Twins-Sitting is the ninteenth episode of the eighth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Catrina and Discord are volunteered to babysit Indy and Anna.

One fine day

One day, Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop were getting ready for school when Discord and Catrina arrived and explained that they were volunteered to babysit Indy and Anna while Princess Celestia, Prince Hrio and Princess Luna were on their way to grand opening of Willy and Fluttershy's new Day Care Center.

Spending playtime with the twins/Hide and Seek

Later that day, Discord and Catrina spending some time playing with Indy and Anna, Catrina plays Peek-a-Boo with Anna while Discord gives Indy a Piggyback Ride and they even played Hide and Seek.

Playing with toy trains/Snack Time/Bathtime/Diaper change

The twins began to play with toy trains. Then, It was snack time for Indy and Anna, So Discord and Catrina feed them their favorite Peach and Mango. Later, Discord and Catrina took the twins a bath. After their bath, they changed their diapers.

Catrina's Lullaby/Yuna's special job for Discord and Catrina

Catrina sings a lullaby to the twins as they took their nap. Then, the family returns and they were impress of what a great job they did, Princess Yuna suggested Discord and Catrina to work for Willy and Fluttershy at their new Day Care and they except the job.



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