This is how Umarak beats up Ronno goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Bambi II.

[We see Umarak meeting a fawn named Ronno]

Umarak the Hunter: Hey there, Ronno! Hey, I'm Bambi's friend.

Ronno: [mocking Umarak] Hey, I'm Bambi's friend!

Umarak the Hunter: Now, that's not very nice, I don't sound like that at all! You're making me sound like Michael Stipe. Listen, I just wanted to let you know, what you did the other day was wrong.

Ronno: [continues mocking] What you did the other day was wrong!

Umarak the Hunter: You're not making this easy, Ronno.

Ronno: [mocking goes on] You're not making this easy, Ronno! My name's Umarak, I'm a bug eyed idiot that my brother loves me.

Umarak the Hunter: Shut up, Ronno.

Ronno: [continues mocking] I'm Umarak. I'm a bucket of bolts who helped defeat Decastator.

Umarak the Hunter: Ronno, I said shut up.

Ronno: You're a bluff!

[Short silence, then Umarak gets angry and beats up Ronno to the point in which he is all bruised]

[Umarak then runs to an area]

Bambi: Hey, Umarak.

Umarak the Hunter: Hey. What's going on?

Faline: Is something wrong?

Umarak the Hunter: No, no. No, no, no. No, everything's cool right now. Might be some problems later, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

[Later, Kuryan and Ryan hear what a little bird said]

Kuryan: Hello? Umarak did WHAT?!

[Umarak gets nervous]

Umarak the Hunter: Well, I best be getting to work.

Bambi: It's nighttime.

Faline: Maybe it's better in the morning.

Umarak the Hunter: Boy, you said it! Alright, take it easy.

[Umarak hides in a tree]

[Kuryan sees Umarak up in the tree]

Kuryan: Umarak, you get down from that tree this instant!

Umarak the Hunter: NO! You're gonna yell at me!

Kuryan: You're right I'm gonna yell at you! You beat up a fawn!

Umarak the Hunter: He called me names!

Kuryan: You're Umarak the Hunter, brother, and you just assaulted a fawn! This is a very serious situation!

Umarak the Hunter: Well, maybe you should have just had an abortion, Kuryan! Would that make you happy if I was never born?

Kuryan: What?!

Umarak the Hunter: I'm going to prison, aren't I?

Kuryan: Yeah. I have to admit. Like Quagmire, you belong in a tree. Megatron is a nut.

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] What?

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