USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to Ancient Yokai is a New Movie from Ryantransformer17.


Jibanyan and USApyon are reading a book called the Road to El Dorado and then they began to fall asleep.


  1. Meet USApyon, Jibanyan and Friends/Escape from Gargaros
  2. A Plan to escape and save Whisper
  3. Find the Road to Ancient Yokai
  4. The Yokai Warrior's Return
  5. Tough to be a Yokai
  6. A Yokai Talk
  7. Jibanyan's and Komasan's Enjoyment
  8. Lady Ubeuna Talking
  9. Play Ball
  10. Lady Ubeuna's Plans
  11. Fighting the Giant Statue
  12. Save the Ancient Yokai


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