This is how Twivine's plan goes in Twivine Sparkle's Cutie Mark Quest.

[At Twivine's lair]

Ryvine Sparkle: Do you believe it, Father?

Dr. Neo Cortex: Yes, Ryvine. That lousy Bandicoot and his friends messed up your plans.

Ryvine Sparkle: I'll go see my sister now, Dr. Cortex. I think she's angry about something.

[In Twivine's room]

Ryvine Sparkle: Sister? You ok?

Twivine: No! Ugh! Curse that Princess Twilight! She's always getting in the way of everything I do!

Ryvine Sparkle: I agree, sis. It's not just Twilight who is getting in the way. The Prime-prince Ryan is messing up my plans.

Twivine: I wish I had a plan so epic...

Starscream: That not even the mighty Star Swirl could have concieved it?

Ryvine Sparkle: I don't know, Starscream.[pulls out a pouch] I think Tirek won't mind me having this thing.

Twivine: That is what I was going to say, Starscream. How long have you been there?

Starscream: Long enough. And it's Commander Starscream to you.

Ryvine Sparkle: Oh right. Megatron left his post as leader of the Decepticons. So, I'll do this.

[Starscream nods]

Twivine: We have to think of a plan that can destroy Ryan and Twilight so we can rule the worlds.

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. I got the Rainbow of Darkness.

[Ryvine shows his sister the pouch]

Twivine: Wow.

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. I hope you like it. That's makes me your BBBFF.

Twivine: What does that mean?

Ryvine Sparkle: Big Brother Best Friend Forever.

Twivine: Thanks, Ryvine.

[Then a Plunder vine taps Twivine's shoulder]

Ryvine Sparkle: Uh, sis?

Twivine: Yes, Ryvine?

[he points to a Plundervine]

[It shows Ryvine and Twivine ruling both the human world and Equestria with the Cutie Marks of the Mane 6, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer]

Ryvine Sparkle: Wow! Looks like that vine made a plan for us, Twivine.

[Twivine nods]

Ryvine Sparkle: That will work for me, sis.

Twivine Sparkle: Yes. But the only way to get Sci-Twi's amulet would be to pass off as a new student.

Ryvine Sparkle: I get your meaning. Too bad I don't have the Staff of Sameness.

Twivine Sparkle: I'm not planning on making everyone equal!

Ryvine Sparkle: D'oh! It's not like Princess Dark Matter has tried to take the Cutie marks before.

Twivine: Anyways, I need to find the crystal mirror.

Ryvine Sparkle: It's not just any mirror, Twivine. [looks on his communicator] According to my communicator, that mirror is a gateway to the human world. The kind of gateway that opens once every 30 moons.

Twivine: And I'm going to use it to get there.

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. But leave Ryan, Sci-Ryan and Flurry Heart to me. When I have their magic, Equestria will soon be mine.

[Ryvine laughs then his communicator screen comes up with the film title: Twivine Sparkle's Cutie Mark Quest]

Ryvine Sparkle: Sis. I got something on screen.

Twivine: What is it?

Ryvine Sparkle: The movie title.

Twivine: Wow!

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. Wow.

Twivine: Come on!

Ryvine Sparkle: Ok. JAY!! LE PARADOX!!

Jay (MRR): You called?

Twivine Sparkle: Yes.

Cyrille Le Paradox: What is the plan you and your sister had, Ryvine?

Ryvine Sparkle: Well, she is going with me to the Equestria Girls Universe to get Sci-Twi's amulet, Le Paradox.

Jay (MRR): Why?

Ryvine Sparkle: Here's the deal: if you two help us with this plan I'll help you get revenge on Sly Cooper and the Prime-prince of friendship.

Jay (MRR): We accept.

Cyrille Le Paradox: You're a nice chap, Ryvine. But what if Ryan sees us?

Ryvine Sparkle: Huh? But there is another way. You can use the Changelings' ability to change shape... Wait. Maybe my sister and I have that ability.

[Twivine smiles and hugs Ryvine]

Makuta: Oh. My good will refused. This plan of Twivine's is perfect, my apprentice.

Cody Fairbrother (Opposite): If we join forces with Ryvine and his sister, we will be unstoppable!

Ryvine Sparkle: Oh, Cody. You do got the Magic of Dark Friendship in you. Once my sister and I have the cutie marks, Equestria will soon be mine.

Cody Fairbrother (Opposite): My master Makuta did the right thing of not joining Sunset the TRAITOR!

Cyrille Le Paradox: So Makuta Teridax's hand is cast. To stop Sly and Ryan's friends we must skew that which Sunset hold dear to.

Cody Fairbrother (Opposite):[watches Kurahk come in] Anger amongst Sunset's friends will threaten their own unity.

Ryvine Sparkle:[watches Vorahk] Hunger will drain their duty.

Makuta: And fear will keep them from their destiny.

Jay (MRR): Ryan's never going to know what hit him.

[Makuta nods. The song Rainbow Rocks starts playing]

Thomas: We used to fight with each other~

Krekka: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

Matau T. Monkey and Toa Matau: That was before we discovered~

Jessica Fairbrother: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

The Cyberlings: That when your friendship is real~

Cody and the Rainbooms: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

Vakama: Yeah, you just say what you feel~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: And the music, yeah, the music~

Onewa: Get us to the top~

Twilight Sparkle: As we learn how the rainbow~

Thomas: Rainbow rocks~

Percy: You can pick up the base~

Aria Blaze and Prince Can: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

Whenua: And you can play the guitar~

Evil Anna and Sci-Ryan: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

Matau T. Monkey: You can bang on the drums~

Krekka: Oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa-oh~

Ryan and the Dazzlings, AU Ryan and the Darlings and Twilight Sparkle: Or you can sing like a star~

Thomas and Vakama: And the music, yeah the music~

Twilight Sparkle: Gets us to the top~

Crash Bandicoot and Sci-Ryan: As we learn how the rainbow~

Matau and the Skylanders: Rainbow Rocks~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: As we learn how the rainbow~

Rainbow Rocks~

Ryvine Sparkle: Ok, Twivine. What's the plan you're on about?

[Twivine whispers to Ryvine and Kylo Ren about the plan]

Twivine Sparkle: And we need your friend Rothbart and Grizzle for this plan.

Ryvine Sparkle: Yes, sister. When we have the cutie marks, we will control their power. We will make universes collide.

[Twivine laughs and the song Grizzle's Bad starts playing]

Ryvine Sparkle: I make the Big Bad Wolf seem sweet~

The Wicked Witch looks up~

To me!~

I'm just mean and greedy to the core~

Jay (MRR): And the bone~

Ryvine Sparkle: Nothing makes me madder then a group of heroes~

Who shares~

Who cares?!~

You don't want trouble?~

Best leave us alone~


Ryvine's bad!~

Heroes who care really make me mad!~

Ryvine's bad~

Rothbart: Look...

Ryvine Sparkle: Out~

I'm the emperor of everything that's~

Nasty, loud and rude~

Equestria, I'm coming after you~

It's true.

Ryvine's bad!~

Heroes who care really make me mad!~

Ryvine's bad~

Look.... Out~ [laughs evilly]

[instrumental break]

Rothbart: The cutie marks and their power they got will belong to you and Odette will be mine.. FOREVER! [laughs evilly]

Ryvine Sparkle: Ryvine's bad!~

Heroes who care really make me mad!~

Ryvine's bad~

Look, Out~ [laughs evilly]

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