This is how Twilight vs Kylo-Tron and Kylo-Tron's death goes in The Amazing Equestria Girl Star Wars Tale.


Kylo-Tron: Why come to this place, not to simply just hide from me?

[Twilight cocks her head]

Kylo-Tron: Ah. You have a purpose. Perhaps you're protecting something.

[Twilight raises an eyebrow]

Kylo-Tron: No. Protecting someone.

[Twilight ignites her blue bladed lightsaber and charges. Kylo-Tron ignites the other half of his red double-bladed crossguard lightsaber and also charges]

[Kylo-Tron and Twilight get in a duel and Twilight wins by bisecting his double-bladed crossguard lightsaber in two while simultaneously mortally wounding him with a slashing blow to the torso]

[Kylo-Tron, shocked at being defeated so quickly, falls to the ground as his two lightsaber halfs deactivate and Twilight catches him and Kylo-Tron looks at her]

Kylo-Tron: Tell me...are you the chosen one?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. Why?

Kylo-Tron: I always knew you had it in your heart to defeat me.

[Kylo-Tron dies as his optics return to normal black]

[As a sign of respect for him, Twilight picks him up and puts him on a display]

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