This is how Umarak meets the Mane Six and Spike goes in My Little Pony: The Movie.


Umarak the Hunter: Oh, I give anything to be jamming up there with the big boys.

Twilight Sparkle: Why don't you?

Applejack: Couldn't you just ask?

Pinkie Pie: Say a few nice words?

Rarity: Wear something spectacular?

Fluttershy: Meet a few animals?

Rainbow Dash: Show off a few awesome moves?

Spike: Tell them a little bit about yourself?

Umarak the Hunter: Oh I tried once.

[A flashback of Umarak's last attempt is shown]

[The flashback shows Umarak jumping onto the stage, using his bow as a guitar, and ponies start shooting at him as he runs away]

[Flashback ends]

Umarak the Hunter: It didn't end well.

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