UFT (Unidentified Flying Thomas) is an episode of Thomas' Tall Tales.


Thomas tells James about the time where he first saw a UFO.


It all starts on a crystal clear morning on Sodor. Kevin was trying to replace one of Porter's broken wheels when it pops off and flies across the yard. when Thomas sees it, he thinks it's a UFO. James corrects him saying it was a wheel. However, Thomas dismisses it, saying he once saw a UFO. James questions it and Thomas says it's true. Sometime in the past, Thomas is puffing down the tracks when the gates at the crossing start opening and shutting rapidly, even though there are no cars coming. Thomas looks left and right, wondering what's causing this to happen. Then he sees a UFO like tank engine who looks just like him standing in front of him. Thomas greets the UFO and introduces his name which the UFO replies "I've always heard Earthlings like you are friendly. It's good to meet you, Thomas. My name is Twimas.". Thomas asks Twimas if he should take him to his litre and Twimas agrees. Thomas takes him to his cans of litres and they drink some. They did all Thomas' things. Thomas taught Twimas how to shunt trucks. Then, Twimas taught Thomas how to fly. Percy is pulling the mail train when the signal he's stopped at starts going wild. Twimas and Thomas fly past, with Thomas saying hello to Percy as they pass. Thomas and Twimas fly around Gordon's Hill then Thomas says that they will be "Best friends forever". However, their fun is cut short when a group of Military helicopters grab Twimas with a magnet and take off. Thomas flies off to rescue Twimas and finds a military base where he disguise himself as a doctor to rescue


  • This is based on UFM (Unidentified Flying Mater)


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