Tyrone the echidna by thegr8estone-d3cwc0j

Tyrone Is as Dark Red/Brown Echidna who's shares abilities with Knuckles; Spining, Jumping, Pushing, Super Spin Dashing, Gliding, and Climbing. He's always "Hot-Temper" as Ralph (TMNT) but mostly with Vernmilya. In the beginning (In the "Revisoned Parody Version" of the Sonic 3); Tyrone thought Vernmilya was attempting to steal the Master Emerald, and that the mad scientist, Dr. Eggman, was trying to protect it. However, near the end Tyrone apologized to Vernmilya about the misunderstanding about her stealing the Master Emerald and decided to joined forces and with her for any adventures their up for.

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