This is how


Guido: [shouting something in Italian ]


Sci-Ryan: Look, guys! A UFO!

Lightning McQueen: Sci-Ryan, that was a hub cap.

Xgem: No, McQueen. It was a UFO. And we seen one once.

Mater: The Nobody of Meg is right on it.

Sci-Twi: You mean it?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. It was a Crystal clear night.

[Flashback. Ryan and the gang

Meg Griffin: Huh?

Sci-Ryan: This is weird.

[Sci-Ryan spots Mator and screams. Ryan blinks and Mator copied him]

Mater: What in the.. [blinks twice]


Sci-Ryan: Hello, new guy. Welcome to Earth. I am Sci-Ryan and these are my friends.

Mater: My name is Mater.

Mator: My name is Mator.

Sci-Ryan: Mator? Cool. Should I take you to my litre?

Mator: Your litre.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.


Thomas: Here is our litres.

Mator: Yum.

Sci-Ryan: [narrating] Wow. That fella can put it away.


Sci-Ryan: Dad gum.

Mator: Dad gum.


Matau T. Monkey: [] We did all our favourite things.

[Ryan honks like a swan]

Tractor: Wha? MOO!

[Mator honks and it creates a crop circle and wakes the tractors up]



Mater: [narrating] I taught him how to drive backwards..


Ryan F-Freeman: [narrating] And he taught Mater and Meg how to fly.

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