This is how Umarak forces Twilight to choose goes in


[Twilight runs]

Umarak the Hunter: [offscreen] Give me the Mask of Control.

[Umarak then walks over to Twilight's friends and uses his shadows on them, causing them to cry out in pain]

Twilight Sparkle: Stop! Leave them alone!

[Umarak then turns to face Twilight, waiting for her to make her decision]

Umarak the Hunter: What's it gonna be? Them or the mask?

[Twilight looks between the mask and her friends]

[Twilight then decides to save her friends]

Twilight Sparkle: No!

[Umarak then walks over to the Mask of Control]

[Umarak picks up the mask as Twilight saves her friends]

Umarak the Hunter: Excellent decision, Twilight.

[Umarak then grabs the Mask of Control. Umarak stops and turns to face Twilight]

Umarak the Hunter: [to Twilight] You care, it makes you weak. You have no chance against the darkness.

[Umarak then disappears in the shadows]

[Twilight and her friends arrive at the throne room in Canterlot]

Twilight Sparkle: [to Celestia and Luna] I'm sorry. I lost the mask.

Princess Celestia: You don't need to apologize.

Princess Luna: It's fine.

Onua: [to Twilight] But you saved your friends.

[Tahu approaches Twilight and places a hand on her shoulder]

Tahu: You did the right thing.

[Twilight looks down]

Princess Celestia: Is something wrong, Twilight?

Princess Luna: What is the matter?

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] The hunter said caring made us weak.

Princess Celestia: No one is weak when they care, Twilight.

Princess Luna: But instead, it makes them stronger.

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