This is how Umarak captures Rarity and Pohatu vs. Umarak goes in My Little Pony: Umarak's Revenge.


[Rarity and Pohatu prepare to attack]

[Umarak gets out his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and blasts Pohatu away. Umarak then uses the shadows on Rarity]

Pohatu: No!

[The shadows move Rarity to Umarak and forcefully unites her with him]

Pohatu: Noooo!

Umarak the Hunter: Fool! I control your friend. I control your elements.

[Umarak throws a large rock at Pohatu, who shatters it]

Pohatu: You do not control Rarity. I can feel her fighting you.

Umarak the Hunter: I have the mask and you are alone.

Pohatu: No I'm not!

[Umarak then begins to feel pain as Rarity zaps him with a beam of magic]

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