This is how Umarak claims the Mask of Control and Celestia vs. Umarak goes in My Little Pony Bionicle: Journey to One.

[Twilight and Tahu prepare to attack]

[Umarak gets out his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and blasts Tahu away. Umarak then uses the shadows on Twilight]

Tahu: No!

[The shadows move Twilight to Umarak and forcefully unites her with him]

Tahu: Noooo!

[Umarak looks at the labyrinth]

Umarak the Hunter: They'll take a long time to get out. [looks at the Mask of Creation] Which gives me plenty of time to get away.

Princess Celestia: [off-screen] Or does it?

[Umarak turns and sees Celestia]

Umarak the Hunter: Ah, the Princess of the Sun. I've been looking forward to our meeting.

Princess Celestia: Twilight's magic is far from your control.

Umarak the Hunter: Tell me, Sun Princess. What good is an Element of Harmony if all it's used for is defeating villains and forming friendships?

Princess Celestia: Don't be a fool.

Umarak the Hunter: Your sister was the fool!

Princess Celestia: How dare you speak so lowly of my sister?!

Umarak the Hunter: You have met your match!

Princess Celestia: Really?

Umarak the Hunter: Fool! I control your former student. I control her element.

[Umarak uses the shadows and Twilight's magic to throw a large boulder at Celestia, who shatters it with magic]

Princess Celestia: You do not control Twilight. I can feel her fighting you.

Umarak the Hunter: I have the mask and you are alone.

Princess Celestia: No I'm not!

[Umarak then feels Twilight trying to fight him, causing him to scream in pain]

[Princess Celestia prepares to get the Mask of Control when Umarak appears]

Umarak the Hunter: Princess!

[Princess Celestia sees Umarak standing on the edge of a cliff holding Twilight]

Umarak the Hunter: Go claim the mask, but say goodbye to your former protégé.

[Umarak then drops Twilight off the cliff]

Princess Celestia: Twilight!

[Princess Celestia flies down after Twilight as Umarak goes over to the mask and picks it up]

[Princess Celestia catches Twilight with her magic. Umarak then comes over to the edge]

Umarak the Hunter: You care?

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Umarak the Hunter: It makes you weak. You have no chance against Makuta.

Princess Celestia: Really?

Umarak the Hunter: [mockingly to Celestia] I look forward to our second date.

Princess Celestia: You wish, tyrant!