This is how Twilight vs Thunderwing goes in Twilight Sparkle vs. Thunderwing.

[Thunderwing flies to Canterlot]

Thunderwing: Very soon, the princesses magic will be mine.

[Thunderwing then flies to Princess Celestia]

Thunderwing: Hello, my dear.

[Twilight then flies to Thunderwing and blasts him away from Celestia]

[Thunderwing then gets back up]

Guard: Hold it right there!

Thunderwing: I surrender.

Guard: Hold it right there!

[Thunderwing blasts the guards away. Twilight flies to Thunderwing and tries to deliver a punch with her hoof, but Thunderwing catches it.]

Thunderwing: Impressive.

[Thunderwing then twists Twilight's hoof, causing her to scream in pain]

Thunderwing: You're the so-called Princess of Friendship?

Twilight Sparkle: And I always will be.

Thunderwing: [laughs] To every pony in Equestria, you were nothing but a regular old Unicorn.

[Thunderwing then throws Twilight against a wall]

Thunderwing: Now you're nothing but a regular old Alicorn.

Princess Celestia: [growls] She is not.

Princess Luna: She will defeat you.

Princess Cadance: Even if it means using every last bit of her magic.


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