This is how Umarak's sacrifice goes in

[Umarak presses a button]

Umarak the Hunter: Umarak to Autobot fleet. Return to Cybertron. That is my final command.

[The Autobot fleet heeds his call and return to Cybertron]

Quintesson Judge #1: What?

Quintesson Judge #2: The Autobot fleet is escaping.

Quintesson Judge #3: And one of the flagships is on a collision trajectory with the detonator!

Quintesson Judge #2: Direct all firepower on that flagship. Obliterate it!

[They fire]

[The ship remains undamaged. Inside the ship, Umarak remains in his seat even as the explosions blow chunks of the ship]

[The Quintessons watch]

Quintesson Judge #1: It's not stopping.

Quintesson Judge #2: No hero could survive that.

[We see Umarak inside the ship]

[The ship is about to blow up]

Umarak the Hunter: Until all... are... one.

[Umarak holds the throttle tightly]

[The ship collides with the detonator asteroid planet and explodes with Umarak and the Quintessons]

[The explosion makes a nova as Kuryan sheds a tear]

[The Autobot fleet flees]

[We see our heroes seeing the nova and feel sad]

Pohatu: Goodbye, old friend.

[Rudolph and Clarice cuddle as Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime look out to deep space]

Ultra Magnus: This nova will be his memorial.

Rodimus Prime: Guess he had seen the light.

Ryan F-Freeman: We will miss you.

[The Autobot fleet continues to return to Cybertron and an image of Umarak wipes in across the stars]

Sonic: May your heart be your guiding key.

Kuryan: Rest in peace, brother.

Narrator: But is this really the end of Umarak? Find out in tomorrow's exciting episode, Umarak's Return.

[A spark appears in the the distance as the episode ends]

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