This is how Ultra Magnus is infected goes in Cybonic Plague.

[At the Autobot base]

Starlight Glimmer: [grunts as she tries to levitate Bulkhead]

Trixie: Go on!

Thorax: Concentrate!

Discord: You can do it!

[Starlight levitates Bulkhead]

Thorax, Trixie and Discord: [cheer]

Ratchet: Guys! I've just pinpointed the Changeling Castle.

Trixie: Let's check it out.

Optimus Prime: It may be dangerous. Ultra Magnus and Starlight will come with you.

Starlight Glimmer: Wait! [points a ship on the screen] What's that?

Ratchet: Also on the same frequency, an Autobot emergency beacon.

Ultra Magnus: Then we must check it out immediately.

[Ultra Magnus, Starlight, Trixie, and Ratchet groundbridge to the ship's location]

Ultra Magnus: A crash landing. Buried here for centuries.

Starlight Glimmer: Whoa!

Trixie: Tha's a big one.

[Ultra Magnus cuts a hole in the wall]

Ultra Magnus: Stay cautious.

Ratchet: If they traveled in stasis mode, there may be survivors.

[The ship shakes]

Starlight Glimmer: What is that?

Trixie: Whoa!

Ratchet: Stay close.

[They come to a door]

[Ultra Magnus, Starlight, Ratchet, and Trixie enter the control room only to find dead Autobots]

Ratchet: Guys these Autobots didn't perish in the crash! They're displaying the effects of a virus!

Ultra Magnus: This is a plague ship.

Starlight Glimmer: What?

Trixie: Seriously?

Ratchet: Don't touch anything. The virus could still be active.

[The ship shakes again and an Autobot on the ceiling leaks plague on Ultra Magnus making him wrive in pain]

Starlight Glimmer: Ultra Magnus!

Ratchet: No.

[Transformers Prime theme plays]

[Transformers Prime theme ends]

Ratchet: Cybonic plague. It's only contagious if contact is made with the infected Energon.

Applejack: What was a plague doing in an Autobot spaceship?

Ratchet: Its passengers were infected. The virus wiped out millions on Cybertron during the Great War. Cybonic plague was engineered in the Cybertronians' biological-warfare program by Unicron himself.

Rarity: You have a cure, don't you?

Ultra Magnus: [groans] No cure.

Optimus Prime: Ultra Magnus, please, save your strength.

Rainbow Dash: Would Unicron create a disease without having a cure? I mean, what if he caught it by accident?

Smokescreen: It's not like we can ask Unicron.

Fluttershy: You think it's possible Unicron told Thunderwing the cure?


Ratchet: We could just infiltrate the Changeling Castle and look for the cure. After all we still have their location pinpointed.

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