This is how how Umarak continues his hunt and Atta informs her mother goes in The Great Ant Hunt.


Shadow Spawn: Wait a minute. Hey, I think I found something.

[Atta hides as they approach and it turns out the Shadow Spawn just saw a spare crown she had dropped. The Shadow Spawn puts it on his head]

Shadow Spawn: Cool. Hey, how do I look?

Shadow Spawn #2: Like an idiot.

Shadow Spawn: I don't know, maybe it'll keep me clean.

Shadow Spawn #2: You moron, we'll be inside the fortress before it hails. Didn't you hear Umarak? After the Toa are out of the way, he's gonna kill Flik, even if he has to wipe out the entire colony to do so.

[Atta gasps]

Princess Atta: [whisper, to herself] Oh, no! He's probably mad at us for beating him.

Shadow Spawn #2: Then he's dead. Blah blah blah. No more Flik. Blah blah blah. We go home. End of story.

Shadow Spawn: Oh! Cool. I like our job.

[The Shadow Spawns leave]

[Atta goes over to Gali]

Princess Atta: Gali, stay hidden as much as possible. I'll get your friends.

[Atta creeps around the back only to run into a Skull Scorpio]

[The Skull Scorpio roars]

Princess Atta: [screams]

[The Skull Scorpio chases her as she runs]

Ant Queen: What's the matter, daughter?

Princess Atta: We have to find Flik and get him. Umarak is here and he and his Shadow Spawns are tearing apart everything!

Ant Queen: My goodness!

Princess Atta: And I heard a Shadow Spawn say that when the Toa are out of the way, Umarak's gonna kill Flik, even if he has to wipe out the entire colony to do so!

Ant Queen: Oh, my!

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