on Twilight's picture] One to go. [looks at a picture of Optimus]

Twilight Sparkle: You'll never find Optimus.

Tempest Shadow: Oh, I don't need to find him. He'll find you.

Twilight Sparkle: What are you talking about?

Tempest Shadow: Don't you see, dear Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: See what?

Tempest Shadow: That Optimus has been my main target this whole time?

Twilight Sparkle: Wait. So all this time, you've been after Optimus?

[Tempest nods in response]

Twilight Sparkle: What the hay would you want him for?

Tempest Shadow: He is the wielder of the Matrix, right?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes.

Tempest Shadow: Well, the Matrix holds such power and I have a feeling it is the very thing I need to regain my horn and magic.

[She presses a button and three Decepticons emerge: Fire-Flight, Sky-Screecher, and Thunder Missile]

Tempest Shadow: Hunt down the Prime and bring him to me.

Fire-Flight: Yes, Tempest.

Sky-Screecher: Anything for you.

Thunder Missile: We'll find him no doubt about it.

[They transform and leave]

Tempest Shadow: Now for you. Von Nebula.

[Von Nebula appears]

Von Nebula: Good work.

Tempest Shadow: Just doing my job. As always.

[Von Nebula looks at Twilight]

Von Nebula: Tempest. [whacks Tempest away] You imbecile! Optimus is surely to have implemented a tracking device on Twilight! [takes the tracking device off of Twilight and crushes it] You have lead the heroes straight to me!

Tempest Shadow: What? But I...

[Von Nebula grabs Tempest]

Von Nebula: At least your life won't be a total wash up. I will enjoy draining your energy to replenish my own. [prepares to do so]

Tempest Shadow: Von Nebula. No. No please!

[He doesn't listen and starts to do so]

[An alarm sounds, causing Von Nebula to stop draining Tempest's energy]

Xplode: Von Nebula, heroes are attacking.

[Von Nebula drops Tempest]

[He goes off to help]

[The heroes are fighting their way in]

[Von Nebula looks up when he sees the ceiling cracking and turns to the door and Optimus Prime, in vehicle mode, charges in and smacks Von Nebula and transforms to robot mode and jumps up and punches Von Nebula to the ground]

Optimus Prime: Von Nebula, stand down.

Von Nebula: Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime: Whatever you're up to, it ends here. Now.

[Optimus brings out his swords]

[Von Nebula tries to punch Optimus, but Optimus catches his right arm with his left arm and punches Von Nebula with his right arm. Optimus then punches Von Nebula with his left arm and hits him in the gut with his knee. Optimus then punches Von Nebula with his right arm and sends Von Nebula falling to the ground in defeat]

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