This is how Umarak begins his hunt and Flik and Atta learn of Umarak goes in A Bug's Life: Bionicle.


[Tahu stops. He hears something and looks up to see birds flying. Tahu realizes what this means]

Tahu: It can't be.

[Tahu runs to tell the other Toa. Tahu tells them and the Toa warn everyone to run]

[Atta tries looking for Flik]

Princess Atta: Flik!

[Flik is avoiding getting stepped on]

Flik: Atta!

[Atta is also avoiding getting stepped on]

Princess Atta: Flik! [flies out of the way] Flik!

[Flik is somewhere in the opening]

Flik: Atta! [dodges] Atta! [dodges again] Atta!

[Tahu finds Flik and grabs him and runs and the other Toa join him as Gali grabs Atta and they make into the City of the Mask Makers as a gun shot is heard]

[A few hours later, Tahu comes out, his swords drawn out. He looks around and sees the area is clear]

Tahu: [to Flik and Atta] Come on out. It's okay. It's safe.

[They come out]

Flik: What was that? Why did we run?

Princess Atta: Yeah, what happened back there?

[Tahu comes over]

Tahu: Umarak was in the area.

[Tahu, Flik, and Atta turn as they hear a noise]

Tahu: He's coming back.

[Tahu, Flik, and Atta look to where it came from. Tahu senses something and looks around and Umarak shows up]

Tahu: Flik, Atta, quick. The city.

[Tahu, Flik, and Atta run. Umarak fires three shots from his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and they all miss. Tahu shoots back as they run]

[Umarak hides behind a tree and misses Tahu's fires. Umarak then fires four shots from his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and they all miss]

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